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Developer(s) GhoulGIsmallified
Publisher(s) FantendologoShrb
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii U
Genre(s) RPG
Release Date(s)
Media Included Wii U Optical Disc

Luigi's Mansion: Princess Business (known as ブーイングのマンション:キャプチャされた! and Luigi vs. King Boo: Quest for Daisies in Japan and PAL regions, respectively or by it's beta name Luigi's Mansion.. BOO!) is a Nintendo Wii U game and the sequel to Luigi's Mansion 2 for the Nintendo 3DS. The game brings new elements to the Luigi's Mansion series. The game also has co-op play, with the second player controlling Mario around. If second player does not play, Mario does not appear.


After hearing about Luigi winning a mansion, Daisy, with her new friend Vivian, travel to a spooky mansion inside Boo Woods where a map (that King Boo made) said to go. They get to a spooky mansion near Luigi's (which has now vanished). E. Gadd notices them go inside and not come out, so he calls up Luigi who heads there to deal with the new mansion.


There are many characters that appear in the game. Luigi, E. Gadd and Daisy are to name a few. Every character that appears is listed here.

Luigi Playable Character

NSMBWii Luigi
Luigi is the main playable character of the game, and Professor E. Gadd's favourite ghost hunter. Luigi is armed with the upgraded Poltergust 6000, which he uses to suck up the various ghosts and ghouls (except Vivian) who stand in his way. He and Daisy (at the end) scare the rest of the ghosts into the Portrificationizer 2.0.
Mario Playable Character

Mario is the secondary playable character, only playable by player 2. Mario is armed with the classic Poltergust 3000. Unlike Luigi, Mario moves slower then him and attracts less ghosts to him. Mario is not as scared as Luigi is, but still moves slow.
Professor Elvin Gadd Supporting Character

Mailbag20030415 lm gadd
Professor Elvin Gadd (or shortened to Professor E. Gadd or just E. Gadd) is a genius inventor and the creator of every Poltergust model to date. Professor E. Gadd speaks in jumbled jibberish, but luckily for Luigi, what he says is translated at the bottom of the screen! E. Gadd has a small shack-looking laboratory (which is huge inside) outside where the old mansion was, and he is currently making his lab bigger. He first met Luigi (and Mario) at Barrel Volcano, a long time ago...
Daisy Supporting Character

Princess Daisy is Luigi's love interest and the damsel in distress of the game. She and her new friend (and guardian) Vivian travelled to the mansion in hopes of finding Luigi. Princess Daisy appears in many of the living pictures around the mansion calling for help from Luigi. Daisy, at the end of the game, gets a ghost-reflecting medallion which she uses to scare the rest of the ghosts into the Portrificationizer 2.0.
Vivian Supporting Character

Vivian joined Daisy on her journey to Luigi's Mansion. However, after Daisy got kidnapped by King Boo, Vivian, left all alone, hid in a corner. When Luigi finds the Shadow Siren, he will let Vivian follow him around, and Vivian will give the plumber advice.
King Boo Villain Character

The True King Boo by evilwaluigi
King Boo is the king of the boos and the main antagonist for most of the game. King Boo, and the Boos, created this second mansion to trick Luigi's girlfriend to come, so King Boo could have his revenge on him. King Boo always follows Luigi around, being intangible, Luigi can't see him.
Toad Supporting Character

Toad is a cowardly Toad and Peach's most trusted advisor (after Toadsworth). Toad was sent by Peach to see how Luigi, Vivian and Daisy were doing at the mansion. He appears throughout the mansion, at least once on every floor, and sometimes multiple times on a single floor. He always carries a notebook with him (which he sometimes drops while running from a ghost), given to him by Toadette. He saves Luigi's game.


Inside of the new mansion are many rooms (also known as Areas in Europe). There are a total of 30 rooms, with 3 outside areas (included in total). The rooms are seperated into Floors (or Acts), given that one floor must be completed before the next floor is started.

Floor 0

The main floor has 2 rooms on it, and two hallways. Toad appears in the main lobby area.

Closet - The closet is a small room with many coats and shoes, ect. Orange Ghosts appear here and will try and run you out. There are a total of 3 ghosts in the room, and a small chest with a key in it, is hidden behind some coats.

Living Room - The living room is a lounge-like area with a couch, a television and other things. The boss ghost for the floor resides in this room. There are 4 White Ghosts that appear after the boss battle and must be defeated to leave.

Floor 1

The second floor has five rooms, along with an optional room that needs a key.

Master Bedroom - The master bedroom has a Portrait Ghost in the room, who can only be seen by turning off all lights. She is weak, but very fast. She tends to, if uncaptured after 45 seconds, run into the washroom.

Washroom - A small room with 3 Blue Ghosts and a Red Ghost. After getting on to Floor 6, 2 Green Ghosts appear here.

Kitchen - A large room with many appliances. There is a Portrait Ghost who must be defeated after gaining the "Ice Medallion". The ghost can be seen ONLY in the reflections of water, and must be frozen to capture. Before the portrait ghost can be fought, 2 White Ghosts appear here.

Dining Room - A medium-sized area full of food. The boss ghost of the floor resides here. There are 5 Green Ghosts that appear after the floor has been cleared.

Bedroom - A child's bedroom, full of many pictures of cars. A portrait ghost appears in this room, along with a chest of treasures.

Backyard (Optional) - The Backyard is a spooky place where many Brown Ghosts reside. There is a giant statue of King Boo, that is being built by a Portrait Ghost construction worker. There is also a well full of water, which, when the Ice Medallion is obtained, will enable a chest to be here. A shortcut to Floor 5 can be found here by climbing up the water spout (drain pipe).


There are a total of 16 different ghosts that haunt Luigi's (Second) Mansion, all of them with different powers. Many have differnet abilities then in Luigi's Mansion.

  • Red Ghosts - Red Ghosts are the most common type of ghost, as they haunt every single hall way. They can be distracted easily and can be sucked up quickly, as they only have 10 HP (or 15, after Floor 4).
  • Green Ghosts - Green Ghosts are messy ghosts, and throw food at Luigi. They drop banana peels when floating still. They can be distracted with food (sucking up one that they threw distracts them) and can be defeated quickly, with only 5 HP (10 HP after Floor 4)
  • Brown Ghosts - Brown Ghosts only appear outside, as they attack by digging around, and popping up to scare Luigi. They are short and fat, and somewhat resemble a cross between a Monty Mole and a Diglet.
  • Burning Ghosts - Burning Ghosts harness the power of fire to attack. They can only be defeated by water.
  • Spiky Ghosts - Spiky Ghosts harness the power of grass to attack. They can only be defeated by fire.
  • Wet Ghosts - Wet Ghosts harness the power of water to attack. They can only be defeated by grass.
  • White Ghosts - White Ghosts are found in many areas, and are very hard to defeat if one does not have any fire-power. White Ghosts use ice to attack: the chill the temperature of the room, throw snowballs and can freeze something/someone solid just by breathing on them.

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