Lucy's appearance
Full Name Lucy
Gender Female
Location Sandgem Town
Current Status Alive
First Appearance Pokémon Stories: The Shattered Horizon

Lucy is a protagonist in Pokémon Stories: The Shattered Horizon. She is from Sandgem Town. Her partner pokémon is Piplup. She is friends with Sam, Sarah, and Zoren.


Lucy is somewhat upbeat. In contrast to Sarah, she gets along quite well with most people. She is quick to make friends.


Before the events of Pokémon Stories: The Shattered Horizon, Lucy lived in Sandgem Town. For one year when Zoren temporarily moved to Sandgem Town, she became friends with Zoren. However, then next year Zoren moved back to Twinleaf Town, but they stayed in touch as pen pals.

She eventually became an intern for the Pokémon Research Lab. During her internship she worked with Sarah through the Research Network.