Lucy Johnson
Full Name Lucy Kelly Johnson
Current Age 20
Date of Birth 5th July
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Costa Mesa, California
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Eddie Johnson (brother)
Ability/ies Can control and make clouds, ability to change eye colour
Nationality 25px-Flag of USA
Ethnicity Caucasian
Height 5'7"
Weight 109 lbs
First Appearance Amy vs The Future
Latest Appearance Amy vs The Future

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Lucy is a human from California. She has the bizarre ability to make clouds.


Lucy has black hair, a blue jacket with black sleeves, a brown skirt and red combat boots. her eyes always end up changing colour.


Lucy's past is weird, to say the least. She has had cloud powers all her life (how is completely unknown), she has a bizarre chip-like thing that causes her to do unusual things, and her DNA changes every so often. She has an unusual life, and thinks of her cloud power as unique. Her life got changed after Hitomi and Tayshaun opened up a way to the Fantendoverse, and she generally stares out at the portal they made every night, watching the distorted stars spin.


Lucy is cocky most of the time. She snaps back at anything directed toward her quickly and never backs down, regardless of what happens.


  • Lucy is the only character in the Tayshaun & Amy series with the ability to control clouds