Lucy Liberty
Lucy Liberty as she appeared in the F-Zero Anime, and the anime inspired games F-Zero GP Legend, and F-Zero Climax.
Full Name Lucy Liberty
Current Age 15
Gender Female
First Appearance F-Zero GP Legend (2003)
Latest Appearance F-Zero Climax (2004)

Lucy Liberty is one of the youngest members of the Elite Mobile Task Force. She is a very big fan of the F-Zero races, mainly in the aspect of the machines involved. This is what inspired Lucy to work towards becoming a mechanic, which granted her a vast knowledge of machine construction and components over the years. She was first met by Rick Wheeler while she was visiting Falcon House with some friends. He learned that they were off to see a race at Port Town, one in which he was taking part in with the High Orbit Patrol squad, and attempted to save them when they were attacked by a group of road bandits on their tour bus. This led Lucy to request an apprenticeship under Dr. Clash as an assistant mechanic, enlisting herself as an official member of the Force.

Game Appearances

Super Smash Bros. Universe

Lucy Liberty makes several cameos in the game Super Smash Bros. Universe. She appears through several collectible stickers alongside her machine the Elegance Liberty. In addition, one of Rick Wheeler's palette swaps reference's Lucy's color scheme.

F-Zero U

Lucy Liberty returns to the F-Zero franchise once again in F-Zero U. Her machine, the Elegance Liberty is one of the few machines that remains the exact same in statistics as it did in previous installments. She is a part of the GP Legend DLC Pack.

Other Appearances

The Stories of New Tendo City

Lucy Liberty appears in the television series, the Stories of New Tendo City. In the series, she is a student at New Tendo City High School alongside several others, including her unnamed friends from the F-Zero series. She is depicted as Dr. Clash's apprentice, and as being very good at Math and Science in school. She is also portrayed as the forced upon tutor of fellow student, Dai Goroh. She is also shown to have a crush on Rick Wheeler.