274px-Luigi Pose - Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon
SSB Luigi's Mansion Series
Universe Luigi's Mansion
Availability Starter
Final Smash Portrification

This page is about Luigi in the context of Super Smash Bros. Combat only! For the character in other contexts, see Luigi.

Luigi is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Combat, and is unlocked from the start. Luigi is Mario's cowardly brother who is often shoved aside in favor of his brother. Luigi doesn't seem to mind however, as he is terrified of most things. Luigi takes his brand new moveset from his appearence in the Luigi's Mansion games, wielding the Poltergust 5000 which he used to calm the ghosts of Evershade Valley and defeat King Boo, as opposed to previous games where he only used it for his Final Smash. Luigi is a bit heavier than previous installments, but other than that has the same physics, but his moveset is quite different. Luigi is now focused on sucking in opponents and then delivering as much damage as possible as long as they are close to him. The remnants of Luigi's old moveset are present; the Green Missile has been relocated to a dash attack and the Luigi Cyclone has been relocated to a down air.


  • Standard Special - Vacuum - Luigi turns on the Poltergust and starts a stream of air that can either be pushed forward and sucked inward. Occasionally, an outward stream can spurt fire. Luigi has the ability to move while the button is held.
  • Side Special - Flashlight - Luigi shines his flashlight in a certain direction, stunning opponents within it’s range. Luigi can not move during this attack. If the attack is used and the flashlight itself hits an opponent, Luigi hits them for massive damage.
  • Up Special - Poltergust Propulsion - Much like its Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga incarnation, Luigi jumps on the Poltergust and begins flying into the air. The Poltergust can be driven and will fly until hit or landing.
  • Down Special - Elemental Medal - Luigi takes out a fire, ice, or water medal (in that cycle) and aims his Poltergust at the ground. Luigi fires out a stream of one of the three medal effects, which spreads out in a small radius.
  • Final Smash - Portratification - Luigi performs his Final Smash from SSB4, but at the end the characters end up inside of portraits. The attack functions in an identical fashion to SSB4.


Victory Theme - Level Clear Theme from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

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