Luigi & Pikachu  Luigi & Pikachu is an RPG game for the Gamecube created in 2003.


When Pikachu trains for the giant Pokémon fight, Ash keeps shouting at him, And is being mean. After Ash shouts to much times, Pikachu uses The Thunder Jolt attack on Ash, And leaves, And run's away. Later, Pikachu keeps hitting The ground, Then all of a sudden, Luigi comes falling down the cliff, As well as part of the ground falling. Pikachu falls down the ground as well as Luigi. When they reach the bottom, Pikachu comes running behind Luigi, And they haft to verse the falling rocks. Luigi & Pikachu decides to team up, And find some Pokémon to get them out of the mess. Lucario teams up them as well.


Playable Characters

Image Name
Luigi 77777777777777777 Luigi
Pikachu 77777777777777777 Pikachu
Polterpup 77777777777777777 Polterpup
Lucario 77777777777777777 Lucario

MORE COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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