Luigi's Mansion 3: Night Fright is the 3rd main game of the Luigi's Mansion series. Night Fright brings back many old elements of the game like Portrait Ghosts and the Game Boy Horror (but this time the main comunication divice is the DS Fright).


Luigi was taking a stroll through Boo Woods with Daisy, Mario and Peach, Luigi stops to go to a near by out house. After Luigi comes out of the Out House it is pitch black, Luigi's friends where gone and it was very windy, sudenly, a strong wind blows Luigi to a mansion, Luigi couldn't belive it, it was the same mansion the Boos had built two years before when they kidnaped Mario. Luigi quickly hurried to his feet and ran to E Gadds lab that was still there. When Luigi goes inside the Lab no one is there, it's not until a loud bang followed by some smoke startles him that he sees what he thought was E Gadd, as Luigi got closer, a figure came out of the smoke it turrned out to be Toad Mary, "Oh, hey Luigi, i was just testing this divice out but it seemed to backfire, hey, have you seen a wrench around here latley" untill Luigi finds her wrench he is unable to carry on with the game. Luigi finds the wrench in a box with the DS Fright, he hands the wrench over and shows her the DS Fright then  asks "Hey have you seen my friends? And also, what is this?" Toad Mary replies "I saw them head into the mansion with E Gadd, Egadd's portrait ghosts got out... again, but that was half an hour ago!" Luigi heads up to the mansion and is starteld by a new character Queen Boo (King Boo's sister) Queen Boo tells him to get lost then dissappears, Luigi dicides to go into the mansion anyway and finds Mario, Peach, Daisy and E Gadd tied up in the foyer. Queen Boo appears again and says "I thought i told you to get lost! URGH!!" before going on a rampage and carring the hostages deep within the mansion. Luigi must get all the portrait ghosts and his friends back before the 100 hour timer runs out.!


If a Characters' name is surrounded by ~ it meens the're new.


Luigi Luigi

Help Characters

~Toad Mary~ Toad Mary

Toad Red Blue Toad

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