Lucrecia High is an original mystery-simulator game developed and made by Nintendo. It is based on you protecting the school from the evil people who live outside school grounds. It is exclusively available at Nintendo eShop for Wii U and 3DS.

Lucrecia High - Plot

You are a spy at the Centre De Arts in Paris, however you have been told that you are not to stay at the Centre De Arts and that you will be relocated to a high school in fast-declining Oroyori, where crime rates exceed the world average. Though beautiful the area holds some of the World's darkest secrets and there is over 100 murders a day, when the population is just 21,000. The town's killers are still yet to be exposed but you must protect the children of the area from the evil people who live around the school. Reluctantly, you agree to do so. Upon arrival, lines upon lines of people were waiting to escape the city, eager to reach a safe environment. You get driven through beautiful azalea arches and blood splatters and park plazas and skulls and graffiti, a completely divided civilization. At the school background checks had to be done, chain link fence.

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