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Luigi's Day of DOOM 1 & 2!, is a game made by Super Mario Inc.. This game is for the Wii, it is rated T, for Mild Language and Mild Blood issues. This was released in every store.

Logos and Boxarts

Luigi's Day of DOOM 2! logo

Luigi's Day of DOOM 2!


Luigi and his bro Mario, are in Texas, USA, 1st, Luigi had a Rainbow Egg, he tried to fry it to begin to eat it, but a baby Rainbow Yoshi came out and beat the CRAP out of Luigi, then Luigi went back to the Mushroom Kingdom and killed 20 Toads, He then got 2nd degree murder, and In the beginning you are trying to escape out of jail, then you go to Rehab!, and you try to kill other Toads, Yoshi's and Other Characters



Luigi running away from the cops

Our Proginist, Luigi is a mass murderer and an escapee from Rehab and jail!
Our Famous Mario Bro. he trys to help Luigi, but he fails!!
Policemen At West 4th Station
Main Atogonists, they chase Luigi all the way to rehab, when Luigi tries to eat all the food then in the hospital
Israeli Border Guard Police 2254c
A rehab officer, he will shoot if needed!!!


Rehab: Levels: 6

Lvl 1: Luigi's Room: You are Luigi, you are trying to get out of this room, you have to kill, 3 patients, 4 doctors and get out of there.

Lvl 2: Cafeteria: You're still Luigi, set to kill everyone in that cafeteria, except Mario, and the cafeteria dude.

Lvl 3: Kitchen: You're Mario, and set out to kill Toad, and Yoshi, they're alive but injuried!

Lvl 4: Upstairs: You're Luigi, he has a shotgun, ready to KILL anybody in his way to get to the officers

Lvl 5: Livingroom/diningroom: You're Mario, you have a nerve to kill EVERYONE in that room, in the diningroom you have to kill the cooks eating their pies

Lvl 6: Outside: You're Luigi ,you are right behind the officers, with a knife two officers, one knife you gotta kill them!

Aftermath: Luigi then gets caught by the cops, and he is then taken to the Slammer!

Jail: Levels: 4

Lvl 1: Jailroom: Luigi is in jail, he gets out and has to kill the courtroom person, the jailbergs, and the jail cell guards

Scene: "Enjoy your stay!": Luigi is in the Courtroom, and the judge says "Enjoy your stay!"

Lvl 3: Courtroom: Luigi gets Furious! he then Kills the judge and the guards

Lvl 4: Cafeteria: Luigi then goes over to the cafeteria, and kills the patients, the cooks and the server

Lvl 5: Outside: Luigi has 1 bullet, and 4 cops so he shot the bullet it killed 2, he then stabbed the other 2 to death!

Aftermath: Luigi then feels homesick and goes back to the Mushroom Kingdom

Mushroom Kingdom: Levels: 6

Lvl 1: Bomb-Omb Battlefield: You're Luigi and set to kill everysingle bomb-omb, chain-chomp, and goombas

Lvl 2: Tick-Tock Clock: You're Mario you have to kill a twomp, 2 whomps, 16 bomb-ombs, and a goomba

Lvl 3: Dire, Dire Docks: You're Luigi, set to nuke everything and everyone, (EXCEPT YOURSELF) at this point you have A Posse

Lvl 4: Rainbow Ride: You're Mario, set to kill a lakitu, a goomba, and 54 bomb-ombs

Lvl 5: The Throneroom: You're Luigi, set to kill Toad, Yoshi, and DK

Lvl 6: The Castle: You're Luigi, set to kill Peach, and Bowser


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