Luigi's Mansion HD is a remake of Luigi's greatest solo title and epic remastering of a Nintendo classic, exclusively for the Nintendo NX. Deep in Boo Woods, Professor E. Gadd investigates a mansion with extreme paranormal activity levels. When Luigi is tricked into posession of the mansion, by "winning" this nightmarish horror house, he must use the professor's inventions, the Poltergust 5000 and the 3DS Horror, to rid the house of these meddlesome monsters.

The first Luigi's Mansion is included, as well as an abbreviated version of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon adapted from 3DS for a console format. While the game has stuck to much of its source material, new additions have been added to the mansions in order to offer brand new experiences for everyone: even if you know the original games forward and back.

After the game's completion, the game can be played through as Mario, and unlocks a mini-game as a Boo having to chase out hopeful buyers of each new estate. The levels include a Mushroom Cottage for the Toad family, an Observatory with Princess Rosalina hoping to buy, a Castle for Princess Peach's summer home, and more.