Luigi's Mansion: Ghost Universe is a Luigi's Mansion game for the Wii U. It closely follows the timeline of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.

If you ordered the Pyro Specialty Pack, it would've been available alongside Paper Mario 5: The Rise of Shadow, Metroid: Power Shift, and The Legend of Zelda: Forgotten Tale, pre-loaded onto the Wii U.


During the events of Dark Moon, King Boo set up a battle with Luigi in his new base of operations, the Treacherous Mansion. Luigi apparently managed to defeat King Boo, restoring the Dark Moon and bringing peace to Evershade Valley. However, Luigi's victory was not a true one. That king was an illusion, generated by the real king to save his ghostly hide from being recaptured. King Boo realized if he wanted to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom, he'd need the help of someone who knew the true meaning of evil. Then, it hit him. King Boo flew down to the Underwhere, the land of the dead, to ask the help of Emperor Boo, the most vile and vicious being to ever exist- who was also his dad.

Meanwhile, in Mushroom Castle, Princess Peach was holding a celebration over Mario's latest defeat of Bowser. Everyone was having fun, but Luigi's attention was elsewhere- keeping his new pet Polterpup away from the princess's flower sculpture. In his mind, Luigi wondered if it was his destiny to be the second banana in the Mario Bros.- Mario was saving Peach from Bowser, and got whole parties to celebrate, whereas he had saved the whole of Evershade Valley, and possibly the Mushroom Kingdom, and he got a pat on the back, a pet who had tormented him throughout his journey, and the smell of ectoplasmic pee drying on the plants within the time he had spent thinking. Sighing, Luigi grudgingly pulled back the Polterpup's leash, which felt a bit lighter. Suddenly, it hit him- the Polterpup had phased through the leash and ran outside. Worried, he ran out.

He found the dog out in the fields around the castle, licking someone's face. When he got him off the man, he saw it was none other than E. Gadd, Luigi's friend and mentor. Luigi asked E. Gadd what he was doing in the Mushroom Kingdom. E. Gadd said he had to evacuate the entire valley, and all the other ghosts were safe in his old Bunker. When Luigi asked what had caused them to need to evacuate so quickly, he heard a massive rumbling coming from the castle. He then saw King Boo, accompanied by a giant shadowy being lifting up the castle and carrying it off towards a large shadowy cloud in the horizon. E. Gadd jumped, realizing how bad the situation had become, pressed the button on his Pixelator remote, and the two ghost hunters, and the Polterpup, vanished.

They arrived in an entirely new bunker, including its own Greenie assistants. E. Gadd sat down on his comfy chair and began telling Luigi what happened. King Boo had managed to release his father, Emperor Boo, out of the Underwhere, and the duo were forming an entire continent out of dark energy. A while back, the continent had appeared on his maps. When he went to check it out, he was shocked to see it was inhabited by most of the Evershade Valley ghosts, along with dozens of new species. However, it wasn't until he realized the ghosts attacked some of his assistants that he realized something was suspicious. When King Boo returned with the ghosts of the continent under his control, alongside his father, he panicked, sent the friendly ghosts into an invincible capsule, hid it, and rushed to tell Luigi. E. Gadd then pulled out Luigi's Poltergust 5000, saying he had made some new attachments that would come in handy. Luigi then realized it was up to him and his pet to once again save Mario and Peach- they'd better appreciate it.


  • Luigi- The reluctant hero of the game. Equipped with his Poltergust 5000, he's out to stop King Boo and his horde of ghosts. Not to mention get some recognition.
  • E. Gadd- A professor of spectrology, and Luigi's mentor. He will upgrade the Poltergust as necessary with enough fundings.
  • Polterpup- Luigi's adopted ghost dog. With another player using a Wiimote, Polterpup can play alongside Luigi. He can phase through walls, collect items, and scare ghosts, leaving them open to a good sucking.
  • King Boo- Main antagonist. Leads an army of ghosts against the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Emperor Boo- King Boo's father. Seems to be the true mastermind of King Boo's plot.
  • Mario- Luigi's big bro and the Mushroom Kingdom hero. This is the third time that Luigi has to rescue him. You unlock him as a character later in the game.
  • Princess Peach- This time, she needs to be rescued. She is in a painting this time.


  • Mansion A: Manevolent Mansion
    • A stereotypical haunted house area. This area is the place where many of the mechanics are introduced.
      • Mission A-1: Return of the Ghost Hunter
        • A relatively easy mission. E. Gadd wants to test Luigi's skills after all the time that had passed, so he's sending him to the Manevolent Mansion. All you have to do is search for 5 Greenies on the ground floor and capture them.
      • Mission A-2: Specters and Shadows
        • A Shadow, a highly dangerous ghost, is causing havoc inside the Manevolent Mansion by hiding keys to the upper and lower floors. Track it down and return the keys, so Luigi can actually explore the mansion.
      • Mission A-3: The Ghost in the Basement
        • A massive spike in paranormal readings has been detected in the basement. Head down there and suck up Sir Regal, the Soul Ghost (AKA Portrait Ghost) that's causing it.
      • Mission A-4: Boo Who?
        • A Boo, one of King Boo's minions, is messing around with highly detailed equipment on the mansion's Rooftop. Get up there, and protect the equipment from the Boo and its cohorts for as long as you possibly can!
      • Mission A-5: Searching for a Boss
        • The ghosts are all coming from somewhere, so use the Poltergust 5000's new Searchlight attachment, which detects powerful ghosts, to find out where the boss ghost is.
      • Mission A-Boss: Terrace Takedown
      • Mission A-X: A Paranormal Problem
        • Yup, we got one. It appears that capturing all those Boos made their boss angry, so he's sending swarms of dark lightning to destroy a prized item of mine on the Rooftop. Get it and carry it back to the portal by the mansion's front gate!
  • Mansion B: S.S. Phantom
    • A haunted cruise ship. The S.S. Phantom is entering stormy waters, and blackouts are common events. The Dark-Light attachment is obtained here.
      • Mission B-1: Beaching the Ship
        • We won't be able to access the S.S. Phantom until it comes back to shore and the Pixelator can work on it again. Power up the old abandoned lighthouse to call in the cruise ship, but be careful.
      • Mission B-2: Darkness in the Light
        • I seem to have left my new Dark-Light in the ship's Sauna. Not sure if that would break it or not, but you should get it back.
      • Mission B-3: The Cruise of a Lifetime
        • Now that we have the Dark-Light, we can access all 5 floors. My Greenie assisstants have recived word that a swarm of Boos is causing mass chaos through Spirit Ball creation, so catch them.
      • Mission B-4: A Titanic Problem
        • Oh crap! The Phantom's boiler is malfunctioning! Get down there and help fix it! My Greenies will help by sending supplies.
      • Mission B-5: Lucky Break
        • Not only is the Phantom's Casino Deck a complete waste of cash, it's now haunted and possesses anyone who tries to play. Find the ghost responsible!
      • Mission B-Boss: Pirates of the Ether
      • Mission B-X: Deep Sea Salvage
        • I just found a treasure MOTHERLOAD beneath the water's surface. Use the S.S. Phantom's Salvage Arm to retrieve it for me.. er, for SCIENCE!
  • Mansion C: Northern Palace
    • A Russian/Tibetian-esque palace on a snowy mountain. A new attachment, the Fireburst, is obtained here.
      • Mission C-1: A Cold Reception
        • Okay, next mansion is the Northern Palace. Calling it cold would be an understatement. That's why we're going to go down to the palace's basement and set up an E. Gadd Portable Megaheater. Patent Pending.
      • Mission C-2: A Firey Temper
        • Well, the door to the palace's Observatory is completely frozen over. Head over to the Kitchen, Luigi. I got a little surprise that might help us.
      • Mission C-3: Hot vs. Cold
        • A Poltergeist is wreaking havoc in the library! Those books are highly valuable, so keep that ghost from destroying them! Burn the thing if you have to! Just save the books!
      • Mission C-4: The Frigid Family Room
        • I just recieved word that a family of Soul Ghosts is harboring a key to the palace's Greenhouse. I think that's where our Possessor is hiding!
      • Mission C-5: Luigi on the Hot Seat
        • The huge Greenhouse is completely frozen over! Warm up the plants, and maybe something good will happen! Or maybe I'm just losing my marbles...
      • Mission C-Boss: The Not-so-Warm Welcome
      • Mission C-X: Had Enough Temperature Puns Yet?
        • Good news and bad news. Good news is, I found a rare gem hidden in the Northern Palace worth 10,000 dollars. Bad news is, you'll have to protect it from money-grubbing ghosts.
  • Mansion D: Area 52
    • An abandoned jungle military base. Has several explosives scattered about, many of which are interactable.
      • Mission D-1: Operation DIVEBOMB
        • King Boo has surrounded Area 52 with dozens of guards. The only way in is through the air. Take my Gaddicopter and fly in, then open the gate!
      • Mission D-2: Lighting the Beacon
        • To show that we've gotten into the base, we'll need to light the beacon on top of the base. My lousy guard should be up there.
      • Mission D-3: The War Begins
        • FOR THE LOVE OF VENGEFUL RABBITS WITH BUZZSAWS! King Boo's sending a swarm of tanks to take back the base! Stop them all, Luigi! Man, we can't catch a break.
      • Mission D-4: An Explosive Mission
        • Now, we gotta infiltrate the base's Ammo Dump and get rid of all the ammo. Do whatever you want to, just get rid of all of it.
      • Mission D-5: Key Hunters
        • Okay, now all we need is the key to the base's Testing Range. I think it's somewhere on the third floor, but you'll need to look.
      • Mission D-Boss: Mission Impossiblity
      • Mission D-X: Time for Peace
        • Go suck up all the guards around the perimeter. Then we'll finally free this base of ghostly oppresion.
  • Mansion E: Chrono Castle
    • A medevial castle. The whole place is filled with "bizzarchitecture", not to mention the ghosts are more difficult starting here.
      • Mission E-1: Front Door Showdown
        • Well, it looks like there's a knight blocking the castle's front door. We're going to have to do something about him to get in.
      • Mission E-2: Time Travel
        • I left some experimental Gadd-Pads around the castle. Use them to find the key to the Inner Courtyard.
      • Mission E-3: Ancient Attack
        • I'm picking up some interesting signals below the Inner Courtyard. Use the Gadd-Pads to find an entrance!
      • Mission E-4: A Ghostly Host
        • Old King Kole is threatening to kick us out of the castle! Quick, get him into the Poltergust!
      • Mission E-5: A Walk Through Time
        • An ancient key lies at the bottom of the castle. But it's been buried for eons, so you'll need to do some digging.
      • Mission E-Boss: Dimensional Warping
      • Mission E-X: Race Against Time
        • One of my Greenie assistants wants to do a little race. Do you mind doing so, Luigi? He won't bite.
  • Mansion F: Luna Tower
    • A massive space-themed tower. It is knocked on its side by a meteor after Mission 3, and the tower is sideways from that point on.
      • Mission F-1: Climb the Tower
        • Sorry, Luigi, the Pixelator in Luna Tower seems to be broken. You're gonna have to climb through the windows and repair it manually.
      • Mission F-2: A Screw Loose
        • Screwball the Soul Ghost is messing around in the tower. Get him out before he damages something valuable! Like the random potted plant that's there for no reason! >:D
      • Mission F-3: Asteroids Ahoy!
        • Oh my lard! Asteroids are gonna hit the tower! Quick, go to the Storage Room and get out my E-Gun! That could destroy them.
      • Mission F-4: Sideways Search
        • Well, that last asteroid knocked over the whole tower, but hey! Now that your bones are fixed, you can search the rubble for clues.
      • Mission F-5: Clueless Clues
        • Well, I think the only way we're getting into the Possessor's lair is with the help of Screwball. Tough luck, Luigi.
      • Mission F-Boss: Telescope Trouble
      • Mission F-X: Special F-X
        • Now Screwball wants a party in exchange for his help. Go find some old party junk in the basement. Then, we can eat snacks.
  • Mansion G: Soul Train
    • A haunted train in a desert setting. This area is very platformer-esque, due to several Balloon Berries appearing.
      • Mission G-1: Ticket Time
        • Well, Luigi, I kinda forgot to get us a ticket to the Soul Train. Head down to the station and get one from the Ticketmaster.
      • Mission G-2: Baggage Collection
        • Head down to the Caboose. That's where they put my stash of Balloon Berries.
      • Mission G-3: Room Service
        • King Boo sent a swarm of ghosts and a Blitzer to attack us! Stop them before the train breaks!
      • Mission G-4: Pit Stop
        • Well, the train's engine is busted. We'll need to take it to the nearby station and see if anyone can repair it.
      • Mission G-5: Making Headway
        • Now that the Soul Train is up and running, make your way towards the front and check out the Engine Room.
      • Mission G-Boss: A Steamy Showdown
      • Mission G-X: Trains and Pains
        • Race the Soul Train to the nearby station. I'll be rooting for you, Luigi!
  • Mansion H: Xenophobia Mine
    • An old and abandoned mine, where an alien spaceship crashed. The aliens' ghosts are now taking other ghosts, altering them somehow.
  • Mansion I: Demon's Garden
    • An overgrown garden, similar to Haunted Towers from Dark Moon. A new attachment, the Icestorm, is obtained here.
  • Mansion J: Circus of Illusion
    • A haunted circus area. The whole place is puzzle-based, and most of them require the Dark-Light to solve.
  • Mansion L: Dragon Temple
  • Mansion M: Musical Manor
  • Mansion N: Bowser's Castle
  • Mansion O: Peach's Castle
  • Mansion P: The Underwhere
  • Final Boss: Emperor's Throne


Normal Ghosts

Name Description HP First Found
Greenie These green ghosts are largely innocent. However, the one controlled by King Boo are mischevous, and find attacking passerby is funny. Bring 'em here so we can figure out what's up with them! 10 Manevolent Mansion
Slammer Slammers- big, red brutes who, while normally kind-hearted, appear to be bent on fighting with you. Don't take it personally! 30 Manevolent Mansion
Shadow Whereas the other ghosts mean to cause mischief, these Shadows seem to actually want to kill you off. Just suck them up like normal. 20 Manevolent Mansion
Hider Hiders are skinny blue strategists. they only appear to throw stuff at people who seem dangerous. Just check their hiding spot to scare 'em out! 15 Manevolent Mansion
Boo Boos, unlike the other ghosts, are actually dead. They serve King Boo in his quest for world domination. Kinda cute, though. 25-40 Manevolent Mansion
Mimirror Mimirrors are multi-dimensional ghosts that can only be seen in mirrors. Due to this, they enjoy stealing cash. Hunt them down if you want money. 20 Manevolent Mansion
Creeper These little blobs of goo love to cuddle passerby. Sounds cute, right? Well, they don't know that their gooey bodies make their hugs suffocate people. Infinite S.S. Phantom
Rocky Rockys have the ability to absorb rock, metal, and other hard sucstances. You'd think that would make them a threat, but Rockys prefer to sit back and be passive. 15 S.S. Phantom
Spinner Spinners are the bottom layer of the hypothetical ghost food chain. Their ability to turn into tornadoes is pretty much useless unless they're in a large group. 5 Northern Palace
Poltergeist Poltergeists are world-renowned for having IQs that are over 9000 ON AVERAGE. Too bad King Boo is using their intellect for evil. 50 Northern Palace
Nucleoid Nucleoids. The embodiment of radiation. Just standing near them gives you radiation poisoning. Don't use a Fireburst or... BOOM. 15 Area 52
Warrior Warriors are the spirits of men and women who fought in past wars, corrupted by King Boo's evil power. They can either wield guns or swords. 20 Area 52
Falsetto Falsettos hijack dead bodies to try to become a human again. However, now they want nothing more than to kill the living and take them over. Use a Fireburst to expose them. 30 Chrono Castle
Sleepwalker I can't believe we found an entirely female species of ghost! How the heck do they reproduce... Anyway, they can put you to sleep, so be careful. 25 Chrono Castle
Chomper Oh, how I loathe these things. Chompers are highly territorial, and will eat anything that gets too close. Had a heck of a time studying them... Lousy Chompers. 20 Chrono Castle
Curser Cursers have the ancient ability to curse living beings. When cursed, you move backwards, can't use the Dark-Light or Fireburst, and you slowly lose HP. Stand in light to remove it! 15 Chrono Castle
Warper Warpers, while cute at first, hide a terrible secret. If they touch you, they send you to a random location in the mansion. Honestly, whose idea was it to give them that power? 35 Luna Tower
Sneaker I love ghosts, but that's not stopping me from saying even the GOOD Sneakers are evil. These invisible pranksters enjoy sneaking around and scaring you. The thing is, they tend to do it when you're sucking up a ghost or something else important. 25 Luna Tower
Gobber Gobbers are the most out-of-shape ghosts I've ever seen. Not even Mr. Luggs came close. Good thing their stomachs have no physical boundaries, otherwise they would've burst a long time ago. 100 Soul Train
Crackler Developing the desert sand to their advantage, Cracklers create multiple mirages to confuse their foes. Sucking up a mirage causes damage. Look closely- the real one moves differently.... 35 Soul Train
Blitzer This elemental ghost is filled to the brim with energy! Oddly, there don't seem to be any ghosts like it for miles around. Maybe it's a scout? 20 Soul Train
EXT Greenie Heavens! This Greenie's been altered somehow! My sensors are picking up high amounts of a foreign technology. Could this mean the Greenie was experimented on by aliens? 30 Xenophobia Mine
EXT Slammer A Slammer wandered to deep into the mine and was turned into this alien beast. The process made it even stronger, so watch out. 90 Xenophobia Mine
EXT Sneaker Oh crap. I was hoping it wouldn't come to this, but it has. The most evil ghost on the continent, fused with alien tech. Behold the EXT Sneaker. And Palutena help us all.... 75 Xenophobia Mine
EXT Warrior Once again, a ghost fused with alien tech, this time a Warrior. I feel sorry for the man or woman whose soul was repurposed into this abomination. 60 Xenophobia Mine
Xenogeist A ghost of one of the aliens that crashed in the mine. This guy's been kidnapping ghosts are turning them into hideous mutants. Catch as many as possible! 125 Xenophobia Mine
Demonic Greenie HOLY TOLEDO! What's up with this Greenie? Apparently spending to long in the Demon's Garden turned it into a powerful monster. Or maybe it just worked out. 100 Demon's Garden
Weakener A variant of the Curser species, Weakeners developed their own unique curse. The Weakener Curse reduces your max HP to 50. And that's on top of all the other damage! Light can still cure it. 15 Demon's Garden
Hydra Hydras are closely related to Rockys. But, Hydras can control water as opposed to hard things. Luckily, they still seem to be passive ghosts. 40 Demon's Garden
Popper Poppers carry around big horns all the time. What're they for, you may ask. Well, Poppers use their horns to create loud pops, stunning you temporarily. It can also punch you. Go figure. 35 Circus of Illusion
Soulless This is what happens if a ghost is drained of its soul, like Emperor Boo seems to be doing. This mindless and soulless husk obeys only him, and will attack you for him. 20 Circus of Illusion
Masquer This childish ghost has been possessed by a mask created by none other than King Boo. The mask will live even when the host is sucked up, and will attach to another ghost. Fireburst or Icestorm it to finish it for good. 30 Circus of Illusion
Flipper Flippers hide near jars and other such objects. They'll flip them over onto you head if they get the chance. You can thankfully break the jar by getting hit with an attack. 20 Dragon Temple
Ring Hider Ring Hiders are some of the big shots in Dragon Temple. Their ability to use magic rings to teleport and trap you make them decent threats, too. Luckily, they can't actually hide anymore. Weird. 40 Dragon Temple
Notelet Notelets absorb sound in any form. The higher the frequency, the larger and slower they get. Use them to blow holes in walls by getting really high. Infinite Musical Manor
Reflector Reflectors can summon crystal-like shields out of thin air. They care only for self-preservation, and will only protect themselves with this skill. Jerks. 25 Musical Manor
Sneezer The ghosts of old men haunt Musical Manor, driven by their love of classical music. Unfortunately, they hate yound whippersnappers who trash the mansion. 30 Musical Manor
Dry Bones Dry Bones are the haunted remains of dead Koopas. They will always come back to life if killed. Luckily, if the head's gone, it won't regenerate. Infinite Bowser's Castle
Bomb Boo Bomb Boos are genetically altered Boos designed for use as ammunition for King Boo's army. Turn the tables on him by setting them on fire! Infinite Bowser's Castle

This powerful teleporting ghost is off the charts! Too bad this guy messes with my equipmentajgjdAGKJSOVR9000'ashsflssfeGghasdRFG MaJOrA..

250 Peach's Castle
Stalker Stalkers are a recently evolved species of ghost. They can hack into the Poltergust and release two random ghosts. Even worse, they can appear anywhere, even lit rooms. Stay on your toes. 1 Everywhere (Hard Mode)
Slender These ghosts are a true menace. They're invisble, hunt you down, and can kill you with one touch. Find a Slender Slip to make it visible! 50 ScareScraper
Polterpup Polterpups, flat out, are adorable. They tend to make mischeif, though, and that's why you gotta take those puppies to the pound! Figuratively, of course. 25-100 ScareScraper
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