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Luigi's Mansion RPG
Developer(s) Nintendo EAD

Next Level Games
Nintendo SPD Group No.3
Expansion Corporations, Inc.

Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) PC


Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Roleplaying
Series Luigi's Mansion

Luigi's Mansion RPG is an role-playing game in the Luigi's Mansion series, released for computers, much like several old eductional Mario games and Mario is Missing!. 


King Boo has risen, and broke the Dark Moon yet again. Three ghosts, Vert, Clogger, and Polterpup, have been saved from the event, but the remainder isn't. Luigi sets off to defeat King Boo. Along the way, Luigi finds the Grouchy Possessor, who lost his memory and joins forces with him. It turns out, however, that King Boo isn't operating by himself, and something greater must be behind this.


Gameplay works similarly to South Park: The Stick of Truth, though with the lack of classes. Player 1 is always Luigi, and Player 2/CPU is either Vert (a Greenie), Clogger (a Hider), Polerpup, or the Grouchy Possessor. At first, every character has few attacks, but learn more as the game progresses. E. Gadd and The Three Sisters run the shops. There are also places where Toads trade items.

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