Lucas (USBIV)
The hero of his own series Mother 3.
Universe SSB EarthBound Series
Appearances in SSB Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Super Smash Bros. Wii U / 3DS

Avaiability Unlockable
Final Smash PK Starstorm
Tier S (1)

Lucas is an unlockable character in Ultra Smash Bros. IV and the protagonist of the Japanese game Mother 3. Lucas was confirmed before the launch release of USBIV five days earlier, including all the unlockable characters of this game except who were been chosen at the Famicom Smash Week. Similar to his own game, Mother 3, Lucas can perform psychokenesis, telekenesis and pyrokenesis like Ness, but with different moves such as PK Freeze, PK Fire, PK Thunder and PSI Magnet.

He's a semi-clone of Ness but unlike him, he has a further air mobility and his double jump goes less higher than Ness.

Lucas voicesclips was recorded by Janice Downes instead of Lani Minella in Smash 4 and Brawl. They changed the voices a bit like Ness for his custom moves.

According to the tier list, Lucas made his huge improvement since Smash 4 and especially since Brawl, to the 1st place of the 103th (S) after Captain Falcon, higher than his original counterpart, Ness, for his improved lagless landing options for better combo's and punishes, thanks to his z-airs, Rope Snake and his almost non-escapable combo abilities. This is a significant rise for Lucas now being considered as a top-tier character in the game, since he was a mid-tier in Smash 4, especially from Brawl when he was a mid-low tier at the very bottom.


Ground attacks

  • Jab: Three kicks.
  • F-tilt: Swings with his arm with magical attack.
  • Up-tilt: Tilts telekeneticaly with his foot upwards, sending it a magical attack upwards.
  • D-tilt: Crouches and spins with a forwarding kick.
  • Dash attack: Prepares first his PSI energy running and then gives a magical palm thrust to the opponent.
  • F-smash: Swings a stick in front of himself.
  • D-smash: Sends PSI energy to the ground three times making it pop.
  • Up-smash: Leaves an amount of PSI energy upwards.

Aerial Moves

  • N-air: Spins tourwards to us with PSI energy giving to the opponent multiply.
  • F-air: Kicks forward leaving a smal PSI energy forward.
  • D-air: Stomps multiply downwards leaving small PSI energy particles downwards.
  • B-air: Makes a backward summersault leaving PSI energy behind.

Grabs & throws

  • Grabs opponents with Duster's Rope Snake. Works also aerial.
  • Pummel: Headbutts opponents.
  • F-throw: Launches the opponents forward releasing them off the Rope Snake.
  • D-throw: Traps the opponent buried releasing them off the Rope Snake.
  • B-throw: Launches the opponents backwards releasing them off the Rope Snake.
  • U-throw: Launches the opponents upwards releasing them off the Rope Snake.

Special Moves

Name Special Move Percentage Description
Neutral Special
PK Freeze Default
Condensed PK Freeze C1
PK Flash C2
Active PK Freeze C3
Side Special
PK Fire Default
PK Roast C1
PK Explosion C2
PK Ground C3
Down Special
PSI Magnet Default
PSI Counter C1
Centered PSI Magnet C2
Offense Up Charge C3
Up Special
PK Thunder Default
Ballistic PK Thunder C1
Striking PK Thunder C2
Shocking PK Thunder C3
Final Smash
PK Starstorm


  • Luca's PK Starstorm, his Final Smash, is colored in purple stars, different to Ness' blue stars.