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Luigi's Mansion: Queen Boo Returns is the third game in the Luigi's Mansion series for Nintendo Bant. This is the first game to feature Queen Boo.


In the mansion's top. . .

Queen Boo looks at a painting. . . her dad's. . .

Her dad, King Boo, was trapped in this painting 2 years ago. . .

And Queen Boo wants revenge. . . and she will do it. . . herself!

She kills Mario when his brother Luigi doesn't show up. . .

And goes away laughing. . .

And Luigi returns. . . but sees his brother's corpse. . .

"Kill. . . her. . . !" were Mario's last words. . .

And Luigi goes to E. Gadd. . .

"Uh-oh! Your brother seems to have died," he says, "but don't worry, I'll give you the brand new Poltergust. . . the 7000 one!"

Luigi's adventure now begins. . .



Luigi - The main protagonist.

Mario - Unlocked after reviving; he has FLUDD.


E.Gadd - Luigi meets him first. E.Gadd gives Luigi the Poltergust 7000.

Toads - Luigi meets some in his adventure; they give him coins.

Mario's soul - Luigi meets him in the final area. It can talk,and it leads Luigi to the final battle.


Fandro - For creating the boxart.

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