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Luigi : Creep Mansion
The series' title card
Producer(s) Fandraxono


Distributor(s) Fandraxono


Broadcaster(s) Boomerang

Cartoon Network
Fantendo Channel
LegendaryStarCo. Channel

Genre(s) Comedy


Age Rating(s)
Original Language English


Luigi : Creep Mansion is a Luigi's Mansion Anime Series aired by Marx422 and Fandraxono.


Coming soon


Nr. Title Synopsis Notes


Koopa Karnage The Brain, Overset Possessor and Fright Knight, along with lots of Fright Flies and ghosts, try to fetch Bowser over to get him join their army. Bowser refuses, so Overset Posessor and Fright Knight rack the Koopalings. Luigi and Fandro try to stop The Brain... before it's too late...

This is LCM's first episode.

Also, the title is a pun on Koopa and carnage.

2 We Have Cookies The Brain sells virulent cookies to E.Gadd in order to intoxicate the Greenies.

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