Lucky Bell
Luckybell SM3DW
The Lucky Bell as it appears in-game in Super Mario 3D World
Item Type Power-Up
First Appearance Super Mario 3D World
Cat Mario, Golden Statue Mario

A Lucky Bell is an item introduced in Super Mario 3D World, resembling a bronze Konguro'o with eyes. It transforms Mario and his friends into Lucky Cat Mario.

It is considered an upgrade of the Super Bell, as later in the game, it replaces the Super Bell in the remixed courses that appear in World Mushroom and World Flower.

It not only gives Cat Mario abilities but the ability for him to turn into Golden Statue Mario, very akin to the Statue Mario form from the Tanooki Suit, except it gives him coins.

The Lucky Bell starts appearing in the Bonus World in Super Mario 3D World, World Mushroom in the level World Mushroom-2, Spiky Mount Beanpole.


  • The Lucky Bell is the only powerup item in Super Mario 3D World to not have a corresponding stamp.
  • The Lucky Bell is similar to the Statue Leaf from Super Mario 3D Land or the Tanooki Suit from Super Mario Bros. 3, turning characters into a statue.