Luigi Forever is a game being made by Jaertior. It is similar to Mario Forever.


  • Luigi was baking a pizza and talked to Mario & Princess Peach.
  • Bowser captures Peach and Mario if Luigi wanted to see his friends again he had to go to Bowser's castle to get them back.
  • Mr. L decides to see Bowser and he talks to him for to see Metal Sonic before Metal Sonic arrived.
  • Luigi rides a dolphin dasher bike to Bowser castle.
  • Metal Sonic & Mr. L decide to kill Mario & Peach if they really want to.
  • Luigi sees Metal Sonic, Mr. L and Bowser killing Peach and Mario and Luigi had to stop them from killing his friends.




Princess Peach


Metal Sonic

Mr. M

Mr. L

Ms. P

By Jaertior

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