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{{ Luigi's Mansion 3 is a launch game for Nintendo Switch (old NX) and a sequel to

Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, but unlike the previous game, only has a mansion and two characters, Luigi and Professor E. Gadd, and does not have the appearance of Mario, Luigi's brother.

Unlike other games in the trilogy, this time the game will feature startling graphics, puzzles scattered throughout the mansion, and one thing that makes the game similar to the present time of horror games is a typical orchestral horror. Another important detail is that the game also features support for Dolby Digital Plus, allowing the player to feel the direct cinema sound system.


Luigi after settle accounts with King Boo, in the previous game, back to your home happy to have recovered the black moon. A few years later, he leaves his home to visit Princess Daisy, when she discovers that she has been kidnapped, not by King Boo, who was already defeated and sucked by Luigi but by a new enemy, called Norton Bros., which was an old friend also of Italy, which has become as crazy as Wario, but unlike Wario, his madness was caused by the beauty of the princesses. He always wanted to conquer them, but could not, for that love was for or Mario (Princess Peach) or Luigi (Princess Daisy). Taken by envy and its classic stone of madness, kidnaps the beloved Princess Daisy, and the bar in an old mansion, which coincidentally was the name of the green plumber. Knowing that your old faithful friend, now a traitor and a terrible nightmare kidnapped his future wife, he gets angry and leaves in the late afternoon to recover the princess of his new enemy. Arriving in his dark mansion, he discovers that the door is locked and the key is in the hands of a little mouse, recalling the second game of the trilogy. By carefully pick up the key, curled up in the rat tail, opens the door and reaches the main entrance. Now is in the hands of the player unvail the mystery of Norton envy, followed by amazing graphics, a bizarre orchestra and a half-key followed by ghosts created by Norton, among other things to be discovered in the course of the game.


Luigi: the main character of the game, the protagonist and hero of the game. It carries with it the powerful (and untested) Polterguest 6000, produced by Professor E.Gadd.

E.Gadd: Famous inventor of gadgets and true friend of Luigi. This time it helps and tips transmits distance by Trial Scream (reference to Nintendo 3DS)

Norton Bros .: Former best friend Luigi, who becomes a swindler and traitor in this game. It has almost the same appearance of your ex - friend, but it is a bit taller and slimmer, features an orange and white clothing, dark shoes and a very large mustache.

Princess Daisy: Princess Luigi saved, and is rarely displayed in Mario games. This time is kidnapped by Norton out of the castle, and taken to the new Haunted Mansion Luigi. A curiosity about it is that at a certain angle of your blue amoleto, and possible a picture of Luigi running on an empty space.


The game requires you to pull the right trigger NX control to make Luigi turn sideways; the left trigger is Luigi floor; Z button makes some action with it, like picking up objects, open doors, etc; the X button does Luigi run; Y button opens the menu the game; L button activates the Polterguest to suck objects or ghosts; R button is the same as the L button but unlike sugar, the cleaner blow the wind. very useful to get water elements, fire, dark light, and ice, which again be used in this game.

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