Luigi is a major character in the game Shadows of the Forsaken. He does not give out quests until the Avatar has completed a few for Princess Peach. His first quest involves helping Professor E. Gadd create the Clone Device.



Luigi is quite taller than his brother, and quite thing too. Like his brother, he wears blue overalls, white gloves, and brown shoes, but his hat and shirt are green, with a green 'L' on the front-center of his hat. He has a mustache, more styled than Mario's, and a large nose. His hair is also dark brown.


He was born in the Mushroom Kingdom, but was sent to New York City, with his brother, Mario, by their parents when Bowser began to rise in power. There, he and his brother became plumbers, and eventually discovered a secret warp pipe back to the Mushroom Kingdom. Upon arriving, they found Bowser having nearly captured Princess Peach, and they jump to her rescue, quite literally. They have since become good friends of Princess Peach and heroes of the Musrhoom Kingdom.

In-Game Information


You gain Luigi as a Partner by completing a certain quest. Each level listed indicates equipment that he gains at said level; he will replace old equipment, but weapons and attacks merely provide alternatives to what he already uses.

Level Weapons Equipment Attacks
1 --- L Cap Karate Chop (Unarmed)
Green Shirt
Blue Overalls Hip Slam (Unarmed)
White Gloves
Brown Boots
7 --- --- Cyclone (Unarmed)
10 Thunderhand --- Jab (Thunderhand)
Shocking Jab (Thunderhand)
15 Poltergust 5000 --- Suction Blast (Poltergust 5000)


After completing a couple quests for Mario and Princess Peach, the latter will inform you that Professor E. Gadd has a plan. By talking to him, you learn that he might have the ability to create disposable clones for use in regular battle. He sends you to Luigi to help him gather Clone Energy from some Dark Toads.

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