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Lucina (SSB. Amplified)
Universe Fire Emblem
Official Debut Fire Emblem Awakening (2013)
Availability Unlockable
Final Smash Naga's Blessing
Lucina is a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. Amplified from the Fire Emblem series. She debuted in Fire Emblem: Awakening, like Robin and Chrom. Chrom is a character swap for Lucina in this installment of Smash.


Unlike Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS, Lucina is no longer a clone due to the implementation of the Great Lord class in her moveset.

Special Moves
Neutral Special Javelin Toss Tosses a javelin. Longer the hold, the longer the distance throw.
Side Special Lunging Assault Dashes at the foe similar to how Chrom does on the NA cover of Fire Emblem Awakening
Up Special Arc Slash Jumps up spinning and lands it with an overhead slash.
Down Special Iai Counter Readies a counter. The counterattack slashes upward.
Final Smash Naga's Blessing
Custom Special Moves 1
Neutral Special
Side Special
Up Special
Down Special
Custom Special Moves 2
Neutral Special
Side Special
Up Special
Down Special

Ground Attacks:


Side Tilt:

Up Tilt:

Down Tilt:

Side Smash:

Up Smash:

Down Smash:

Dash Attack:

Get Up (On Back):

Get Up (On Face):

Get Up (Trip):

Air Attacks:


Forward Air:

Back Air:

Down Air:

Up Air:









Wall Jump/Cling:


Standing Still:


Idle 2:

Special Animations:

Up Taunt:

Side Taunt:

Down Taunt:

Victory Animation:

Victory Animation 2:

Victory Animation 3:

Special Team Victory (Robin/Lucina):

Special Team Victory (Robin/Chrom):

Special Team Victory (Lucina/Chrom):

Special Team Victory (Corrin/Chrom):

Special Team Victory (Marth/Lucina):

Special Team Victory (Marth/Chrom):

Trophy info


Lucina, princess of Ylisse and daughter of Chrom. Lucina travels into past to change her grim future she hails from. Intially going by the name of "Marth" to hide her identity, she fights alongside of father and Robin to save the world. She no longer fights like the identity she once used and is her own person in Smash. Her father is also playable here, too! I also hear she's not the greatest person to joke with.

Lucina (Alt):

Lucina's Lunging Assault works as a mixture of Ike side and Marth's neutral specials. The lunge hits once, but has some horizontal recovery. Javelin Toss is a projectile with some power. Watch out for deflecting moves. Arc Slash is rolling jump ment for a diagonal recovery so watch where Lucina's facing. Iai Counter sends Lucina forward and the opponent back. Be sure not abuse this.

Naga's Blessing:

With Naga's blessing, Lucina's (or Chrom's) Falchion is powered up to deal extra damage for short amout of time. All sword based attacks are boosted with this blessing, so take advantage of this boost while you can. The sword will glow as a sign of the blessing's effect. This doesn't boost anything else, however.


Chrom, prince of Ylisse and father of Lucina. Chrom, alongside of Robin, commands of group of people called the Shepards to protect the kingdom of Ylisse. He very kind-hearted and trust-worthy. He is very trusting, to a fault. He fights exactly the same as Lucina, as his future self taught her the way he fights. He has a habit of breaking things while training. I'd hate to be a random object in his training area.

Alternate Costumes/Palettes

Default Blue Her Lord class outfit as appears in Fire Emblem Awakening
Palette Pink Lord class outfit is pink and purple; sports brown hair
Palette White Lord class outfit is white and yellow; sports pink hair
Palette Black Lord Class outfit is black purple; sports silver/white hair
Alt Red Cosplays as Jill from Radiant Dawn; Has blue hair
X-over Blue Takes the Hyrule Warriors design of Impa as Lucina's own.
Chrom ... See outfit table for Chrom
Default Blue His Lord class oufit as appears in Fire Emblem Awakening
Palette Black Lord Class outfit turned black; sports orange hair
Palette Green Lord Class outfit turned green; sports brown hair
Palette Brown Lord Class outfit turned brown; sports blonde hair
Alt Blue Chrom uses his Great Lord outfit.
X-over White Gets Takamaru's outfit as Chrom's own.

Special Attrib.

Phoenix Wright's "evidence" against Lucina and Chrom in Phoenix Wright's Final Smash are a random broken training dummy and Lucina's mask.

Kirby gains Lucina's mask regardless if Lucina or Chrom is fighting. Kirby gains Javelin Toss as a Copy Ability.

Lucina and Chrom's victory theme is remix of Duty (Ablaze) within 8 seconds.


  • Lucina is de-cloned for two reasons: The director wished to make clones more unique and making Chrom playable for Super Smash Bros.
  • Lucina's palette swaps are references to her possible mothers. The pink/purple palette references Sumia, white with yellow trims refer to Olivia, and black and purple outfit refers to the default female Robin.
  • Chrom's palette swaps are references to his fellow troops. The black palette refers to Gaius, while the green palette refers to Stahl, and brown palette vaguely resembles Vaike.

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