Luigi and Cure Search
Developer(s) MFGCLogo
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Vaccum Player
Release Date(s)
Worldwide: 4 April 2010
Age Rating(s)

E for Everyone

Genre(s) Adventure/Platformer
Media Included Vaccum Disc
Luigi and Cure Search is a game for Vaccum Player. It will release 4 April 2010. It is first game in Dashed Koopa Series.


When Mario Bros were relaxing on Yoshi Beach, Mario says to Luigi: "Hey Luigi, I will go back to home. Bowser may attack on every time!"After saying this, Mario goes back to home.Luigi, when buying ice cream, hear a weird noise. Luigi quickly ran to his house, and he see that Mario have been poisoned. Luigi head to Peach Castle, because he knows that Princess Peach has some cures. Unfortunately,Bowser has started attacking the Castle ,and he kidnaps Peach.Before Bowser espaced with his Airship,Luigi has jumped on it.In World 1, Bowser threw Luigi off the Airship. Dashed Koopa asked Luigi what he doing here. Luigi told him his story. Dashed said that he will help him. When Luigi finally got himself in World 8 Castle, he learned that Bowser poisoned Mario, because if Mario would've been healthy, he will destroy Bowser's plan. When Luigi defeated Bowser he rescured Peach, and cured Mario. 


Luigi-Playable Character

Mario-NPC,Playable in BM

Dashed Koopa-Playable Character


Peach-NPC,Playable in BM

Bowser-Villain,Playable in BM

Bowser Jr.-Boss

Daisy-Shopkepper in World 1,Playable in BM

Blue Toad-Playable Character$

Green Toad-Playable Character$

Toadette-Shopkepper in World 2

Penguin-Shopkepper in World 3,Playable in BM

Jingy Koopa-NPC,Playable in BM

BM-Battle Mode

$-Must buy first.

Items & Power-Ups

Item name What does it do? Where do you find it? Rarity
Mushroom Makes you bigger. Any World Common
Fire Flower You can throw fireballs. Any World Common
Ice Flower You can throw iceballs. Any World Common
Starman Makes you invicible. World 1,3,5,7,9 Rare
Mini Mushroom Shrinks character,allowing to enter mini pipes. World 2,5,8 Uncommon
Propeller Suit You can fly for a while. Any World Uncommon
Mega Mushroom Makes you huge,and you can destroy anything. World 1,4,9 Very Rare
1-Up Mushroom Gives you one life. Any World Rare
Penguin Suit You swim better,throw snowballs and slide on belly. World 3,4,9. Uncommon
3-Up Moon Gives you three lives. World 1,8,9 Very Rare
Keys You can open some doors with keys. Any World Uncommon
Rock Flower You can throw rocks. World 5,6,7,8 Uncommon
POW Block Shakes place,and defeat all enemies on screen.



Bat Suit  Lets you glide for a while.



Whip(Dashed already has one)  You can attack enemies from afar. Any World Uncommon

High-Jump Boots(Luigi has them)  

You can jump higher. Any World Uncommon
Coins You can spend them in shop. Any World Common
Magikoopa Suit You can ride on magic broom,and use magic. Shop N/A
Diamond If you get all of these,you can enter to World 9. Any World Rare
Balloon Suit Lets you fly very high,but also fly slow. Shop N/A
Parasol You fall slowly with them. Any World Uncommon
Red Ring Red coins appear,and if you collect all,you get a power-up. Any World Uncommon
Flagpole You finish level if you touch them. Any World N/A
Raccoon Suit You can fly for a while,and float slowly. World 2,5,8 Uncommon
Goomba Shoe Greatly increases your speed and you jump higher. World 1,5 Rare
Beanstalk You can climb on them and they lead you to secret rooms. Any World Rare
Hammer Suit You can throw hammers and fire will don't be damaging you. World 3,5,9 Very Rare
Silver Coin If you get all of these in one level,you get 1-UP. Any World Rare
F.L.U.D.D You can attack enemies with water. World 5,6,8 Uncommon

Gold Bar

They are worth 100 coins. Any World Rare



Koopa Troopa

Shy Guy



Laser Goomba



Piranha Plant

Spiked Goomba

Fly Guy

Mini Goomba

Hammer Bro

Ice Bro

Para Bro

Fire Bro


Bullet Bill



Rock Goomba






Balloon Boo




Name Fortress Boss Castle Boss Airship Boss Shopkepper Roaming Enemies
World 1-Grassland Mom Piranha Petey Piranha Dino Piranha Daisy Piranha Plants

World 2-Goomba Land

Big Goomba Mega Goomba Goomboss Toadette Spiked Goombas

World 3- Iceland

Big Bumpty Larry and Roy Koopa Bowser Jr. Penguin Ice Bro.
World 4-Tropical Island Commander Koopa Lemmy and Wendy Koopa Kamek Yoshi Cheep-Cheep
World 5-Mountain Mushmore Big Rock Goomba Iggy and Morton Jr. Koopa. Bowser Jr. Goombario Rock Goomba
World 6-Cave of Defeat Shroobster Atomic Boo Ludwig von Koopa Jingy Koopa Boo
World 7-Nimbus Land Dodo Valentina Bowser Jr. Mallow Fuzzy
World 8-Bowser's Empire Kamek Koopalings Bowser Toadsworth Podoboo
World 9-Rainbow Road Dino Piranha Bouldergeist Giga Bowser Rosalina Electrogoomba


  • Green Toad,1000 coins
  • Blue Toad,1000 coins
  • Ally Follow(You will have ally with you,even if you not in multiplayer),2500 coins
  • Magikoopa Suit,500 coins
  • Ballon Suit,500 coins
  • 1-Up Mushroom,1000 coins
  • Mario Mustache(All playable characters will have Mario Mustache),400 coins
  • Diamond Locator(Locator will tell you where is a diamond),2000 coins
  • Safety Ring(When you touch lava,you will not lose a live),1000 coins
  • Mario Clothes(Luigi will wear Mario clothes),500 coins
  • Jingy Clothes(Dashed Koopa will wear Jingy clothes),900 coins


  • This is only game in Dashed Koopa Series where Luigi is main character.
  • When you are fighting Kamek in World 4, Kirby appears in background.






Z-Whip Attacking

Start-Pause,Starting Game

Select-Select on Menu and Map


P-Takes and Throw