Luigi's Mansion 3: The Fate of Kate
The Fate of Kate Cover
Developer(s) Pikelton Productions
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
JPN: September 30, 2011

NA: October 31, 2012

EUR: October 27, 2011

AUS: November 5, 2011

Enter the Mansion

Enter the Gallery

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action-Adventure

Survival Horror

Media Included Wii Disc
Luigi's Mansion 3: The Fate of Kate is not abandoned anymore, I, LuigiFan36 of YouTube, Have claimed it so don't bother trying, you haters. Story and new format soon to come.


A boo by the name of Kate, Kate of the Forgotten Spiritworld, was told in a note that she had won a free mansion, Luigi's Mansion. When she arrived, Luigi was furious and told Kate to leave. But Kate wouldn't leave. A fight started and not long after it began Kate was sucked into a worm-hole. Luigi felt awful and wanted to make things right. The worm-hole was formed by none other than King Boo.


Gameplay is similar to the original Luigi's Mansion. You can use Kate's powers but they are limited because the connection between the Mansion and the worm-hole is weak. You can collect Telekenticoins, special coins that give you clues and fill up your Power meter, so you can use Kate's powers.


A=Use Poltergust 5000.

B=Turn on/off flashlight.

1=Use Kate's powers.

2=Check which doors you've unlocked and haven't unlocked yet.

+ =Menu/Options/Save/Quit.

- =Extras.




King Boo

Professor E. Gadd


Worm-hole Ghosts


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