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Luigi makes his 5th appearence in the Smash Bros. series and he has a new B attack, as well as a new final smash. You can also chose if you'd like to be Luigi or Mr. L.


  • B: Golden Fireball: Luigi will shoot a golden fireball and when it makes contact it will make a small boom and will deal 10% damage but very little knockback.
  • Side B: Green Misslie: Luigi will start charging energy inside him until he sounds like a tea kettle. If overcharged the move will be cancelled out.
  • Up B: Super Jump Punch: Luigi will punch upwards, releasing coins out of anyone he attacks.
  • Down B: Luigi Cyclone: Luigi will spin around like a tornado punching anyone that comes near him.
  • Final Smash: Brobot L- Type: Luigi will get brain washed to think he's Mr. L, and will hop into his Brobot from Super Paper Mario, making him stronger, faster, and has better special moves. After about 15 sec, the Brobot will brake and Luigi will be back to normal.

Brobot Moveset

  • B: Swallow: The Brobot will swallow any opponents within reach and when in his mouth, it will do 15% damage.

*Side B: Lazer Eyes: Luigi shoots lazers from the Brobot's eyes, causing a ton of damage.
*Up B: Timed Jump: The Brobot will hold still in place, before having a perfectly timed jump that 99% of the time will get you back to the stage.
Down B: Ground Slam: The Brobot will slam down onto the stage, burring anyone beneth him.

Pallette Swaps

Same as always


Same as always

Victory Theme

Try, Try Again - Mario & Luigi Dream Team Music Extended30:00

Try, Try Again - Mario & Luigi Dream Team Music Extended

Theme up until 0:05

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