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Lucario and the Golden Hand is the upcoming sequel to Lucario and the Five Thieves. It will be released for the Wii U in 2016.


Long ago, there was a war in the Aurea region that put good Pokémon VS bad ones. A single Pokémon, fabled to be Victini, the victory Pokemon, managed to drive away both sides, but, due to all of the power it used in driving both away, turned into a statue. Pokemon all over the Aurea region rejoice for this one Pokemon's bravery and sacrifice once every ten years in the form of the Victory Festival. That time has come for the festival to start, but someone is out for the hero...

The game starts with both Lucario and Riolu training their Aura powers in the same meadow Lucario did in the previous game, when they finally finish, and go up to the town to come to the now-starting Victory Festival. After they meet up with Servine and Hawla, they reach the town and look around the town, decorated with red and orange to celebrate the legendary hero that brought apart the two sides of good and evil. After walking around, they finally reach the statue of the legendary hero. They walk over, only to find a mysterious masked person examining the statue. The Pokémon introduces himself as Dusclops who had traveled all the way from another region to come to the festival. However, he unmasks himself, and shoots a beam at the statue, causing it to quiver and gain color, and finally, come to life!

Victini, now unsealed from the fate he suffered centuries ago, realizes what is happening, and recognizes Dusclops. He flies away, and Lucario fights Dusclops 1-on-1, with Riolu and co cheering him on. After defeating Dusclops, the mysterious Pokemon disappears suddenly. With the festival in chaos, the four decide on one thing; they need to find Victini and set things straight. They run off back to the meadow Riolu and Lucario trained at, and they eventually find the frightened little guy, being cornered by two Pokémon, known later as Aegislash and Cacturne, attempting to attack Victini. After defeating them, Victini, thinking they are more enemies, flies off into the forest, with the four heroes in tow.

With Victini in pursue, the four heroes run into Sycamore Woods, and they eventually stop to catch their breath. After hearing about the legend, Riolu goes off to find some fruit to eat so they can get some energy to find Victini. While he is looking, he hears a battle going on, and is shocked to see that it is Victini, fighting a mysterious Zoroark. The Zoroark grabs onto Victini, and is about to teleport away when Riolu blasts an Aura Sphere at her, making her drop Victini. She notices him, and she attempts to attack both of them, but Lucario and co intervene, and, with that, she summons four Beedrill to attack the group. Victini finally decides to help his rescuers by activating the Victory Bar, which he explains, and which helps the group defeat the Beedrill. Victini finally decides to stick around with the group who saved him-twice.

Victini decides to explain what had happened before he was petrified. Long ago, a group called the Shadow Tribe had attacked Aurea, and had started a war that was to destroy the region. Victini stepped up to stop both sides from destroying the region, but used so much power that he turned to stone. He mentioned how the Pokemon he was attacked by looked very familiar to a Pokemon he saw centuries ago. He explains that the tribe has been reborn, calling themselves the Shadow Knights, and that he must've been awakened so that the knights can harvest his power. The group agrees to protect Victini from the Knights.

As the group finally start to exit the woods, they notice a Pokemon fighting a large Knight named Magmortar. The Pokemon falls, and Servine steps up to fight it despite the disadvantage. Nevertheless, Servine wins with her speed and strategy and the Magmortar decides to retreat. The other Pokemon introduces herself as Monferno, and she explains she is a member of the resistance. She explains that, after the rebirth of the knights, a group of Pokemon decided to go up against it, and that she was a member. She, however, realizes that she would do much better with the group, and she joins.

The group decides to travel to Skinteeth Plateau, where they think they could be safe from the Knights. However, right away, they find Drapion another member of the Shadow Knights, terrorizing some citizens. Monferno attempts to intervene, but he shoots his stinger, which hits and badly poisons her. The group escapes and manage to heal Monferno at the Hot Springs, where they talk too the elder, Torkoal. He explains how the Knights are trying to find the power to destroy Aurea, which turns out to be Victini's power, which has limitless amounts of power. They decide that they need to drive the knights away from the Plateau. After defeating a group if minion Skorupis, they head toward Cindar Mountain, where they eventually find Drapion, who attacks once more.

After a tough fight, Drapion teleports away, but not before leaving Toxic Spikes behind on the ground as traps. After safely trekking away from the mountain, they retreat to the forest, only to find that the Zoroark is there once more. She introduces herself as Devia, the leader of the Shadow Knights. She attempts to attack Victini, but Lucario reveals his Lucarionite, and he Mega Evolves to fight Devia. Before she can faint, she teleports away, making the group safe... For now.

After retreating in the forest, the group decides to head off to another familiar area: Conch Cove. Upon arriving, they find already the area is being terrorized, this time by a bug Pokemon, Yanmega. Servine and Monferno take it on while the others go off to find some others. However, the boys are cornered by a group of Scraggy and a Scrafty. Right before they can attack, however, several are defeated by oncoming scalchops. The thrower reveals himself as Dewott, another member of the resistance. After they defeat the horde, Dewott introduces himself, and explains he joined the resistance after his father, Samurott, was captured by the Knights, and he saw that his father, now possessed, is here. The group decides to find Samurott with the help of Dewott.

After looking around a bit, they eventually find a group of Inkay and their leader, a Malamar. They attempt to attack, but Riolu is caught in the Malamar's gaze, and his possessed. Not wanting to hurt Riolu, Lucario attacks the Malamar, and gets Riolu out of possession. Servine and Monferno come to aid the group, and they defeat the hypnotist. Finally, Malamar reveals Samurott, under Malamar's control. Dewott fights it, and Malamar releases it's possession after the fight. Samurott finally comes to, and Dewott thanks the group for their help. He offers to join the group, to which they accept.

That night, the group retreats to the forest once more. Tired from the efforts of the day, the group settles into sleep. Hawla and Servine wake up and spend some time together without any interruption. While this is happening, Lucario starts to have an odd dream of a strange shadowy figure attacking Servine and Hawla. After waking with a start, he notices the two in a tree. However, after a few minutes, the two are attacked by... A shadowy figure! Lucario attempts to intervene, but the figure, revealed to be Cacturne, traps Servine. Hawla attacks him, which makes him lose his grasp and Servine. Cacturne kicks Servine off the tree, captures Hawla, and teleports away.

By this time, the whole group have waken up after Cacturne disappeared with Hawla. Servine's arm appears to be broken, but she denies it, saying that she needs to find where "that cactus guy" took Hawla. While they try to figure out where they took him, Dewott remembers that he went to the headquarters, located somewhere in the Forest. Dewott takes them to that area, and encounter a member of the Knights, Scrafty. After fighting him, they attempt to enter via an odd tree trunk, but it won't open. So, they look for an alternate entrance.

After looking for another entrance, they find a cave, and after trekking through it, they manage to enter the headquarters. However, they walk right in the training room, with Magmortar and Aegislash are training lowly minions. Noticing the group entered, they attack the group, but the heroes triumph. The two (and the minions) run off to warn Devia about their entrance, while the others go off to find Hawla.

While looking for them, they find a room where a bug named Heracross is being hypnotized by Malamar. Halfway through, they attack Malamar, who fights against the group. After defeating him, they rescue Heracross and his two friends, Pinsir and Scyther. Heracross tells them that he saw Cacturne heading down to the top of the headquarters with Hawla, and so he guides them to the top.

After climbing to the top and defeating some minions, they finally find Cacturne and Devia, who are keeping hold of Hawla. They notice the group, and, after subduing Hawla, set on them the "Secret Weapon". This secret weapon turns out to be a shiny Metagross, which proves a formidable enemy for the group. However, they manage to defeat it, and rescue Hawla.

To be continued

Character Cast

Main Characters

Image Name Class Description
448Lucario Lucario Aura The 16 year-old protagonist of the series. He has mastered the powers of Aura, and can Mega Evolve. He never lets anyone hurt his friends or brother. Throughout the game, he experiences dreams that turn out to be real-life events, a power known as Parallel Truth.
496Servine Servine Natura A speedy girl and one of Lucario's best friends. She is very smart with Nature and is one of the fastest runners in Aurea. She is currently a "sort-of couple" with Hawla.
701Hawlucha Hawla Aura The snarky and funny best friend of Lucario. He has an odd power of Aura in him, and as such can use Aura-related powers. He is currently a "sort-of couple" with Servine.
447Riolu Riolu Aura Lucario's younger brother. He is training in the powers of Aura with his brother, and he forms a strong bond with Victini in the story. His powers are very similar to his brother's.
494Victini Victini N/A The hero who was petrified after stopping a war from happening. After becoming alive after centuries of being a statue, he is out to help his new friends stop the Shadow Knights from destroying Aurea.

Party Members

Image Name Class Description
391Monferno Monferno Charia A feisty fighter who is part of the Light Resistance. She lives in Skinteeth Plateau, and enjoys the hot springs there. She and Servine form a strong bond over the course of the game.
502Dewott Dewott Aquis A speedy swimmer who lives in Conch Cove. He wants to get back at the Shadow Knights after they get his father to join them.
214Heracross Heracross Natura A captive of the Shadow Knights who wants to save his best friends from capture. His horn is a sharp as a sword. He can Mega Evolve like Lucario.
570Zorua Zorua Mystique A mysterious little girl who revealed herself as the abandoned sister of Devia. She wishes to drive her sister away from the darkness.
428Lopunny Lopunny Aura An Aura-induced girl living in the Earth Temple. She instantly tries to flirt with Lucario, with failing results. She can Mega Evolve like Lucario and Heracross.
Male-female-meowstic Mow and Meow Psynera The twins from the last game are back! They return to Aurea Town and find Lucario and Co during their visit, and they decide to join once more.
235Smeargle Smeargle Varies An aspiring artist who wants to fight against the Shadow Knights. His attacks entirely depend on who he fights.
475Gallade Galva Aura Another Aura-induced fighter from the peaks of Mt. Neverest. He, like Lopunny, Heracross, and Lucario, can Mega Evolve, and her arms are like blades.


Image Name Class Description
571Zoroark Devia Aura A devilish Zoroark and the true leader of the Shadow Knights. She wants to destroy Aurea and remake it into her own base with her army. She can take on the appearance of any she wants.
681Aegislash Shield Forme Dream Aegislash Metallis A sword-wielding fighter and Devia's second in command. His attacks are extremely

powerful and can do some damage to the body.

332Cacturne Cacturne Natura An admin of the Shadow Knights. He tends to capture and attack Pokemon when they are alone, as demonstrated throughout the game.
560Scrafty Scrafty Aura A powerful admin of the Knights. He is always followed by a group of Scraggies that do his bidding.
ShinyMegaMetagross Metagross Metallis A shiny "secret weapon" of Devia's. He Mega Evolves in the second battle between it and Lucario.
687Malamar Malamar Psynera An admin of the Shadow Knights. He has a special job of hypnotizing captives to have them join the Knights.
Magmortar Magmortar Charia An army leader of the Knights. His arms are like cannons, and they can shoot large fireballs at high speeds.
452Drapion Drapion Natura An army leader of the Knights. His stinger can be fired and can cause severe poisoning from contact.
Yanmega Yanmega Natura A member of the knights. He is tasked with capturing hard-to-catch Pokemon to hypnotize, especially when Cacturne can't reach them.
8322.darkrai Darkrai Aura A powerful entity and the true master of the Shadow Knights. He threatens to kill Devia's family if she doesn't do what he asks.


  • Hypno was originally going to be the hypnotist of the Shadow Knights, but the produced though it was "too cliche", so Malamar was used instead.

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