Lucky Break is a board game-styled RPG developed by Pyro Enterprizes. It draws basis from the card game Munchkin as well as the Wii title Dokapon Kingdom.



Gameplay uses a board game-style rotating turn system that takes place on a board made up of hexagonal pieces. Every turn, a player may roll a die (or multiple, depending on the situation) to determine how many spaces they travel. Many things may happen depending on what type of space the player lands on.


There are 7 stats a being in the game possesses, which vary depending on what class or creature it is.

  • ATK: A measure of an entity's physical strength. Primarily used to calculate Attack power.
  • DEF: A measure of an entity's physical durability. Primarily used to calculate resistance to an opponent's Attack.
  • MAG: A measure of an entity's magical strength. Primarily used to calculate Magic power.
  • RES: A measure of an entity's magical durability. Primarily used to calculate resistance to an opponent's Magic.
  • SPD: A measure of an entity's speed. Primarily used to determine who goes first in a battle.
  • LCK: A measure of an entity's innate luck. Primarily used to determine rate of skill activation or critcal hit rate.
  • BOND: A unique stat, in that each player has a specific BOND level with each other player. This increases as players work together, and decreases as they fight against each other. Allied players with high BOND typically gain increased benefits in both battle and the field.


When a character lands on a space with Eerie Mist on it, a battle is triggered. The game then measures the SPD stat of both the player and the opponent to see who goes first.

If the player goes first, they may select one of 6 options:

  • Strike: A basic attack that cannot be blocked whatsoever. Deals damage equal to double the user's level. Only attack that can never miss.
  • Attack: A physical attack that can be weakened with the Guard option. Deals damage equal to ATK stat minus enemy DEF stat.
  • Power Attack: A powerful attack that is 3 times as strong as the normal attack. Can be reflected by a Counter.
  • Magic: A magical attack that can be weakened with the Hex Block option. Deals damage equal to MAG stat minus enemy RES stat.
  • Power Magic: A powerful burst of magic 3 times as strong as the normal Magic. Can be reflected by a Counter.
  • Scroll: A powerful ability based on the Scroll the user has equipped. Changes effect depending on the type of Scroll used. (Only Offensive Scrolls can be used in this phase.)

If the player goes last, they may select from another 6 options.

  • Give Up: Instantly surrender and flee from battle. Removes some gold or a random item. Occasionally fails or can be blocked.
  • Guard: Weakens an attack from the opponent.
  • Counter: Completely negates an opponent's Power Attack or Power Magic, dealing back the same amount of damage. No effect on an Attack or Magic.
  • Dodge: Can nullify any type of attack aside from a Strike, but has a high chance to fail.
  • Item: Utilize an item in your inventory.
  • Scroll: A powerful ability based on the Scroll the user has equipped. Changes effect depending on the type of Scroll used. (Only Defensive Scrolls can be used in this phase.)

The player will do the other option after they defend or attack. After both participants in battle have made their attacks, play shifts to the next player if the battle has not ended. The battle will continue until one participant falls.


There are several types of spaces that a player may land on. Each one possesses a different effect.

Space Description
Normal Space A normal patch of land with nothing overly special about it. Nothing triggers if you land here.
Eerie Mist A space inhabited by a monster. If you land here, you enter battle. The monster's type and level is dependent on the area in which the player is currently located.
Village A peaceful village where a player can rest to heal their wounds. Villages can also be bought for a large sum of money, giving a player a small, constant supply of tax money.
Shop A small establishment in the middle of the wilderness. This space is where players can exchange their money for various items and equipment.
Magisterium A strange building run by a mage. Similar to a shop, but instead of selling equipment and items, they sell scrolls.
Black Door The entrance to a dungeon. Is only found in outdoor areas.
White Door The exit from a dungeon. Is only found inside dungeons.
Castle A pristine castle ruled by a king. Bring him Boss Spoils, and he will reward you with Gold, Jewels, Mana, or even Relics. Players can also rest in castles like in villages.
Dark Mist Incredibly thick Eerie Mist. Instead of normal enemies, Dark Mist contains bosses, and will not move on a turn-by-turn basis.
Wandering Traveler A traveler on their own journey, they move one or two spaces every turn. Land on their space to meet with them, but what happens depends on the character...
Lucky Space Resembles ground, but with a slight sparkle. Can award items, Scrolls, or Gold.
Unlucky Space Resembles ground, but with a slight red tinge. Can curse the player, remove an item or Gold, or unleash a mini-boss.
Lotto Space Resembles ground, but with both red and yellow sparkles. Initiates a roulette that can decide a positive or negative outcome, but has more significant effects than normal Lucky or Unlucky Spaces.


Name Info
A young warrior with skilled swordsmanship and agility. The Thief is unparalleled when it comes to SPD and LCK, and his ATK and MAG are relatively high, but his DEF and RES are very low. He also possesses the ability to steal from both enemies and other players.
Bold and brash, this veteran soldier has incredibly durability and skill with weaponry. His ATK is decent, and his DEF and RES are top-notch, letting him survive the deadliest of blows. However, his LCK and MAG are mediocre, and his SPD is pitiful. The Knight can also shield allied players to prevent damage to them.
Preferring intelligence to brute force, the Mage enters battle utilizing her vast repertoire of magic instead of a weapon. The Mage's MAG is obviously amazing, and her LCK and SPD, but her ATK and RES are poor, and her DEF is horrid. She can place curses on enemies or other players, which have varying effects.
Not one to enter fights one-on-one, this nobleman prefers to stay away from fights, and possesses the ability to attack enemies on spaces adjacent to him as well as his actual space. His stats are largely even, but his DEF and RES are slightly higher and his LCK is a bit lower.
While the youngest class of them all, the Cleric can be one of the most helpful. She possesses the ability to heal both herself and allied players at will, mitigating her low RES and mediocre DEF. The Cleric also specializes in SPD and MAG, and her ATK and LCK are at basic levels.
A bizarre wanderer-type class, the Trickster gains much of her usefulness from her huge LCK stat, easily the highest in the game. Her DEF and ATK are also good, and her SPD is decent, but she has low MAG and RES. Trickster players can also flee from battle without losing anything, even in circumstances where fleeing would be blocked.
Covered in incredibly dense armor, the Gladiator is incredibly physically focused. His ATK and DEF are his highest attributes, and his SPD is surprisingly decent, while his MAG is horrid and his RES and LCK suffer a bit. The Gladiator also possesses the ability to survive seemingly lethal attacks with 1 HP, though this has a chance of failing.
The embodiment of mystery, this female warrior can summon spectral weapons from thin air. As such, she does not equip weapons- her forced weapon actually levels up to match her strength. Her MAG and ATK are top notch, her LCK and DEF are decent, and her RED and SPD are low.
A young and spoiled prince. He starts the game with a large amount of gold and pays less in shops, but also gains less gold and EXP and loses more when he flees battle or dies. His RES is his highest stat, followed by LCK and ATK. His MAG and SPD are decent, and his DEF is mediocre.
Lancer Flamboyant and cocky, the Lancer is a jerk off and on the battlefield. He boasts very high ATK and LCK, but like any suave jerk, his confidence- and DEF and RES- are easily shattered. Of course, defense isn't really the Lancer's style; instead of an armor slot, he has two weapons slots, letting him attack twice every turn and boosting his power greatly.
Alchemist You wouldn't think a tiny scientist like the Alchemist would be a threat in combat, but you'd be wrong. Her high MAG and LCK make her a formidable threat in combat naturally, even with low SPD and ATK, but she really makes her mark with items. Not only does the Alchemist have 1.5 times as much inventory space as any other class, but they can use 2 items in a single turn as well!
Chronologist Effectively a fancy word for "time mage", the Chronologist is just that. She has high MAG and SPD, very low RES, and mediocre ATK, RES, and LCK. However, her main gimmicks are the use of her special powers Slow and Speed. Speed will temporarily double the amount of dice used, while Slow lets the player choose the number of a normal die- each power has a long cooldown, however.



Shadow Warrior
If a player is falling drastically behind in the game, and other players are trying to fight them or screw them over, they possess the option to sell their soul and other material possessions to The Darkness. This changes them from their basic class to a Shadow Warrior.
The Shadow Warrior possesses immeasurable dark powers that can alter reality itself, and have insane stats aside from BOND, which is permanently set at -999. Additionally, Shadow Warriors possess the special skill of their original class.
Shadow Warriors are considered monsters, and as such cannot be attacked by monsters. They are primarily designed to take revenge on other players, and as such are near impossible to escape. There are only 2 ways to revert a Shadow Warrior to its original state: kill it in combat, or have a previously allied player with high BOND "purify" it.


Various events that can occur while playing. An event can affect a player positively or negatively.

Name Info
The Beggar An old man carrying a sack of various objects. Give him Gold, and he'll give you an inventory item. It may be mediocre and it may be magnificent; it'll always be a beneficial item.
The Shadow Beggar A demonic old man carrying a sack of various organs and hot coals. Like the Beggar, he offers items in exchange for something, and the Shadow Beggar actually grants extremely good items. However, he wants not Gold, but your soul; he takes away your HP.


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