Luigi received an invite to a Mansion party for a weekend stay. When Luigi followed the directions to the Mansion he enters the mansion. He tried to enter the doors in the Mansion. He entered one door to find Professor E.Gadd trying to suck up A Ghost and successfully did so. Professor E.Gadd was delighted to see Luigi. Professor E.Gadd tells Luigi this mansion was rented and never saw the people who rented it come out.  E.Gadd takes Luigi to his lab.

Luigi is given the task to go to the Mansion and clear out the ghost and save everyone inside. E.Gadd tells Luigi he saw Mario go in with Two toads and a princess.  E.Gadd also mentions his new collection of portrait ghost have escaped. 

Luigi's Task is to save everyone trapped inside the Mansion.  

Luigi Later saves Toad who saw Toadsworth go through the main door of the Mansion. Luigi continues his task until E.Gadd calls Luigi back to his lab. 

E.Gadd's Research has concluded that this Mansion was built and owned by A Pianta and a Toad.  One night though a group of Pianta's and Toad's where never to be seen again. They are trapped somewhere far away in the mansion. They been lost for a month and Luigi also must save them as well.



Online Play

Portrait Ghost

Area 1

The TV Dad aka Carl: He used to be a successfully CEO Until his Company went out of Business he watched TV and now watches the Endless marathon.

The Makeup Wife aka Ellen: Her beauty was always noticed.. She got messy in public and now will not go out until she is the most beautiful ever.

The Stylish Teenager aka Emma: She was a pretty girl with great style. Now she seems to be lost in her closet that never ends. 

The Boy Genius aka Jim: His Inventions are a success. He invents all day and studies all night. Although if you break anything he made your in for it.

Area 2

The Cute Couple aka Tommy and May: Matching Shirts, Love Letters, Hugs and kisses these two are soul mates. Literally! 

The Lazy Maid aka Paula: She was once a hard working maid. She then stopped to rest for one minute and seems to  rest in peace.




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