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Luigi's Quest is an upcoming DS game. The game will feature Luigi has the main character, still with his silly attitude, and various references to the Super Smash Bros. series (mostly Luigi's power-ups and attacks).


One day, while the Mario Bros. where plumbing, a huge amount of flooding water splashed Luigi into the Bright Star Kingdom. A Phary named Fillip tells Luigi that their kingdom needs a hero to save them from the evil Yonghaner. Being a coward, Luigi runs for cover not wanting to go on an adventure, Fillip sets Luigi on fire. He runs to a nearby river. Fillip then tells why he should. Luigi, forced, goes on the quest. lol i wanna play this gamee but i dnt now how :S


  • Bright Blue Fields- Luigi starts running through. Here, he learns the Dizzy Lift move, and finds 15 caged Pharies.
  • Shooting Star Swamp- A swamp where Luigi mostly haves to swim.


Button Moves (AKA Luigi Moves)

  • Walk (+ Pad)
  • Sissy Punch (X)
  • Lift Item (Y)
  • Jump (B)
  • Duck (A)
  • Unlockable: Ground Pound (B + A)

Stylus Moves (AKA Fillip Moves)

  • Make Foe Dizzy (Circle enemy with stylus)
  • Stun Foe (Tap a small enemy)
  • Get Foe's Attention (Tap in front of a foe)
  • Unlockable: Shock Foe (Draw a zig-zag above an enemy)
  • Unlockable: Explosion (Draw a big boom circle)

Mixture Moves (AKA Fillip Aid Luigi Moves)

  • Luigi Missile (Spin around Luigi while he's ducking, and press the anywhere on the + Pad to launch Luigi)
  • Luigi Cyclone (Spin around Luigi while he's walking and he'll whack away enemies)


Different Power-Ups in the game,

  • Mushroom- Heals 1/6 of Luigi's health bar.
  • 1-Up Mushroom- Heals all of Luigi's health bar and gives him an extra life.
  • Mega Mushroom- Makes Luigi grow 10 times his size, and he can march everywhere stomping and crushing everything!
  • Fire Flower- Until Luigi gets hurt, he can use the stylus to toss fireballs around the place.
  • Star- Makes Luigi run faster, have higher jumps, and is invincible!
  • Hammer- Luigi swings his hammer a lot to flatten or defeat enemies.
  • Whacky Hammer- Luigi can toss this hammer, but it can also be a weaker normal Hammer.
  • Fish Shroom- Turns Luigi into Fish Luigi.
  • Bird Shroom- Turns Luigi into Bird Luigi.
  • Tree Shroom- Turns Luigi into Tree Luigi.

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