Luigi (USBIV)
Mario's little long brother and the hero of his own mansion.
Universe SSB Mario Series
Appearances in SSB Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. Melee Super Smash Bros. Brawl Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS

Recent Game Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash
Avaiability Starter
Final Smash Poltergust
Tier S(2)

Luigi is a almost-balanced, veteran and playable character from the Super Mario (series) in Ultra Smash Bros. IV. He makes a fifth appearance in the series. He's already been confirmed alongside with the Original 8, including Captain Falcon, Ness and Jigglypuff at E3.

Luigi's voice is acted by Charles Marinet but it's slightly changed from SSB4. As always, Luigi has been a coward and awkward character on each Smash Bros. series which it reflects himself on his Super Mario games (per example in Mario & Luigi series)

Luigi's ranked on the 2nd (S) place of the 103rd in the tier list behind Captain Falcon and after Mario for his great aerial and grab combos, combo game and his traction movement after his attacks, which it makes a good character to play in the tournaments. This is a significant rise for Luigi being a mid tier character in Smash 4.

Luigi is the second best jumper in the game before Falco but his weakness is his worst air mobility, normally the 4rth worst of the game after King Hippo. But his traction attacks is now half based on Melee movements which makes Luigi more his playstyle combined with Smash 4, including his disrespectful down taunt when his opponents are at the ledge, he spikes them easily.


Ground Moves

  • Normal jab: Punch right, punch left and then buttkick.
  • Side tilt: Right kick
  • Down tilt: A crouching back kick.
  • Up tilt: An overhead swipe.
  • Dash attack: Swinging arms with childish punches.

Aerial Moves

  • Neutral air: A forward kick, but instead of being kicked fowardly, goes verticaly up.
  • Side air: A downward knifehand strike.
  • Down air: A twisted downkick. When sweetspoted, performs a meteor smash.
  • Up air: A upward backflip kick.
  • Back air: A backdrop kick.

Smash Attacks

  • Side smash: A forward strong knifehand strike.
  • Down smash: A breakdance move.
  • Up smash: A headbutt attack.

Special Moves


Final Smash

Poltergust: Like in SSB4, Luigi uses his Poltergust to vaccum opponents around him. Then, he launches them out off the Polttergust.

Alternate Forms

LuigiAlts USBIV

First Row

Blue/Green Luigi's default costume.
Orange/Cyan Luigi's old costume from Pinball for the NES.
Red/Pink Wrecking Crew
Cyan/Blue Mario's costume for the Amercain boxart from Mario Bros..
White/Green When Luigi picks a Fire Flower, he turns like that. Also, it resembles Luigi's old costume of Super Mario Bros. for the NES.
Black/Purple It resembles to Waluigi.
Blue/Green (inverted) It's his multiplayer costume of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.
Green/Orange-Yellow Luigi's alternate costume from Mario Golf 64.

Second Row

Green/Beige Luigi's old costume of Super Mario Bros.
Green It's his multiplayer costume of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.
Pink/Green " "
Cyan/Green " "
Fluorescent Cyan/Green When Luigi's picks an Ice Flower, he turns like that.
Blue/Green (inverted) Luigi's old costume like Mario's retro costume.
Special Costume Luigi's special costume from the New 3DS trailer.

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