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Luigi's Mansion 2: Ghostly Mansion Edition

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This game is from Nintendo eShop exclusive.


After Luigi to save the Evershade Valley King Boo as prepare a revenge. King Boo and Boos captured and break the Dream Moon only for distract Luigi and              Professor E. Gadd for break the Dark Moon and the ghosts be hostil, but this time a Pink Boo appears behind the Dark Moon and for the colour pink the ghosts be hostil in another place near the Evershade Valley, the Ghostly Mansion.


Luigi (Playable)

Luigi with Blue Cap (Playable only in ScareScraper)

Luigi with Orange Cap (Playable only in ScareScraper)

Luigi with Pink Cap (Playable only in ScareScraper)

Luigi with Purple Cap (Playable only in ScareScraper)

Mario (Supporter/Playabel only in ScareScraper after Luigi defeat King Boo)

Professor E. Gadd (Supporter)

Toads (Supporter/Partners)

Princess Daisy (Supporter)

Waluigi (Rival/Supporter)

Ghosts (Natural Enemies)

Boos (Natural Enemies)

King Boo (Final Boss)

Mice (Enemies)

Spiders (Enemies)

Bats (Enemies)

Pink Boos (Natural Enemies)

Dark Boos (Natural Enemies)

Bouldergeist (Boss)

Dry Bowser (Boss)

Lemmy Koopa (Boss)

Iggy Koopa (Boss)

Ludwing Von Koopa (Boss)









The Brain

Ancient Poltergeists

Shy Guy Ghosts

Gold Greenies


Strong Greenies

Strong Slammers

Strong Hiders

Strong Sneakers

Strong Poltergeists 

Strong Gobbers

Strong Shy Guy Ghosts

Possessors (x5)

Ludwig Von Ghost

Iggy Ghost

Lemmy Ghost



Giga Hammer Bro.

Lemmy Koopa/Lemmy Ghost

Iggy Koopa/Iggy Ghost

Ludwig Von Koopa/Ludwig Von Ghost

Possessors (x5)

The Brain

Dry Bowser

King Boo


In E.Gadd's Bunker

A-1 Check Mansions

A-2 How to Catch Ghosts

A-3 Gem Collection

A-Boss Lemmy's Battle

A-Ghost A Strange Interruption

In the trail to Ghostly Mansion / Gloomy Manor

B-1 Poltergust 5000 

B-2 Greenies at Entrace 

B-3 The Key in front of the Eyes

B-4 Poltergeists in the Cellar

B-5 The Fast Possessor

B-Boss Confront the Master

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