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Note: this page talks about this character in Super Smash Bros. Devastation.

Luigi panic

Luigi in SSBDevastation

Mamma mia! Luigi is a starter character again in Super Smash Bros. Devastation! He appeared for the first time in Mario Bros., in the 1983, so he's fought in the last level of the All-Star Mode.


Luigi can be confused as a clone of Mario, but he's different: Luigi has a lower traction (worst in the game), an higher jump and a good ground approach with the longest wavedash in the game. Luigi's main flaw is his aerial approach: Luigi has a slow, floaty jump which makes harder to attack the opponents while jumping.

  • Weight: 6/10
  • Speed: 5/10
  • Jump: 8/10
  • Throws: 6/10

Differences between Smash 4


  • Luigi's model is based on his appearance in Mario Kart 64, like his Smash 64 and Melee appearances.


  • Luigi is slower.
  • Luigi jumps a little higher.

Ground attacks

  • Luigi has a new forward tilt: he throws a head butt forward. It's stronger and faster than his older forward tilt.
  • Up tilt throws the opponents backward if hits an opponent forward and vice versa.
  • Forward smash has a new ice effect. This means that throws the opponents upwards, not forward, and his a better starter combo.
  • Up smash is now a punch. It has a lower range but it's stronger.
  • Down smash is now a fall which hits both forward and backwards. It's slower than the old one but it's a better range.

Aerial attacks

  • Up aerial is now an head butt. It is worse for combo but it's a finisher.

Grab and throws

  • Luigi now pummels with ice instead using his head.
  • Forward and back throw have inverted knockback and forward one has a better knockback scaling, now being his stronger throw.

Special moves

  • Standard special is now Iceball. It's weaker but can freeze the opponent, if they have more than 20% of damage.
  • Green Missile requests a lower time to charge it
  • Super Jump Punch gainer both horizontal and vertical recovery.

Special Moves

  • Standard: Iceball. Luigi throws a flying iceball, which inflicts 4% of damage and can freeze the opponents. Customization: Bouncing Iceball/Fireball.
  • Side: Green Missile. Luigi charges a move, than he flies forward. The longer he charges the move, the stronger it is and the further it moves. It inflicts from 10% to 25% of damage. Customization: Floating Missile/Quick Missile.
  • Up: Super Jump Punch. Luigi jumps and throws a punch, helping the recovery. At the very beginning of the punch, the move inflicts 25% of damage and can KO at 60% of damage, but if hits when used, the move inflicts 1% of damage. Customization: Fiery Jump Punch/Burying Headbutt.
  • Down: Luigi Cyclone. Luigi spins, inflicting up to 7% of damage. This move can help for recovery. Customization: Mach Cyclone/Clothesline Cyclone.
  • Final Smash: Poltergust 5000. Luigi sucks the opponents with his vacuum, inflicting them up to 40% of damage.

Technical Facts

  • Air Dodge: Melee
  • Wavedash: yes
  • Traction: lowest
  • Taunt: falls and gets up in a missile-like pose.
  • Entrance: jumps out from a warp pipe saying "Mamma mia!"
  • Weight value: 97

Palette Swap

  • Plumber Green (default, Green Team)
  • Pinball orange
  • Wrecking Pink
  • Mario Bros. Cyan (Blue team)
  • Fire White
  • Rival Purple
  • Golf Yellow
  • Brother Red (Red Team)

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