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Luigi Vs King Boo: Quest for the Princess is the name of an Upcoming Mario Series RPG for the Nintendo DS. It takes attributes from Super Mario RPG, Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi. Instead of starring Mario, it stars Luigi, and it also stars King Boo and Princess Daisy, rather than Bowser and Princess Peach. Unlike most games, the main character, Luigi, actually talks, breaking the Silent Protagonist habit. It is slated for a Middle 2008 Release.


Although the entire story is not known, it starts out at Mario's Pad. Parakarry delivers three letters, and Mario goes out to get it. When he brings it back inside, he states that there is one for Luigi. He says that it is from Dai, But Luigi swipes it before Mario can read the rest. Mario got a letter from Toadsworth saying that Peach has been kidnapped by Bowser again, so Mario heads off, leaving Luigi behind. Luigi then remembers that Mario didn't read the last letter. He learns that it is from Daisy's longtime steward, Sir Snifit. The letter says that Daisy has been kidnapped by a ghost with a crown, and they need Luigi's help. Luigi heads off quickly. He, along with many partners, must find Daisy, defeat King Boo, and save Sarasaland.


Main Characters




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