Developer(s) Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo NX
Singleplayer, Multiplayer (Nintendo Network)
Age Rating(s)
.pngPEGI 7
Genre(s)  Survivor Horror; Adventure
Series Luigi's Mansion
Predecessor Luigi's Mansion 3 (2017)

Luigi's Mansion - Whistleblower is a Nintendo NX game that will arrive in 2018. Unlike other games in the series, this time this has a huge mansion with parking cars, a giant maze and an entire Cinema, and holes and craters scattered there. Also have more than amazing graphics compared to other games in the series, as it will be made with the Unreal Engine graphics engine, and support for Dolby Digital Plus, which simply means that the player can have the most complete experience of cinema sound.


Luigi, more muddled than ever, received a map saying he had won (again) a high-tech and luxury mansion. This time the Italian does not fall into this trap, and return to sleep. In the late afternoon, he is awakened by a Toad the warning that Princess Daisy was lost in the same mansion that he had supposedly won. Disgusted by her stupidity, call Professor E.Gadd talking to fetch him in his car at the door of the house of the green plumber. Once there, Elvin Gadd Luigi asks about what happened while the leads drive to the professor's lab. Luigi explains that Toad had spoken, which also went to the lab with him. At the end of the meeting, as dusk, they decide to go to the new mansion, but E.Gadd decides to take with Luigi its new inventions: The Poltergeist 7000, the Trial Scream and a flashlight with energy to spare. Then, on another drive, the characters finally arrive to the "new" mansion; It was so huge like no other, more giant was the same: it was just a wall of so big, it can be compared to a prison, cutting the parking lot. Luigi is horrified by the size of the mansion and pronounced "Daisy" in low, husky tone. The three characters, after passing the gate without any guard, and open the gate of the mansion, approach slowly to the window; I could see a dark and haunted atmosphere, almost full of ghosts. Horrified, Luigi decides to go alone open the door of the mansion, more slowly, even as if to spy something, and turn on the flashlight to see better; suddenly, the plumber is frightened by a kind of whistle, half trembling and frightening, like the Luigi calls "the Best Corner of Princess Daisy." The Green Italian is even more horrified, now thinking that the princess is "owned" by someone.


Luigi needs your help to save Daisy's unknown enemy that is having; The analog trigger NX makes Luigi floor; The digital trigger does it point the flashlight to different sides; X button does it say "Daisy"; Y button does he grasp objects; Z button, turn off the flashlight; L button activates the Poltergeist 7000 to suck objects; R button activates it to blow objects.


Luigi's mansion 4 luigi

Luigi, the hero of the game.

Luigi: The protagonist of the game. It is quite fearful and goofy when it comes to hunting and sucking ghosts, but can regain your courage when lights turn on, which does not happen this time. Carries the Poltergeist 7000, created (and untested) by Professor E. Gadd.

E Gadd Solo LM2

Professor E.Gadd

Professor Elvin Gadd: gadgetry creator of this game. Always produces his inventions when someone needs (in this case, Luigi).

Red Blue Toad

A Toad

Toad:So cowardly as Luigi. It is outside the mansion, and serves as a save-game and counselor.


Princess Daisy

Princess Daisy:The future wife of Luigi; This time, it is curious about the supposed mansion that he had won and ends up being possessed by an unknown being of this mansion, floating and whistling alarmingly that can be heard everywhere; sometimes pronounced "Luigi" when the very pronounced "Daisy".


  • "Whistleblower" refers to a DLC expansion of Outlast horror game.
  • There is a theater one giant Cinema in the same manor.
  • The game retains the same characteristics of the previous game.
  • If we let Luigi without moving for a while, it starts to scare himself.
  • The background music is very similar to that of today's horror games; Sometimes it is totally out of tune, very high and expressionless.



The mansion

  • Mansion Exterior: where it all begins in the game. Luigi is seen coming (visibly scared) going there and listening to a scary voice of Daisy. The player can move the green plumber looking the main lobby door key, lost in another dark room with a brutally broken window, full of dangers and ghosts.
  • Main Lobby: a filthy, abandoned place, full of distorted statues and paintings. Luigi gets in this area, the guidance of Professor E.Gadd by Trial Scream (reference to Nintendo 3DS). It is almost impossible to see anything without your flashlight.
  • Second Floor: is right next to the first. It is even darker because there is now no windows and / or broken windows.
  • Foyer: the messier the site of the mansion; is a little clearer now has windows and holes in the ground. It is almost impossible to go through there unless of course, the edge of erosions and landslides.
  • Main floor (Main Foyer): It's a giant room that also serves as a passage to the living room (can also be called primary or main hall room, as this is in the center of the mansion). This is one of the only game rooms that has a lighting "acceptable" to the point of not being needed a flashlight.
  • Main hall: It is a place full of doors, some broken into, other broken in half. It also has some passages to more places destroyed the mansion.
  • Cinema Mansion: as the name implies, is an entire movie inside the mansion; It is a bit dark and gloomy, but clarity comes later when the player come to the shooting room.
  • Lab: is after the movie; Luigi can test chemical reactions to the player's choice. It has a brightness slightly different, and this light a blue pulled the white and green.
  • Fourth Floor: is in front of the lab and a hallway. Things start to get difficult here, since Luigi will have to face even more ghosts.
  • Fifth Floor: Things get even more complicated: Luigi discovers that need to go down to the floor of the mansion to grab a hidden key, more like? E.Gadd calls him saying that there is an elevator in the hall. Luigi takes this lift, full of rust and insecurity, and expects it to go down there, but along the way he breaks down and ends up holding it for a few seconds. Soon after, the elevator falls brutally to the ground, and Luigi is pushed with the force of the impact out. Now the player must find this key on the floor of this mansion, a dark and with poor visibility floor.
  • Subsoil: It is discovered that the Green Italian needs to go to the basement of the mansion to get the key. There is even darker than the floor, and besides, there is a lot of dust and water infiltration. There are also old books in every room.
  • Sixth Floor: after picking up the key, Luigi can now unlock the door from the sixth floor. A long hallway collapsed, still risk it falls somewhere in the more fragile ground.
  • Seventh Floor: passing various obstacles, Luigi get to the next location. This time it's totally empty, containing only native footprints and scattered dirt. Daisy whistle starts to get stronger and more frightening.
  • Eighth floor: Luigi starts to walk more slowly due to their exhaustion, complicating the gameplay. This makes it difficult to capture and suck faster ghosts in a dark, narrow corridor.
  • Ninth floor: is the passage between the two towers of the mansion, more, before they get to the towers, the plumber will face an old acquaintance, who was making dirt and giving guilt and innocent people.
  • Tenth floor: the top floor of the game; It lies between two towers, both interconnected. Luigi, to reach the second tower, the simply turn off lights, and something yellow gleams in a corner of the wall; was Princess Daisy, being possessed by the unknown that will finally be revealed in this game; control the Italian plumber and prepare your Poltergeist to disrupt the possessor of bodies while he sucks.


  • Opening theme: is similar to the original theme of the first game, bringing us a certain nostalgia of it; But this theme has a darker and mystical more like a current horror game;
  • Outside: the same as the previous game, but unlike a harp, we have a piano;
  • Main theme: This is a version unused in the game. It is quite different from the final version of the game will come out for Nintendo NX;
Lm mansion
  • Enter the Mansion: It is the scene where Luigi goodbye of the friends, take a deep breath, take courage and carefully opens the door of the mansion;
  • Outside environment: the natural theme when Luigi is out of the mansion, or when talking to Toads;
  • Inside:It is a dark and mystical theme, with sounds from different parts of the mansion, incluse, you hear the voice of Daisy;
  • Game Over:Believe it: it's the same game over unused in the first game of the series; Luigi appears lifting his head outside the mansion, shortly after the gate, then laughter of different types are heard in the background; then rays begin to lighten the atmosphere, revealing again the mystical and legendary Luigi Depressed, but is a little higher, dark blue, and moreover he is shown as a ghost in this game, which simply means that he literally dies in the game;
  • Boss theme:varies for each type of boss, as it is, what are his qualities and his temperament;
  • Toad's Theme:It is totally different from what was used in other games in the series; unlike a happy theme and bring calm to the player, is totally obsolete, bizarre, distorted and without any logic. Depending on the concern of the Toad that is outside the mansion, near E.Gadd, music can be something totally macabre;
  • E.Gadd's Laboratory:It is only played when Luigi, and Toad and E.Gadd are doing a meeting in his laboratory; is a remix of the original theme, adding new beats and stuff.

DLCs and Expansions

The game consists of 7 packs of services (similar to Windows), four expansions and three DLCs:

  • Service Pack 1: corrects some errors textures, scripts and other small things;
  • Service Pack 2: improves the texture, leaving the most beautiful game;
  • Service Pack 3: improved sound effects, but specifically Dolby Digital Plus equalizer, turning in Dolby Atmos;
  • Sevice Pack 4 - More Scare! : Is a correction pack that besides improving the graphics, add more enemies making the beautiful game;
  • Service Pack 5: adds full support for multiplayer, allowing more than one player playing the same game; the most interesting is that a player can help each other when one of the game characters dies, giving (if possible) mushrooms and other things;
  • Service Pack 6: add a new character, further improves the graphics and gameplay;
  • Service Pack 7: this is what brings more fixes and improvements: Luigi can now have the element of fire, water, ice, wind and earth (the last two are new), hidden in the mansion, see hidden enemies through the Trial Scream camera, call the Toad that is out of the mansion, also by Trial Scream, and still have first-person view (optional)


  • Luigi's Mansion Expansion - Luigi's Lost: Luigi follows the illusion of twinkling fireflies toward another part of the mansion, this time is a horizontal door wells that Italian open and discovers an underground house where you will find King Boo and fight with him but for that to happen, he needs to go through tight and narrow aisles, finding keys and unlocking doors to get to the opponent;
  • Luigi's Mansion - Daisy's Mansion: this time Luigi is who is lost in the mansion; Daisy will save it with the help of E.Gadd and the Poltergeist Pink; It is clumsier and slower than the plumber himself, especially with the fear that she has with dark places, disrupting the gameplay;
  • Mario's Mansion: Mario feels the king being "the lady in danger," now let's see how it goes through the same suffering of his brother going through the same difficulties he in the same mansion, and now save Princess Peach with E.Gadd and Toads.


  • Luigi's Mansion- Midnight Quest: is one of the most famous game DLCs. Luigi must prevent the psychic contagion in one of the mansions in this DLC; and add 7 new mansions, totally changes the game context, and unlike you explore entire mansions, need only be on their side, avoiding the contagion until midnight, if not, the planet will run a serious risk to have a fatal collapse;
  • Luigi's Mansion - The Nightmare Returns: as if that was not enough to be plagued with more and more flyers mansions, King Boo now gives up trick Luigi with his lies and cause a coma in the plumber while he was sleeping. The player's mission is now to end King Boo and wake up from the coma vistando your worst nightmare in a mansion full of tricks and ghosts only with his flashlight, as there is no one to help you;
  • Luigi's Mansion - Dark Moon 2: King Boo again steals the Black Moon, and again Luigi must recover it again .. But this time he is lucky, because unlike five mansions there are only two due to other mansions have no ghosts lá.É practically a remake of the previous game, but with more beautiful graphics due to the Unreal engine graphics engine now being used by Nintendo.

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