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Here is the dialogue in each chapter of Lucario and the Five Thieves


Narration: 500 years ago, there was an mystical sword, named the Aurea Blade. The blade was fabled to have evil spirits inside its stone on the handle, and that if the blade broke, the spirits would be released to cause untold amount of havoc on Earth. The blade was broken into several shards by an evil ruler, wanting the spirits for its own. A legendary hero, known to use the mysterious Aura power, teamed up with four other heroes to defeat this ruler and seal the monsters back inside. Their actions succeeded, and the blade was preserved by many after this catastrophic event. To this day, it is still preserved in the Temple of Aura. However, things are about to change... ~fades to black~

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Invasion

~shows a meadow with Lucario standing on one foot on a tall rock~

Lucario: (thinking) Alright... Just focus and you'll be fine...

???: Lucario! Come quick!

~Riolu, Lucario's younger brother, comes running onto the meadow.~

Riolu: Lucario, there are people invading the town!

Lucario: What?! Let's go!

~the two run over to the town, and find five ninjas attacking the citizens~

???: (Greninja) Alright, back away nice and slow! This stuff costs a lot!

Lucario: Hold it!

~the ninjas turn around~

???: (Greninja) Oh, look. Another weakling to take on.

Lucario: You better not mess with my town!

???: Fine, we'll just do it the hard way. Grovyle! Toxicroak! Hold this stuff for me!

~the ninja throws his bag to the others~

Lucario: Alright, it's your funeral.

~the two run at each other~


Riolu: Hey, Lucario! I know your a pro, but do you need me to explain the ups and downs of fighting?


Riolu: Ok then. Each fighter gets to use five moves: two projectile moves, two physical moves, and a special move. You only know one of each though... So we shouldn't focus on that.

Each fighter also has a "class". Class effects the stats of each fighter. In this case, you are a Aura class, Lucario. That guy over there is a Ninjia class. Ninjia classes are REALLY fast, but they don't have very good defenses. Aura classes don't have any upsides nor downsides.

That's all you really need to know. I'll leave this to you!


Riolu: Oh. Okey-dokey then. I'll leave this to you then!

Greninja: Shut up, blabby! I'll shuriken you too!


Lucario: Satisfied, yet?

Greninja: ~pant~, ~pant~. Well, that was a mouthful. Grovyle, toss me that bag!

~Grovyle tosses the bag of loot to Greninja~

Greninja: You can't say no to this! ~holds up a sword~

All citizens: WHAT!?

Riolu: Lucario, that's not-

Lucario: That is, Riolu. Unhand that sword, thief! That's the mystical Aurea Blade! You don't want to hold that!

Greninja: What? It's just some lousy pricey sword- big deal! I'll make millions by the minutes!

Lucario: No, unhand that!

~Lucario fires an Aura Sphere at Greninja. He tries to block it with the sword~

Lucario: No!! What did you do!?

Greninja: What did I d- YAHHHHH!

~the sword starts shaking his hand! releasing dozens of dark clouds in the air~

Lucario: Riolu, cover your mouth! Don't breath the fumes!

~the clouds envelop the ninjas~

???: Hehehe...

~the smoke clears, with the ninjas now possessed.~

Greninja: Well, that was some nice smoke!

Lucario: EXCUSE me?

Greninja: I'm feeling a bit- stronger! Why don't we fight again!

Lucario: (a bit baffled) Uh...

Greninja: That's a yes.

~Greninja shoots a large projectile at Lucario, sending him flying~

Lucario: OOOF!

Riolu: Lucario!

~Greninja walks up to the slowly blacking out Lucario~

Greninja: I'll take care of you later. Accelgor, take the shards of the blade and take them wherever he won't find them.


~Lucario then blacks out~

~The logo then flashes on screen~

~screen that flashes back onto a meadow, with Lucario still unconscious.~

Lucario: .........Urgh...

~Lucario wakes up~

Lucario: (thinking) What just happened...? The village...attacked...the Aurea Blade...

~Lucario then stands up very quickly~

Lucario: (thinking) The blade! It broke, the shards were scattered around... The thieves were possessed...and Riolu...he ran...

~Lucario then looks around~

Lucario: (thinking) Where am I, anyway? It's not the same meadow from before... This is probably Sycamore...

~Lucario then sighs~

Lucario: Well, I better go back to town an-

???: That's not a good idea.

~a Servine comes out of the forest~

Lucario: Who-who are you?

???: Who are you? I haven't seen you around here.

Lucario: Well, practically nobody comes to Sycamore Woods... Except you, probably.

???: Go here? Dude, I LIVE here. Going here is part of my daily life. And you really shouldn't go back to Aurea Town.

Lucario: Well, being that I was there before I blacked out... Wait, what happened?

???: Well, the details are bleak, but...

~she goes into a thinking position~

???: ...some ninjas came...stole some stuff, like that mythical blade of yours...some guy tried to defeat him...succeeded, but the ninjas were possessed...they defeated the guy...then they started taking over the village and they yelled something about it under "new ruling".

Lucario: ......well, two things. One, I'm "that guy" who stood up to the ninjas, and you have it right: I defeated them, they were possessed, and they knocked me out, right off the bat. Two, "new ruling"? What does that mean?

???: No idea. Maybe the leader is trying to become the "new ruler" of the town. But you shouldn't go back. They would recognize you and do the whole thing over again....but you didn't answer my question: who are you?

Lucario: Uh, you talk too much. My name is Lucario, I'm fifteen, and I have a brother back at home who needs me!

???: Ouch. That must not be fun. I'm Servine. I'm also fifteen, no family. Just myself and the others in the forest.

Lucario: Others? There are more people I'm this forest?

Servine: Well, duh. Ya think I'm the only one in this behemoth forest?

Lucario: Good point. (Remembers about the shards) Hey, Servine, by any chance have you seen any shards of the Aurea Blade?

Servine: Sorry, no. I would've seen something. I've got sharp eyes.

???: YOU!

~Servine and Lucario turn around. A Pokemon is seen coming out of the forest.~

???: You're the one who attacked me earlier! This doesn't go unnoticed!

~he shoots Bullet Seeds at Servine, which hurt her~

Servine: Ow!

~the Pokemon goes back into the forest.~

Servine: ...well, THAT was abrupt.

Lucario: I have no idea what that was, but I think we should chase after him.

Servine: Well... Ok, but are you sure we should go after them?

Lucario: Do I look unsure to you?

Servine: Um, no. Fine, I'll go, but ONLY if I get to do some fighting.

Lucario: Fighting? What do you know about that?

Servine: You shouldn't question my skills. You barely know me.

Lucario: ~sigh~, fine! let's go.

Note!: Servine, the spunky fighter girl, joined your party!


Servine: Hey!

~the Pokemon turns around~

???: You again! Are you ready for some more?

Lucario: Sorry, but we are full. You look hungry though.

???: Alright, punk, let's see what you got!

~the Pokemon charges at them~


???: Oof...

Servine: Uh, sir? Are you ok?

???: Wait a second... You aren't that punk who attacked me...

Lucario: You were attacked? By who?

???: Some fast green kid who threw some knives made of leaves at me... You looked like him from afar... I'm sorry...

Servine: Oh, I'm sorry, as well!

???: No, it's not your fault. My name is Shiftry, by the way.

Lucario: Shiftry, sir, where did this ninja go?

Shiftry: He went that way, off to the waterfall.

Servine: Thank you, sir. We'd better go, Lucario!

Lucario: Right behind you! Good-bye, sir!

~the two run off~

Shiftry: (to himself) He-he...those rascals...


~Servine and Lucario run up to the falls. Grovyle is seen burying something~

Lucario: Hold it!

~Grovyle turns around, smirking~

Grovyle: You!? How'd you- argh, I told him to make sure you were dead!

Servine: (to herself) What?

Grovyle: No matter... I took care of oldy back there... Guess I'll have to take care of you two as well! Kai!

~battle commences~


Grovyle: O-Oof...

Lucario: Well, that takes care of you.

Grovyle: This isn't the last you'll see of me! We'll meet again!


Servine: Wow, I'm impressed! You're good!

Lucario: IM good? What about you? Your amazing!

Servine: Eh, I'm not that gre-hey, wait a minute... What's that?

~she notices a wedge in the ground~

Lucario: That's probably what he was burying... What is it, though?

~he uncovers it~

Lucario: Whoa! It's a blade shard!

Servine: No way!

Lucario: He must've been trying to hide it. Wait a minute- if he's hiding a shard, there must be the others with MORE shards! But where would they be...?

Servine: How about Skinteeth Plateau?

Lucario: Skinteeth Plateau? Isn't that place, like, super dangerous?

Servine: Yep. And it's the PERFECT place to hide treasure... And the perfect place for ninjas to hide.

Lucario: Perfect! Let's go!

Servine: "Let's"? You mean- you want me to tag along?

Lucario: Oh, other than the fact that you have sharp eyes, your fast, AND your a formidable fighter, why would I bring you along?

Servine: Haha. Alright, I'm coming.

Lucario: Perfect. Let's go.

Narration: And so, Lucario and Servine started their trek across the Aurea region to forge the Aurea Blade. Skinteeth Plateau is a dangerous land, with geysers and powerful foes. What will lie ahead of the dangerous mountains?


Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

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