Basic art by SkyboundScratchkat (tbc)
Full Name Lucky Veridian
Current Age 21 (as of Fantendo - 100 Floors)
Gender Male
Species Feline
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Erebokinesis
Vulnerable To Fire
Height 5"7
Sexuality Homosexual
First Appearance  ??? (2017)

Lucky, formally known as Lucky Veridian, is a green-colored anthropomorphic feline who lives in the Autumnal Grove, a forest located on an island off the coast of Scotland. Currently living with his friend Karis and Karis' sister, Sytha, he just wants to live an average life: however, this is hard for him, considering that he suffers under a strange curse that gave him erebokinetic powers, as well as a bout of bad luck.


Taking into consideration his suffering under the darkness curse, a parentless background, and a general anxiety about danger due to the curse, it's not surprising to find out that Lucky is a natural cynic, a relentless pessimist. Because of all the bad things that have happened to him, he has a hard time acting positive, though he has had happy moments (mostly correlated to Karis). He's also typically jumpy and doesn't have very strong social skills, often sweating or speaking with a stutter around strangers. Overall, Lucky is a bit of a wreck, but his friends are there to help him get through every day.



Lucky was born to an unknown family who lived in Autumnal Grove, but he did not know them for long. Lucky hardly remembers what they are like, or even their names, because, at a young age, he escaped an invasion of an unknown cult of sorcerers who broke into their home. Lucky escaped alive and unharmed physically, but one of the sorcerers supposedly inflicted him with a curse of strange proportions. This curse gave Lucky the power to control shadows with his palms at will, but it also seemingly brought bad luck upon him. This luck has remained with him all of his life. A third side effect that is often not discussed in-universe is the removal of memories before the curse: the creator of Lucky has stated that the curse is the reason why he can't remember his parents or his early childhood.

Following his escape, Lucky was alone in the forest until he ran into another young feline named Karis. After finding that, Karis brought Lucky to his home, where his parents took him in for sometime. During this time, Lucky attempted many times to gain control of his powers, but he failed to get a grasp of it. Eventually, Lucky and Karis moved into the home of Karis's old sister Sytha, where they currently live. It is at this point that the events of PROJECT SHADOWPLAY occurred.

Creation History

Origin (2015)

Lucky originally appeared as a character in a failed TRICK rip-off, known as Shadowplay, made by the creator of his character. His personality wasn't different then, though he was notably much more of a scaredy-cat, and less of a depressing kind of dude. After Shadowplay failed to continue after the first chapter, mostly due to criticism and lack of interest, the character of Lucky faded for some time.


Several months after his first appearance, Lucky was planned to return in the now-cancelled umbrella game Sunrise as a default character, and a major character in the game's story. It was unknown what his role was, but it is known that he played as a lightweight with his erebokinetic powers. Unfortunately, the game was cancelled, and Lucky faded away once more.

Introduction to the Fantendoverse

After not having a real appearance for almost a whole year, Lucky's canonical introduction to the New Fantendoverse began in Fantendo - 100 Floors, where he plays a major part in the game's story, not unlike Cura's role in Fantendo Sports Resort. In the story, he plays a minor protagonistic role, befriending Unten for some time, and being one of many characters traveling to get out of the mansion.

Lucky is set to star in an unknown project being released in 2017 alongside Karis: not much is known about it as of now, but it's codename–PROJECT SHADOWPLAY–implies that some elements of Lucky's pitiful origin may be coming into play in this new story/game.

Powers & Abilities




Lucky and Karis have been practically inseparable ever since they first encountered each-other as children: some outsiders assumed the two were family at times. Karis has grown to understand Lucky's anxieties and pessimistic tendencies over time, and takes good care of his friend, often acting as his emotional support. Lucky, on the other hand, doesn't care about anyone else like he does about Karis, and appreciates that he has continued to support him his entire life.

Lucky slowly developed romantic interest in Karis as he got older, though he has a hard time accepting these feelings, because he has already convinced himself that being in a relationship with Karis would be detrimental to his friend. As such, he keeps this crush on the down low, though he confides his feelings in Karis's sister, Sytha.


Despite not being nearly as close as Karis is to Lucky, he has grown to become comfortable around Sytha as he grew older and, eventually, moved into her home with Karis. She treats Lucky the same way she treats Karis–as a little brother–and, as a result, she's formulated a familial bond with him. He often goes to her for advice, and often confides in her how he feels about Karis, because, according to her, "she knew Lucky had a crush on him before he did".


  • The name Lucky originally came from one of Shadowplay Lucky's old personality traits, as he was formally and ironically an unlucky character. While this trait no longer existed with his character, the name stuck.
    • The trait was brought back to the character in June 2016.
    • Lucky was also the name of a real-life kitten that the creator helped take care of after it was injured in 2010, many years before Lucky's character came to be; the kitten, sadly, died due to it's injuries after about two weeks.
  • It is implied that Lucky suffers from social anxiety disorder, as well as depression, though neither of these are outright stated in any of his appearances.


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