Luigi's Mansion - The Movie
Director Shigeru Miyamoto
Producer(s) Universal Pictures (Illumination Entertainment);

Nintendo Animation Studios; Epic Games

Studio(s) Illumination Entertainment; Nintendo Animation 
Distributor(s) Nintendo
Type 3D film; Adventure; Enter the Mansion
Genre(s) Adventure; New concept; Terror
Country of Origin Japan; United States
Original Language Japanese; English (United States); Spanish; Portuguese (Portugal) Portuguese (Brazil)
Series Luigi's Mansion

Luigi's Mansion - The Movie is a film inspired by the classic game of Nintendo GameCube and 3DS, Luigi's Mansion and Luigi's Mansion - Dark Moon to date for 2018. The idea came out of the production group of two games of the series, which teamed up and sent the idea for the animation division of Nintendo, known as Nintendo Animation, which accepted the idea and decided to make a partnership with the giant Universal Pictures to produce the film, with the dubbing Charles Martinet.

 Production and Rumors

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Luigi entering in the mansion.

Some famous games sites such as IGN, were publishing the rumor that Nintendo was making a film in partnership with Universal Pictures, based on the game Luigi's Mansion. Such a thing has never been confirmed by the Big N, some time later, after presenting the NX Project (also known as Nintendo NX), at E3, the largest fair in the world games, Universal confirms this rumor, saying "the movie Luigi will have a new film concept and will also take the animation company to the limit, like or even surpassing competitors. " A few days later, the company's website reveals the first images of the film, as Luigi sucking ghosts with the new Poltergeist, made by Professor E.Gadd, of unknown name, Toad running the scene, and Luigi cautiously opening the front door a brochure, which for what is drawn on the back should be a mini-map of the mansion. There are now rumors circulating on the Web that the new film of the mansion will use as animation tool, the firepower of the Unreal Engine, still saying this rumor that take the graphics engine to the limit, leaving the film animations identical to real life, and even confusing at times compare the film with real life. Other rumors indicate that the film may not be a movie, but a television series inspired by the game, with tips, new ghosts, tricks, etc. There is also the rumor that the game can not be either, but a graphic demonstration of NX and unlikely rumor, more is also interesting to reflect.

Luigi's Mansion - The Movie DEMO-100:00

Luigi's Mansion - The Movie DEMO-1



Luigi variant.

The story of the film is partially based on the story of the two games of the series, and the other part is based on ideas coming from Universal and Nintendo; Luigi appears in a draw full of other people, in a gambling house, when it is drawn with an alleged leading technology mansion and high-end luxury. Thrilled by the gain, out of the draw and get in your car will path the mansion. According to the map, Luigi must get to a dark, dark and dangerous place, crossing a bridge, and then continue their journey on foot, parking the car after the bridge, since it is impossible to get there because the road is very short even for a bicycle. Walking, Luigi discovers that the mansion had nothing to do with the poster. The brochure showed a rich mansion in detail, colorful and cheerful. But in practice, the mansion is something totally macabre: it is dark, old and scary. Luigi feels scared and very injured, since he and many others believed that the mansion would be really innovative, but in fact was a big blow. It passes through the main gate of the mansion and into the yard, and the door closes automatically alone. Luigi comes to a conclusion: In the abandoned, is haunted! He is very frightened by the incident, and full of fear, breathe deeply, and decides to open the door forward. Opening it, he comes to the main lobby, where surprised by ghosts that chase. Luigi runs quickly to another door, which arrives at the garage of the mansion. He seeks something to help fight these ghosts when, opening the hood of a car that was there, he discovers that was hiding the newest invention of Professor E.Gadd: Polterguest New! Luigi, very happy her discovery, starts dancing back and accidentally hit back hard on the car, knocking the sand to the front door. Luigi triggers Polterguest to suck the sand that had fallen on the door. After that, it will slowly into the main hall again, and this time with much more fear, triggers your flashlight to light when ghosts appear in front of you. Suddenly a ghost appears behind it, and Luigi, ready for action, light a lantern on it. The ghost stops. Luigi triggers Polterguest to suck the ghost. The ghost tries to escape as he is sucked, but can not. Luigi can capture it successfully, and others, with his fear, hide in other parts of the mansion. Luigi goes after them through a crazy adventure and dark behind the ghosts.


Character Name Description
Luigirr Luigi Bros. It is the main character in the film; It is fearful when the subject is ghosts and haunted mansions, but always recovered his courage when his brother, Mario, the aid, which does not happen at the moment.
E Gadd Solo LM2 Professor E.Gadd Very famous inventor of gadgets always present when Luigi needs. This time he invents for him, the new Polterguest, and a kind of modified Nintendo 3DS, not yet we do not know until the arrival of the film's release.
ToadBrigade Toads They are kind of the Mushroom Kingdom from the guards and also his subjects. They are so dastardly as Luigi, the more that will be outside the mansion in this movie.


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

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