Luigi's Big Adventure
Director It depends on the participating company
Producer(s) Sony Pictures Animation
Studio(s) Sony Pictures/Unreal Studios
Writer(s) Shigeru Myamoto 
Based on Luigi's Mansion (2001,2002)
Distributor(s) Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (in Japan), Paramount Pictures
Type DVD Collection, Crossavers 
Genre(s) Adventure, Action, Terror and Comedy
Music "Luigi's Haunted House", by Koji Kondo
Country of Origin Japan, United States, Europe
Charles Martinet (with Luigi Bros.)
Theatrical Release Date(s)
11th August, 2015
Home Edition Release Date(s)
5th January, 2016
Original Language All languages (officials and no officials)
Runtime 120 minutes each (all DVDs in the collection), color
Series Mario's Movies around the world
Sequel(s) Outlast Movie

Luigi's Big Adventure is an adventure / horror film in which the protagonist of each film (Luigi) must pass the scariest places in the world, always making a kind of crossavers with current and former horror games with the tips of Professor E. Gadd and maybe a map and a new 3DS. The idea came from a joke at a meeting of Nintendo and the animators at Pixar, where everyone thought it would be like the survival of Luigi, on one a humoristic point. The film received various views from critics, including one that says the film is "real Haunting, a little sickly and ultra-well done and funny."


To produce such a realistic film as this, the studios of Sony Pictures had to spend a great headache to make a junction of the Unreal Engine and Cinema4D, the second already used by Sony since 2006. First, the whole scenario is mounted in Cinema4D, fewer characters. After that, convert all the information to the Unreal templates manually, including texture, lighting, etc. Returning to Cinema4D, they are made camera animations for the Unreal Engine, which are the only types of movement that they have difficulty making animations. In Unreal characters are assembled, but remain static for possible animations them. Also in Unreal, with the help of an external plug-in, now make the final animation of characters using a widely used in architecture method, called "Modeling By separating layer," ie, the character is modeled still separately, including clothing, pockets, shoes and other things. Finally, when the animation ends, it's time to render the film, however, only allows the Unreal rendering games. The film is converted even as a game, but when it is initialized, is used to capture the same external software, with plug-in high-definition audio and video provided by Sony itself (known as Sony Pictures HQ / 4K drivers). Finally, after all this, the animation part is finished.

The Start of Production

In a meeting of Nintendo with Pixar animators, one of the company's shareholders decide about a new series that would star with Luigi. Humorously speaking, the episodes were on paper were too large for a series, and more than enough to make a film over an hour. The series that was on paper have the same theme of the movie collection: A crossaver showing Luigi survive the scariest places in the world. The series never came to pass because of a decision from there. Instead, it was decided to create a collection of five simultaneous film in 3ds Max animation program. The result was good, but Nintendo wanted to innovate in the chart to the maximum, then joining the studios of Sony and Nintendo Cinematic Universe, can an even better result, with the idea of ??Sony Pictures Animation from using and enjoying the Unreal Engine in the animations, which delayed the release of the film, which would be in 2014, but only debuted in theaters the following year, and in 2016 the DVD version and Blu-Ray disc. The characters in Five Nights at Freddy's were the first to debut in the first film of the collection. Soon after, Sega and his play unofficial, Sonic.exe in the second film. In the third, Red Barrel Games and Outlast, and Outlast 2; In the fourth film, the very Super Mario, of Nintendo, decides to murder all around with an old ax, and Luigi must figure out the mystery. In the fifth and final film, Luigi is a doctor, and is taken to a landfill to have surgery there, more just wanting to explore the dump and completely forget the patient. In addition to many other partnerships with other companies.


'Oh no! Luigi is trapped again in the scariest adventures! Only this time, the green Italian poor will have to face not only mansions, and also the scariest places in the world! Follow this tragic adventure, if you can, and survive with Luigi and Professor E.Gadd these adventures around the world! We are all waiting for you to run the DVD!'

Movies of the Collection

  • Luigi's Mansion - Five Nights at Freddy's
  • Luigi's Mansion - Outlast
  • Luigi and Tails - Sonic.exe
  • Luigi Bros. in - The Italian Murder Mystery
  • Luigi Insane
  • Let's Explore the Dump with the Dr.Luigi
  • Professor E.Gadd in - The Freddy Return
  • Luigi in The Forest


A sequel to two different films ever went into production: First, a film called "Luigi's Mansion - Dark Moon" based on the play of the same name, and the second, an unknown film by then called "Captain Toad" based on the game the Wii U.

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