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Luigi SSB4
SSB Mario Series
Universe Super Mario
Availability Hidden
Final Smash Poltergust 5000
This is Luigi's appearance in Super Smash Bros. Havoc. For the character in other contexts, see Luigi.

Luigi is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Havoc, and must be unlocked before becoming available. Mario's cowardly brother who follows in his shadow, Luigi spends his spare time fighting ghosts in mansions. He is a semi-clone of Mario who shares several moves with him, but for the most part, has an original moveset. Luigi is mostly the same as his Super Smash Bros. 4 incarnation.

How to Unlock

  • Clear Classic mode without using any continues.


Special Moves

Neutral Special Side Special Up Special Down Special
Fireball: Luigi shoots a green fireball from his hands that travels horizontally across the stage. Green Missile: Luigi charges up and then flies sideways like a rocket. Super Jump Punch: Luigi jumps high in the air with his fist; coins will pop out whenever an enemy is hit. Luigi Cyclone: Luigi spins like a tornado, causing nearby enemies to be sucked in and shot out when he stops.
Final Smash
Poltergust 5000: Luigi sucks in nearby enemies into the Poltergust, which damages them. He then shoots out into the air, also causing damage.


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