120px-Ludwig Guy

Ludwig Guy

Ludwig Guy is a young Shy Guy at the age of 12. He has idolized Ludwig von Koopa ever since he was 6. He is a green Shy Guy with yellow shoes, and a hairdo that looks almost identical to Ludwig von Koopa's, which gives further evidence of him liking Ludwig so much. He is a member of the Shy Guy Squad.


Ludwig Guy used to be a regular green Shy Guy. He was only 6 years of age when he saw Ludwig von Koopa and his fight against Mario. He saw all the amazing things that Ludwig could do and he was astounded. He watched that fight and said to himself: "Wow! I wanna be just like that guy!". With those words, he set off to be just Ludwig. He started to grow a wild blue hairdo just like Ludwig's. He trained day and night, he wouldn't give up until he could do everything Ludwig could do. Ludwig Guy is now a confident, talented, young Shy Guy. He uses his newfound abilities to fight evil.

Powers & Abilities

Ludwig Guy can do everything Ludwig von Koopa can do (minus Ludwig's high intellect).

  • He can create eartquakes
  • He can breath fire
  • He can flutter-kick
  • He can shoot lightning from his hands
  • He can teleport
  • He can shoot magic blasts from his wand

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