Luigi Rhodes
Luigi Rhodes
Luigi Rhodes in Iron Mario
Current Age 43
Gender Male
Species Human
Current Status Lieutenant of the Mushroom Kingdom Millitary
Family and Relations
Luigi (Brother-in-law's cousin)

Mario (Brother-in-law's cousin)

First Appearance Iron Mario (Video Game)
Latest Appearance Iron Mario (Movie)

Luigi Rhodes is a Marvel Nintendo Crossover character based off of Tony Stark's best friend, James "Rhody" Rhodes. He is Luigi's cousin's brother-in-law, and he is a lieutenent of the Mushroom Kingdom Millitary.

Physical Apperance

Rhodes looks exactly like Luigi, excep he wears diffirent clothes. Instead of a green hat with an L on it, Rhody wears a navy-blue hat with a gold star on it. He wears a matching navy-blue uniform with a green tie and gold metals pinned to the side. He also wears white gloves and gray shoes.


Unlike Luigi, due to being in the millitary, Rhodes is brave and fearless, and tries to keep his best friend, Tony Mario under control. He is heroic, and is willing to do about as much as Tony to save the world.


Iron Mario

In Iron Mario, Rhody rescues Tony from the cave after Tony's suit is blown up. He also helps keep the weapons shipped to the cave under control and him, along with Pepper Peach, are the only ones untill the end of the movie that know Tony is Iron Mario.