Luigi (USBIV)
Mario's little long brother and the hero of his own mansion.
Universe SSB Mario Series
Appearances in SSB Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS

Avaiability Starter
Final Smash Poltergust
Tier S(3)

Luigi is a balanced, veteran and playable character from the Super Mario (series) in Ultra Smash Bros. IV. He makes a fifth appearance in the series. He's already been confirmed alongside with the Original 8, including Captain Falcon, Ness and Jigglypuff at E3.

Luigi's voice is acted by Charles Marinet but it's slightly changed from SSB4. As always, Luigi has been a coward and awkward character on each Smash Bros. series which it reflects himself on his Super Mario games (per example in Mario & Luigi series)

Luigi's ranked on the 3rd (S) place of the 103rd in the tier list behind Captain Falcon and after Mario for his great aerial and grab combos, combo game and his traction movement after his attacks, which it makes a good character to play in the tournaments. His Luigi Cyclone is the optimal way to edgeguard opponents near the edge for gimps. This is a significant rise for Luigi being a high tier character in Smash 4.

Luigi is the second best jumper in the game before Falco but his weakness is his worst air mobility, normally the 4rth worst of the game after King Hippo. But his traction attacks is now half based on Melee movements which makes Luigi more his playstyle combined with Smash 4, including his disrespectful down taunt when his opponents are at the ledge, he spikes them easily.


Ground Moves

  • Normal jab: Punch right, punch left and then buttkick.
  • Side tilt: Right kick
  • Down tilt: A crouching back kick.
  • Up tilt: An overhead swipe.
  • Dash attack: Swinging arms with childish punches.
  • Side smash: A forward strong knifehand strike.
  • Down smash: A breakdance move.
  • Up smash: A headbutt attack.

Aerial Moves

  • Neutral air: A forward kick, but instead of being kicked fowardly, goes verticaly up.
  • Side air: A downward knifehand strike.
  • Down air: A twisted downkick. When sweetspoted, performs a meteor smash.
  • Up air: A upward backflip kick.
  • Back air: A backdrop kick.

Grabs and throws

  • Pummel: Gives an headbutt.
  • F-throw: Launches the opponent forward.
  • D-throw: Ground Pounds the opponent.
  • U-throw: Launches the opponent upwards.
  • B-throw: Grabs the opponent's feets, spins two times and launches the opponents backwards.

Special Moves

Name Special Moves Percentage Description
Neutral Special
Fireball Default 6% (clean), 5% (late) Throws a Green Fireball from his hand. It is fairly spammable, which enables it to pressure, zone, stop approaches, or even act as a set-up for a grab. Like Mario's Fireball, it deals less damage as it covers more distance. Unlike Mario's Fireball, it is unaffected by gravity, which makes it less suitable at edgeguarding compared to Mario's Fireball.
Bouncing Fireball Custom 1 6% (clean), 5% (mid), 4% (late) Functions almost identically to Mario's Fireball, although its bouncing arc is more vertical compared to his. However, its late hit deals slightly less damage and it has a noticeable amount of ending lag.
Ice Ball Custom 2 4% Throws an Ice Ball from his hand. It freezes opponents at high percentages and has longer range, but deals slightly less damage and is slow.
Thunder Ball Custom 3 4% (clean), 2% (late) Throws an Thunder Ball from his hand. It paralyzes opponents and has shorter range, but deals slightly less damage and is slow.
Side Special
Green Missile Default 10% (uncharged), ≈19.8% (fully charged), 25% (misfired) Crouches and then shoots himself forward to perform a flying battering ram. If charged on the ground for too long, the charge is canceled. It also has a 10% chance to misfire, which deals considerably more damage and knockback, grants intangibility from frames 18-22, and always travels the same distance regardless of the charge. Its lag makes it punishable whether it is used for offense or recovering, which makes reads very important in order to use it effectively.
Floating Missile C1 ≈4.3% (uncharged), ≈18% (fully charged), 23% (misfired) Flies directly straight, which improves its accuracy, and charges faster. However, it deals less damage, especially when uncharged, and knockback.
Quick Missile C2 ≈5.15% (uncharged), ≈20% (fully charged), 20% (misfired) Flies much farther and faster, but missing causes Luigi to slide across the ground, making it even riskier than either Green Missile or Floating Missile. It also deals less damage when uncharged and misfired, but negligibly more damage when fully charged.
Missile Attack C3 5% (uncharged), 10% (fully charged), 15% (misfire) Flies as much as Quick Missile but instead stopping when punished, he goes further forward. Good for recovery. This move doesn't have any fire effect to the opponent.
Down Special
Luigi Cyclone Default 1.5% (loop), 3% (last) Rapidly spins around, trapping the opponent and damaging them with a series of discus clotheslines and spinning backfists before launching them by powerfully outstretching his arms. Unlike Mario Tornado and compared to Dr. Tornado, it can enable Luigi to move quickly along the ground, making it decent as a surprise approach option. While in the air, button mashing grants it two special quirks: it will enable Luigi to ascend after his first jump, which also carries his double jump's momentum to enable an easier ascent, or it can act as a pseudo-spike, though the latter technique is quite difficult to perform. Outside of these two quirks, it can also function as a KOing option near the upper blast line. It appears to be based on the Spin Jump.
Mach Cyclone C1 6% Covers significantly more vertical distance, especially when button mashed, and has slightly less start-up lag. Unlike Luigi Cyclone, it consists of a windbox and a hitbox, the latter of which deals twice as much damage and significantly more knockback than Luigi Cyclone's last hit. Altogether, these traits make it more efficient at recovering compared to Luigi Cyclone. However, it does not cover any horizontal distance, cannot punish rolls due to its windbox, and has more ending lag.
Clothesline Cyclone C2 10% (first), 12% (last) Deals significantly more damage and knockback, due to consisting of two hitboxes instead of looping hitboxes. Its first hit has deceptive range and is a semi-spike, which allows it hinder approaches. Conversely, its last hit launches opponents vertically and is extremely powerful. However, its first hit lacks KO potential until very high percentages, while its second hit is very difficult to land due to its first hit's long duration. Additionally, it has significantly more start-up and ending lag, which makes it unable to be used for recovering. It is comparable to how Luigi Cyclone functioned in SSB.
Cyclone Whirlwind C3 1.5% (whirlwind) Performs a quick spin and then launches a small whirlwind tornado on the stage. These send the opponents upwards. This move resembles to the default move of the Mii Swordfighter. While spinning, doesn't deal any damage but while repeaditly mashing the Special-button, it recovers Luigi pretty high than the normal Luigi Cyclone.
Up Special
Super Jump Punch Default 25% (grounded sweetspot), 20% (aerial sweetspot), 1% (sourspot) A jumping uppercut. It is a very potent punishing option due to its sweetspot's outstanding damage output, though its ending lag makes it very punishable as well. Its sweetspot also deals respectable shield damage and emits both a flameeffect and a ping sound. In the air, its sweetspot is larger, yet weaker, and does not emit the ping sound. However, its sourspot deals minuscule damage and no knockback. As a recovery move, it grants more vertical distance if Luigi's double jump was used beforehand. It grants intangibility on frames 8-10.
Fiery Jump Punch C1 18% (grounded sweetspot), 15% (aerial sweetspot), 1% (sourspot) Covers more horizontal distance, grants slightly more invincibility and its sweetspot is easier to hit, but covers less vertical distance, noticeable ending lag and dealing less damage. However, it also covers more vertical distance if Luigi's double jump was used beforehand. Like aerial Super Jump Punch, it does not emit the ping sound effect when sweetspotted. It is comparable to how Luigi's Super Jump Punch functioned in Melee.
Burial Header C2 8% (descent), 8% (landing), 1% (sourspot) Covers significantly more vertical distance, to the point that it allows him to reach the top platform on Battlefield, and ascends even higher if Luigi's double jump was used beforehand. Instead of a flaming sweetspot, Luigi deals buryingdamage as he descends. This results in it dealing significantly less damage, although he descends and gets up much faster, which allows for follow-ups.
Light Rise C3 N/A Covers significantly more vertical distance, even more than Burial Header. This move is the only move that Luigi can jump more higher out of the top of Battlefield. However, it doesn't deal damage but is a good tool ffor recovery.
Final Smash
Poltergust 5000 30% (max captured), 10% (throw) Equips the Poltergust 5000 and then vacuums nearby opponents into it before ejecting them out with great force. The sooner the opponents are vacuumed in, the more damage they accumulate before being ejected.

Alternate Forms

LuigiAlts USBIV

First Row

Blue/Green Luigi's default costume.
Orange/Cyan Luigi's old costume from Pinball for the NES.
Red/Pink Wrecking Crew
Cyan/Blue Mario's costume for the Amercain boxart from Mario Bros..
White/Green When Luigi picks a Fire Flower, he turns like his transformation. Also, it resembles Luigi's old costume of Super Mario Bros. for the NES.
Black/Purple It resembles to Waluigi.
Blue/Green (inverted) It's his multiplayer costume of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.
Green/Orange-Yellow Luigi's alternate costume from Mario Golf 64.

Second Row

Green/Beige Luigi's old costume of Super Mario Bros. Version of Melee.
Green It's his multiplayer costume of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.
Pink/Green " "
Cyan/Green " " (but blue in lighter version)
Fluorescent Cyan/Green When Luigi's picks an Ice Flower, he turns in his transformation form.
Blue/Green (inverted) Luigi's old costume like Mario's retro costume.
Special Costume Luigi's special costume from the New 3DS trailer.