LuckyEmile Adventures! is a puzzle platformer created by LuckyEmile. The game is about LuckyEmile, in the form of Derpy Hooves. Or should I say "forms". The game revolves around transforming from a pony to a human. Each form has different abilities, e.g. Human can crounch, but pony can fly.


The characters in the game are either a creation of LuckyEmile or other media (due to it being hard to create characters). Here is a list of the characters:

Name Image Description
Derpy and human Derpy
The main protagonist. She can transform inbetween a human and a pegasus pony!
RainbowDash 2
Apparently, this is LuckyEmile's future girlfriend. She has to be part of the game for obvious reasons
Mega Blorb The first boss. He is the leader of the blorbs.
Trispike A big sandworm with a helmet with three spikes. WIthout the spikes, the helmet isn't very effective.
Sketch of Cirno and Rumia as Pegasi
(this will have to for now)
This nineball-loving "baka" has found out the power of transforming into a pony. She can't freeze anything infront of her, unless it's a frog... "Kero!"
SPOILERS (the reason is i'm not good with her name) LuckyEmile's arch-enemy and the Queen of Changelings. However, she may not keep that title for long
Dark Purple Fire Malus The true final boss of the game! Named after 'evil' itself, this thing is wanting to defeat our puzzle-loving pony/human! 


Using the "X" button, one switch forms between being human and a pony. Each form has a differnet ability, here is a list of them:


Ability Button(s)
walk "D-pad" (left and right)
jump "A"
fly rapid "A"
Muffin Throw "B"
Gallop "X"
More to come


Abiltity Button(s)
walk "D-pad" (left and right)
jump "A"
mid-air jump "A" when in mid-air
crouch "D-pad" (down)
crawl "D-pad" (down + left or right)
run "X"
More to come


As well as many puzzles, the game also features lots of enemies, here is a list of them:

Enemy Picture how to defeat behaviour
Blorb (all coming soon) Muffin Throw or jump on it shuffles endlessly
Super Blorb Muffin Throw twice or jump on it twice. shuffles endlessly
Hyper Blorb Muffin Throw five times or jump on it five times. shuffles endlessly
Cacti Blorb Muffin Throw shufffles endlessly
Fiery Blorb Muffin Throw to extingust fire, then Muffin Thrown or jump on it. shuffles endlessly and shoots fireballs
Purple Fiery Blorb Muffin Throw twice to extingust purple fire, then Muffin Throw or jump on it. shuffles endlessly and shoots purple fireballs
Icy Blorb Wait for enemy to be free of ice, then jump on it. Or use Muffin Throw twice. shuffles endlessly, shoots iceballs and covers itself in ice very five seconds
Spring-ing Jump on it to stop it from bouncing, then use Muffin Throw or jump on it. jumps endlessly
Spring-Ding Jump on it to stop it from bouncing, the use Muffing Throw or jump on it. jumps endlessly towards player
Spring-WIng jump on it twice, or use Muffin Throw twice. flys at player, alike the Angry Sun from SMB3
More to come!


The game features four worlds as well as a introduction world for training. Each world features a different amount of levels, here is a list of them:

Level Name
Intro-1 The adventure begins
Intro-2 Training
Grassy Meadows-1 The adventure truely begins
Grassy Meadows-2 The sky is for ponies!
Grassy Meadows-3 Gloomy Underground Caves
Grassy Meadows-4 (boss) Mega Blorb's Lair
Ancient Pyramids-1 Dusty Deserts
Ancient Pyramids-2 Windy Deserts aren't good for wings
Ancient Pyramids-3 Pony vs. Camel
Ancient Pyramids-4 Infilrating the Pyramid
Ancient Pyramids-5 (boss) Trispike's Old Castle
Snowy Snowcaps-1 Snow, Snow, Snow!
Snow Snowcaps-2 Ice to meet you!
Snow Snowcaps-3 It's getting colder
Snow Snowcaps-4 (boss) Cirno's Baka Boss Battle
Dark Hills-1 Evil is upon us
Dark Hills-2 Indigo and Dark Purple Hills
Dark Hills-3 (miniboss) SPOILERS (name will come soon)
Dark Hills-4 Tar is ikky and sticky
Dark Hills-5 Coming to the Castle
Dark Hills-6 (Final boss) The final battle (Dark Purple Fire Malus' Keep)


This game was made by LuckyEmile, however not all rights go to them. 

Derpy Hooves (both forms) is created by Hasbro, and given her name by My Little Pony's fans. Rainbow Dash and Queen ... also belongs to Hasbro.

Cirno belongs to ZUN / Team Shangi Alice. The idea of Cirno being a pony is probably from the maker of "Touhorse".

All the other characters and enemies belong to LuckyEmile, and are designed by said person. However, they only belong to them and some are based of existing video game enemies. Therefore, there is no copyright on them, and could be free-to-use, but it would be nice to give credit. (smiles)

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