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Basic art by SkyboundScratchkat (tbc)
Full Name Lucky Veridian
Current Age 17
Gender Male
Species Cat/Feline
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Erebokinesis, wall clinging
Vulnerable To Fire
Height 5"7
Sexuality Homosexual
First Appearance Lucky Charm (2016 story) (2016)
Latest Appearance Lucky Charm (2016)

Lucky, formally Lucky Veridian, is a pessimistic anthropomorphic feline, and the main character of Lucky Charm, as well as Fuzzball Production's most major character. Cursed as a child by a dark mage, it gave Lucky the powers to control shadows: however, as a drawback, it also made him so that he can be controlled by other dark forces, making him vulnerable to even the lowliest of enemies, and, as such, he must fight very carefully or else disaster will strike.

In Lucky Charm, Lucky finally makes a decision to go and lift the curse by defeating the dark mage that inflicted it on him so long ago, after the mage begins terrorizing the country that Lucky lives in: however, when the curse is lifted and he loses his powers, he is forced to face a new dark threat by teaming up with the dark mage and fighting together, and he must regain the dark powers to take down the new threat.


Lucky is generally pessimistic and quiet: he doesn't think extremely highly of himself, nor does he think he is capable of many things. On the other hand, he treats others with respect and puts other people above him. While his personality changes by the end of Lucky Charm for the better, he still doesn't view himself as very powerful or important.



Lucky originally appeared as a character in a failed TRICK rip-off by his creator, known as Shadowplay at the time. His personality wasn't different then, though he was notably much more of a scaredy-cat then formally. After Shadowplay failed, however, Lucky's character faded with the series.


In Sunrise, Lucky was planned to return as a default character, and a major character in the game's story. It was unknown what his role was, but it is known that he played as a lightweight with his erebokinetic powers. Unfortunately, the game was cancelled, and Lucky's character faded temporarily once more.

Lucky Charm

Lucky is set to appear/officially debut in the 2016 story, Lucky Charm.

Fantendo - Mansion

Lucky's canonical introduction to the New Fantendoverse began in Fantendo - Mansion, where he plays a major part in the game's story, not unlike Cura's role in Fantendo Sports Resort. He is a default character.

Powers & Abilities




Lucky takes a large amount of care towards Karis, and highly appreciates his efforts to attempt to cheer him up, though he doesn't tend to show it. The two are close friends, having been friends since around the time Lucky was cursed.

However, Lucky has some unresolved feelings towards Karis, as, in Lucky Charm, it is revealed that Lucky has feelings towards Karis (who is blissfully unaware for a good chunk of the game): however, even after being cheered on by Shudi, he seems okay with not telling him until a later date, if ever.


Shudi, though having almost no relation to Lucky blood-wise, treats him like a younger brother. Despite not knowing of the anxiety and even depression that he goes through, Shudi often ends up being the one person Lucky can talk to about anything. The two have a very strong platonic relationship and stick up for each-other.


Lucky is initially extremely untrusting of Felix, and is desperate to lift his curse by defeating him. However, when he finds out the truth about the darkness powers and what they hold within them, as well as Felix's past, a different emotion rises towards him; pity. The two later end up making a strong pairing combat-wise, being able to combine both of their powers to take on even the most powerful dark forces.


The two get along relatively well, especially because the two face their own present and past hardships that they can relate to one another's. Unten is also good at making sure Lucky isn't such a scaredy-cat.

Leah Needlenam

Leah is relatively a jerk towards Lucky, making fun of him and is particular unlucky nature, not to mention laughing whenever he hurts himself or does something stupid.


  • The name Lucky originally came from one of Shadowplay Lucky's old personality traits, as he was formally and ironically an unlucky character. While this trait no longer existed with his character, the name stuck.
    • The trait was brought back to the character in June 2016.
    • Lucky was also the name of a real-life kitten that the creator helped take care of after it was injured in 2010, many years before Lucky's character came to be; the kitten, sadly, died due to it's injuries after about two weeks.


A ton of users did art for Lucky for a community draw here! Check it out! All other outside art is posted below.

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