Luigi: North Travel is a game in 2010 for the Nintendo DS, Icey Inc. and the Wii-Ware. If you don't have a DS, get it in the Wii Shop Channel. You'll need 4000 Wii points for it.

Game play

Like in any Luigi series game, its game play will have the same to New Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Galaxy and Luigi's Mansion. Though your job is to save Daisy from the Island Force.


In Daisy's castle, something strange happened in it. Luigi ran. He was not happy and he did not smile. Instead, The Island Force grabbed the castle and got Luigi out of there. He ran off when he met Mario.

Power-Ups and Items

  • Star Coin
  • 1 up Mushroom
  • Monty Mole Mushroom
  • Super Mushroom
  • Star
  • Propeller Mushroom
  • Mini Mushroom
  • Bee Mushroom
  • Mega Mushroom
  •  ? Block



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