Luigi's Mansion: Extra Scared!
Developer(s) FTF Inc.
Publisher(s) FTF Inc.
Platform(s)  ???
Media Included  ???

This is a continuation of MarioMario54321 (Someone on Youtube) OiramOiram12345 and the Dark Star X, and to Luigi's Mansion.


Luigi recieved a lettter.


Luigi thinks it's King Boo. He takes his Poltergeist 3000 and goes to the mansion.

He is now in front of the Mansion. But it changed!

Carefully he goes in and... 3 ghosts appears! He sucks them up and finds a key!

Now he goes to the kitchen. There is the first Boss-Ghost. Gourmeist.

After he is sucked up Luigi takes his key.

He goes to the living room. There is another Boss-Ghost, Teffie. She has another key.

In the store room are only 2 ghosts and a key.

Luigi is now in the toilett. There is a ghost and the first Money-Ghost.

This key leads to the Washing chamber. Here is Inka. She has the Envirement Key.

It leads to the garden.

Surprise! Who is there? It's Dark Bowser.

You need the Light Star to beat me. But it is under my controll! It is running throught the mansion.

Luigi chase it and caught it. Now he can use it's power against Dark Bowser.

After a long fight, Dark Bowser is sucked up! He drops the Dark Key. Luigi goes upstairs!

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