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Luigi Land logo
Developer(s) ApsBooProductions
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) 3DS
Genre(s) Sidescroller
Release Date(s)
August 2013
Single Player


Age Rating(s)
ESRB rating: E
Media Included e-Shop Download

Luigi Land is a game made by ApsBooProductions in celebration of the Year of Luigi. The game is a 3DS 2 playered side-scroller and Mario is tottally absent from the game.


In this game, Luigi and his Green Toad friend, L. G., are going on a quest to save Princess Daisy from King Boo. Not much other information is known currently.

Game Mechanics

This game uses sprites from Super Mario All-stars on a 2D sidescrolling screen. The controls work as the following

Button Usage
D-pad/circle pad Move left, right, look up, crouch
A Jump
B Shoot Fireball (Fireflower only) Hold to run
X Nothing
Y Talk to an NPC
L Move camera down
R Nothing
Start Pause
Select Nothing

Gallery (more soon)

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