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345px-Luigi SSBU
Symbol 77px
Universe Super Mario Bros.
Smash Appearances
Super Smash Bros. Dispute
Official Debut Mario Bros. [1983]
Availability Unlockable
Final Smash Poltergust
Home Stage Luigi's Mansion
Tier S [7]

Luigi is the one of The Three Mario series characters that are unlockable. Luigi is playable in Super Smash Bros. Dispute and is sometimes considered the semi-clone to Mario.

Luigi is ranked S [7] in the recent Super Smash Bros. Dispute Tier List, In which Luigi is 7TH out of the 72 different characters in The Top Tier! Luigi get's some terrific results and is Terrific at camping on the opponents and potential K.O Attack. Unlike the other Smash games, Luigi actually dashes quicker then Mario and jumps higher then Mario. The only true downfall Luigi contain's is that the attacks Luigi does can get predictable, but other then that, Luigi is a god.


  • Does The Variety of Silly Stances Very quickly in The set order: Faces the screen with one hand on The waist, the other giving the peace symbol, referencing The animation in Luigi's Mansion where he would find The key. Next he turns to the right slightly, pointing The hands that direction. Then, Luigi Lay's The Right hand just below his nose, as if he is thinking, similar to The artwork for Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. Then he turns away from the screen, crouching, as if he's sad. Finally, he faces the screen once more, with both hands on his face, giving The frightened look, reminiscent to the box art of the Nintendo GameCube game Luigi's Mansion. The switch To each expression is To fast, it can't get seen unless the game speed is slowed down The bit. He also makes The sound during each expression: Hoh Hah Hee Hey Hoo The last pose is The trophy stance in The Subspace Emissary II. [Up]
  • Stands straight up with The hands on The hips, falls forward stiff on the floor, then seems to balance himself back up again (similar to The Victory Stance in Melee and Brawl). He says something that resembles "Pow Pow". (Left\Right)
  • Kicks at the ground while uttering The Joyful "Hm." The Kick Delivers The hitbox that produces The strong meteor smash on The airborne opponents and The weaker knockback on The grounded opponents, dealing set knockback. It is the meteor smash with the highest base knockback in Brawl, strong enough to OHKO The airborne opponent above The ditch, but with pitiful reach, it can typically only be landed on Theopponents hanging off The edge. Landing the attack is farther complicated by its slow start-up lag. It resembles the action Luigi would perform when he misses in the minigames of Mario Party 2. Deals 3%.

Character Selection Screen

  • Luigi Exclaim's "Nice!"
  • Luigi Exclaim's "GO LUIGI!"
  • Luigi Exclaim's Hoh Hah Heh Hey Hoo Just Like The Up Taunt!

On Screen Appearance

  • Luigi Jumps Out Of The Warp Pipe, Exclaiming "Let's-A Go!"

The Victory Animations

  • Turns around and creates gun motions with The fingers, Exclaiming "Bang, Bang!"
  • Falls to the ground twice, stiff as The board. The nose twitches occasionally. Similar to The side taunt.
  • Childishly swings The arms at the air, similarly to The dash attack, and gasps twice with exhaustion. This is The reference to what he did when chosen in Super Smash Bros.

The Fan Cheer

Male/female cheer "LU-I-GI!"

The Losing Animations


The Victory Theme

The Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon Level Clear Theme Song! 0:00-0:07

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