Luigi's mansion 4 title

The Game Title

Luigi's Mansion: Queen Boo (or Luigi's Mansion 4: Queen Boo) is a 2015 game for the Wii. it will have new mansions with new portrait ghosts.


When King Boo explains to his boos that he taking a break on turning Mario into a portrait and trying to destroy Luigi, his wife Queen Boo gets upset and tells him "I'll destroy Luigi and turn Mario into a portrait for you dear" then she leaves and releases E. Gadd's new portrait ghosts causing E. Gadd to wake up and call Luigi and teleports him and Polterpup to his lab and the quest to rescue his brother and defeat Queen Boo.


A - Use Pollergust 100000

B - Use Fire/Water/Ice

1 or 2 - Use Game Boy SP


Main Characters

Portrait Ghosts

  1. Juliet, the two faced-girl
  2. Romeo, the lonely boy
  3. Tyblat, the love hating boy (area boss for Gloomy Mansion)
  4. Olivia, the cheerful cheerleader
  5. Gramps, the elderly explorer
  6. Fifi Frou Mu, the french beauty
  7. Mrs. Loula, the gluttoness
  8. Creepy, the hungry fat cat
  9. Poofadora, the shadow of doubt (area boss for Haunted Towers)
  10. Tiff, the beauty queen
  11. Shames, the troublesome gentleman
  12. Louis, the smart brat
  13. Jeanie Greenie, the gardener
  14. Simon and Donald, the twin brothers
  15. Netellia, the mirror gazing girl
  16. Harold, Charles, and Elisabeth, the trio (area bosses for Secret Mine)
  17. Aunt Gladys, the cook
  18. The Romanos, the musical family
  19. Nicholas, the overweighted boy
  20. Kevin, the big fat kahuna
  21. Jessa, the cow wrangler
  22. Claudia, the beautiful artist
  23. King Boo, the king of boos
  24. Specter Mario, the darkness of Mario (final boss)

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