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Lucky Charm is a 2016 chapter-based story released by TheFoxyRiolu (tbc), mostly as a backstory for his most well-known character, Lucky. Lucky Charm is a 12 chapter story that follows Lucky, his friends Karis and Shudi, and new ally Felix, as his initial "grand adventure" to figure out who casted a curse on him as a child ends quickly and is replaced with an attempt to end a war effort.

The game is written very similarly to Fantendo - Genesis.



Chapter 1

A "grand adventure".

Chapter 2

Lucky meets someone important.

Chapter 3

Felix explains himself.

Chapter 4

Things become harder.

Chapter 5

It's time to lift the curse.

Chapter 6

The curse turns into the least of everyone's problems.

Chapter 7

Lucky tries to protect everything he cares about.

Chapter 8

A rescue mission.

Chapter 9

Lucky confronts his own feelings.

Chapter 10

The final battle begins.

Chapter 11

The war ends.