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Lucario and the Five Thieves
Developer(s) Thunderous Productions
Publisher(s) TKThunderMedia:Example.ogg
Genre(s) RPG/Battle
The aura is with them.

Lucario and the Five Thieves is an upcoming Pokemon spin-off for the Wii U, and the first game in the Lucario series. It revolves around Lucario, a training warrior who must recover the 8 shards of the mystical Aurea Blade to restore peace to the region Aurea.


500 years prior to the events of this game, an unnamed villain unleashed the Forces of Darkness from the Aurea Blade, snapping the blade in the process. A group of five legendary heroes go to forge the blade and defeat the villain. The leader of the group could use the Aura power fluently. The group forged the blade, sealed the monsters back inside, and sealed the villain inside a stone on the blade. The blade was preserved by many to keep the Forces inside. 500 years later, though, the Forces shall be released once more, and only the ancestors of the five heroes could vanquish them.

Lucario, a young warrior training in the powers of Aura, comes home to his land of Aurea to find five unnamed ninjas terrorizing the citizens. After defeating the ninjas, they reveal the blade they stole from the temple, not knowing it was the Aurea Blade. Before Lucario and the others could still them, they grasp the blade, and the Forces of Darkness are released. The ninjas try to run off, but are possessed by the Forces, and they attack Lucario once more. This time, however, their power is too great, and Lucario blacks out.

Lucario awakens in the Sycamore Meadow while a young Servine watches over him. She introduces herself and reveals she found out about the Forces' release and was going off to see what was going on. Before she could finish, however, she is attacked by a Shiftry. The Shiftry runs off into the woods, and the two go off. After exploring the woods and fighting off other Pokemon, they reach the core of the woods, and fight Shiftry, who then says he mistook her for one of the possessed ninjas , and runs off. The two then decide to travel around Aurea to find the five pieces of the blade to stop the Forces.

The two come to the falls, and are confronted by the ninja who attacked Shiftry, revealing himself to be Grovyle. Grovyle fights the two, and after his defeat, he mysteriously disappears. However, Servine notices a glint in the ground. She uncovers it, revealed to be a shard of the Aurea Blade. They pack it, and they set off for Skinteeth Plateau.

End of Chapter 1

Lucario and Servine finally make it to the Skinteeth Plateau, a plateau known for its large water geysers. After trekking around the plateau, they come across a large mountain. However, the mountain is closed due to avalanches. While searching for clues on the whereabouts of the ninjas, the two come across a stubborn Hawlucha, who right away challenges them to a battle. Mid-battle, however, Lucario realizes he uses the Aura power. The Hawlucha, named Hawla, explains how he doesn't know too much about the powers and that he was born with it. Before he can explain more, however, a group of Ursaring, who witness the powers of Hawla, attack the group, and capture Hawla, and they run up the mountain. Servine and Lucario run after them.

After trekking the treacherous mountains, with the dangers of strong Pokemon, falling rocks, and lava spouts, they finally meet up with the Ursaring, who were in reality possessed by a Force of Darkness. The Force flies off, and goes even deeper in the mountain. Hawla joins the group and the three go off to destroy the Force.

The Force eventually flies off to its original owner: revealed to be Toxicroak, another ninja from the group. After attacking Servine, rendering her paralyzed, Lucario and Hawla fight and defeat the Toxicroak, who then runs off, but not before he drops the second blade shard. After Servine recovers, the three go off to exit, but not before the rocks collapse!

End of Chapter 2

After the mountain collapses, Hawla comes too alone in the dark cave. After exploring and fighting off some other Pokemon, he finds Servine and an unconscious Lucario, who was out due to a stone hitting his head. While they are explaining what happened to them, they notice some light, and, after waking up Lucario, head toward the light. The light is revealed to be a Magmar, a miner who works at the mountain, who was in the mountain when it collapsed. He is fighting with the previously fought Toxicroak, who had been stuck in the mountain as well. Toxicroak attacks Magmar, and the three go to assist him. After defeating it the ninja once more, they find that Magmar had clawed away, and decide to go off and find the exit.

After trekking around, they find the Magmar once more, using a small pickaxe to attempt to break through the rock. After noticing them and realizing they were the "dudes" who saved him, he asks for a favor: they need to collect four shards of iron in the mountain to build a better pickaxe and get them out. In return, he agrees to join the team. After finding out about some of his powers and collecting the iron, Magmar builds the pickaxe and digs out a hole to have the four escape. The four then go off to Conch Cove to recover the next piece.

End of Chapter 3

After arriving to Conch Cove, a town by the beach, the four decide to split up and talk to the residents. After they get some info, none of which involving the Aurea Blade piece whereabouts, they find out that a battle competition is being held, and the winner gets... A mysterious diamond shard?! This is, in reality, a shard of the blade! They, however, can't decide who they should enter, but they finally decide (the player decides who will enter). The chosen member fights through two rounds, against two opponents. In the semi finals, the player is about to fight the next opponent when the ninjas crash, causes several explosions, and send the others around the cove for cover. The player runs around to find the three members.

After finding two members, the player looks for the remaining player (Lucario if it's is anyone besides him. If you are Lucario, the last member is random). However, instead of find him, they instead find Prinplup, who is angry about the competition being called off. However, when they see the ninjas on an island, they recruit Prinplup to swim over and activate the Coral Bridge so they could all cross to find the last member.

After Prinplup activate it, the four enter Conch Cave, and confront the ninja, revealed to be Ninjask. After a fight, Ninjask flies off and they find the last member, tied up by the ninja. The tied up member reveals that he found something on the beach earlier; the shard, which had been dropped during the commotion. They fit the piece, and the five members are about to go off, when Lucario gets a letter from Aurea Town: it's from Lucario's younger brother, Riolu, who needs them to come back to town to discuss something with the members. Baffled and worried, the members head back to Aurea Town.

End of Chapter 4

After running back to Aurea, the worried and baffled team are shocked to see Aurea Town has been almost completely deserted, with the exception of some others. After taking a good look at the town, they find Riolu, who appears to have gotten injured, in a cave. After a heartfelt reunion, Riolu explains how a Wingull saw Lucario and co and noted Riolu they were alive. Riolu explains how after the ninjas attacked, they run off to terrorize other areas, and a dark spirit, who looked very much like a Houndoom, has been ruling over Aurea Town, and as such people started to leave.

Lucario, angered by how this so-called "monarch" had taken over, set off (alone) to defeat it. On his way over, he comes across an odd stone, and he pockets it. After traveling around the town some more, he meets up with the leader of the ninjas, Greninja, and battles him. Halfway through, when Greninja start to overpower him, Lucario feels a strange new power in him. He then proceeds to change into a powered up form and defeats Greninja like this. He changes back, and after Greninja runs off, collapses.

Servine, worried that Lucario still hadn't come back after two hours, tells the others they need to go out to find him. After they travel to the same area that Lucario fought Greninja in, they hear a sinister laugh, followed by a nearby tree trunk to open, and a sinister You may come in. Upon entering the trunk, they meet a mysterious sorceress named Gourgeist, who, upon seeing the unconscious Lucario, took him in the trunk and had him rested. After Lucario wakes up and explains what had happened, Gourgeist explains that possible an elder in Sycamore Woods could figure out why he had changed forms. Gourgeist agrees to "assist" them to their journey back to the woods. However, Gourgeist reveals one more thing: a mysterious shard she found dropped in town... A sword shard! Ecstatic and now halfway through forging the blade, the team, after saying farewell to Riolu, who agrees to get back as many citizens as possible, heads off to the woods, in hopes of meeting the elder.

End of Chapter 5

Gourgeist guides the team toward the core of the woods once more, where the elder, revealed to be Shiftry, is pleased to see Gourgeist and those rascals. Shiftry explains everything behind what they need to know: he reveals that Lucario had Mega Evolved, and that he had collapsed due to him not experience the power before. He also talked about the past of the Aurea Blade, where five heroes forged it. These heroes are ancestors of five members of the group: Lucario, Servine, Hawla, Prinplup, and Magmar. When asked about a shard of the blade, he mentions two twins walking around looking at something shiny, so the group, now aided by Gourgeist, go off to find these "twins".

Meanwhile, Hawla pulls Lucario to the side, but before he can share his secret, Lucario reveals he could tell that Hawla had a crush on Servine. Hawla, embarrassed and surprised that he knew, makes Lucario promise he to not tell her, to which he agrees.

After going off deeper into the Forest, they finally catch up to these twins, named Mow and Meow, who are twin brother and sister respectively. When Lucario asks to see the shiny shard they were looking at, the twins agree if they beat them in a tag-team battle. After Lucario chooses a member to fight with, the teams fight and the group wins. However, this shiny thing is only a golden coin, to which a member of the ninjas, Accelgor, reveals he had the real shard, but the group needs to "catch him first". After somehow catching up with him (via Mow and Meow's tricks), they fight, and after his defeat, he drops the shard, making a total of five shards. The twins decide to join up with the group, saying that they "enjoy there company".

Meanwhile in Aurea Town...

Riolu is seen been attacked by the spirit in its Houndoom form, as it yells at him about his relation to the "legendary warrior that will save Aurea". He finishes by knocking him out, saying to him before he blacks out that "his brother is in for a cold surprise", hinting at the theme of the next chapter.

End of Chapter 6

After some searching, the group end up at Cold Cold Crevice, a frozen land with several ice Pokemon. After sliding around, they eventually meet up with a Glalie. Before they can ask about the shards, however, the Glalie shoots an Ice Beam at them, which freezes Gourgeist. The Glalie, yelling about "those stupid ninjas" and shooting another Ice Beam, this time hitting Prinplup, chases the group shooting more beams.

Eventually, the Glalie stops following them, and they question what happened. A mysterious Froslass over hears them and apologizes about her brother's actions. She then agrees to help them find a shard and defrost the others if they could find a five different colored jewels. After collecting the jewels, Froslass pockets them and goes to find Glalie, but when the group do, he shoots another Ice Besm, this time at Servine: however, Hawla jumps in front of it, knowing she can't handle ice very well. The Glalie then runs off.

Annoyed about how the Glalie has frozen his third team member, as well as the fact that Magmar can't melt it with his fire, Lucario decides to look for the Soul Fire, fire that doesn't burn, but it can melt ice easily. After hearing some clues from the other Pokemon there, Lucario and the others go under a secret panel of ice and find the Soul Fire. However, Grovyle and Toxicroak are both there as well, and take part in a tag-team battle against Lucario and another member. They are defeated, leaving the member to collect the fire. Servine, once again, notices a glint in the ground: a blade shard! Now at 6 and going strong, the team pocket it and head off.

However, when they come back, they find Glalie once more, but before he can fire another beam Lucario feels the Mega Stone pulsing in his pocket, and he Mega Evolves, to everyone's surprise. He then proceeds to fight Glalie, who is defeated. Apparently, Glalie was possessed by one of the Forces of Darkness, which explodes shortly after leaving Glalie. Glalie then apologizes for attacking them, and Lucario uses the Soul Fire to melt his three teammates. Froslass, impressed by the team's bravery and strength, asks to join the team to forge the blade, to which they accept.

End of Chapter 7

Nearing the end of the blade, the group decide to head back to the rebuilt Cindar Mountain, in Skinteeth Plateau. Hawla is happy to see the mountain at his home has been rebuilt after collapsing. Hawla introduces his neighbors, Gabite and Krokorok, to his teammates. After asking some questions about the shard, the team heads back to the Cindar Mountain, to see if another shard is located there. After trekking across the even-more dangerous mountain, they find Accelgor and Ninjask are there, and they have a blade shard. They fight for it, and the team wins, but they refuse to drop it. Instead, they run even deeper into the mountain.

After going through the mountain, they find the two once again, and the two fight against Lucario and a member once again. They run off into the core of the mountain. After finally making it, they fight one more time. After losing for the third time, Accelgor uses Bug Buzz, which causes the diamonds around them to shatter, and the mountain starts to rumble, hinting at its collapsing once more. Gabite and Krokorok run in, shocked by the rumbling mountain. Greninja reveals himself, and he tackles Lucario, causing both to fall through the floor of the mountain, all the way to the bottom.

Lucario, having enough of the ninjas, takes out his Mega Stone, and he Mega Evolves. The two leaders fight, and Lucario emerges victorious. Greninja, angered, throws the shard toward him, and, before leaving, says that "he has a very warm welcome when he returns to town". Lucario, confused by what he means, meets back up with the others, pieces the shard together, and explains what he means. When realizes that their must be SOMETHING back at the town, and has the group join together to go off. However, before they go, Gabite runs up to them, asking to join: apparently, Gabite has a bone to pick with those ninjas, as they injured his fin. They accept, and, worried about the town's condition, run off to the town.

End of Chapter 8

The team finally arrive to Aurea Town, with their warm welcome; the town has caught on fire. As Prinplup and Froslass go off to extinguish the fires, Lucario runs off to the cave to find Riolu, only to find it empty. Frightened on what happened to his brother, he realizes that all this traces back to the "monarch". He realizes what is going on, and, after gathering his teammates, they run to the Dark Tower where the monarch lives.

After dodging strong Pokemon, dangerous traps, and a HUGE lavafall, they finally make it to the main area of the tower. There, the Five Thieves are waiting, and they do a 5-VS-5 battle (ninjas versus Lucario and 4 chosen team members) and the team emerge victorious. The ninjas, finally ,reveal their master, in its Houndoom form. He appears to be roaring and attacking someone. Horrified, Lucario realizes who he's attacking: Riolu. After jumping in front of Riolu before he can be attacked anymore, and he fights the Houndoom. Lucario and Houndoom both Mega Evolve to fight, and the close fight ends with Lucario victorious. Houndoom transforms into his true form: Spiritomb, the entity sealed inside the keystone on the Aurea Blade for the past 500 years. He releases his control on the ninjas, who collapse. He then proceeds to suck everyone, including the team, Riolu, and the now conscious ninjas, into another dimension.

Lucario wakes up and confronts Spiritomb in this odd new dimension, where Spiritomb merely pushes him aside and fights him. Lucario Mega Evolves, but his attacks don't affect Spiritomb. As Spiritomb prepares to kill Lucario with one last powerful attack, Hawla, realizing they can stop it, blasts a hole in the cage and charges up a Focus Blast. The others proceed to do the same, and they combine their attacks to almost destroy his shield. Riolu, the only one with any sort of strength left to do another attack, runs up and shatters the shield with. Brick Break, which violently blast him away and destroys the shield. As Spiritomb creates a barrier around the area they fight, Lucario realizes that all the trouble he went through traces back to the spirit. Lucario, now strengthened, defeats the spirit. Spiritomb then summons them all back to the large tower.

When they finally reach the tower, they see no sign of Spiritomb, and they all celebrate, as the last shard, being held onto by a now conscious Greninja, is fit on to the blade, sucking all the Forces into the sword... Or so they think. Hawla pulls Servine to the side, but before he can reveal his secret, she reveals she knew all along, and gives him a kiss on the cheek, making him blush. As they all try to go out, Spiritomb reveals he has not yet been sealed, uses a Mega Stone to Mega Evolve, and he grows extremely large. Lucario and four other chosen party members fight the humongous Spiritomb, and they finally defeat him for good, sealing him in the Aurea Blade for centuries to come. The group celebrates, and they go back down to rebuild the town.

Heres what happened after the events of the game:

  • Gabite's fin eventually healed, and he was a big help in the construction of Aurea Town.
  • Froslass came back to Cold Cold Crevice and opened a shop that sold Soul Fires.
  • Gourgeist and Shiftry live in Sycamore Woods, and they are living happily.
  • Mow and Meow are still up to their old tricks.
  • The battle competition eventually continued, and Prinplup emerged victorious.
  • Magmar, after doing work on the town, went back to his job as a miner.
  • Hawla and Servine both moved the Aurea Town after it's repair. Whether their a full-blown couple or not, Lucario will not know for sure.
  • The Five Thieves retired from thieving, and they worked on repair for the town. No one knows where they went afterwards.
  • Riolu is recovering from his injuries, and he has started his own Aura training.
  • Lucario has mastered his Aura training, and is working on tutoring Riolu.

The End


The gameplay is very different then other Pokemon games. This game is a special 3D platformer-type adventure. The gameplay is somewhat similar to the Legend of Zelda games, with a large overworld to explore, and Paper Mario, with several chapters in the story.

Instead of types, there are Classes in this game. There are a total of 9 classes: these are Aura, Natura, Charia, Aquis, Mystique, Ninjia, Psynera, and Dragonia. The classes are not only based off of types in main games, but off of powers too.

In battle, each character can use five attacks: two physical, two projectile, and one special. The attacks depend on each Pokemon, as does class. Each character also has a skill, which can be activated when enough combos are used.


For the dialogue see here.

Playable Characters

Image Name Class Description Moves Skill
448Lucario Lucario Aura The 15 year old main protagonist of the main game. He is training to boost his Aura power and become the greatest warrior in Aurea. He ventures across the region to forge the Aurea Blade. His ancestor was the leader of the five Legendary Heroes. Aura Sphere

Force Palm

Bone Rush

Power-Up Punch

Calm Mind

Close Combat
496Servine Servine Natura A young girl living in Sycamore Meadows. She decides to help Lucario after they team up on a Shiftry that attacked them. Her ancestor was one of the five Legendary Heroes. She is very fast, which can help her out in the toughest situations. Energy Ball

Grass Knot

Giga Drain

Leaf Blade


Frenzy Plant
701Hawlucha Hawla Aura A mysterious winged combo fighter who has the Aura power inside him as well as Lucario. He joins the group after Servine and Lucario rescue him from a group of Ursaring. He is one of the descendants of the legendary heroes, and prefers to be called Hawla over Hawlucha. He has a crush on Servine. Focus Blast

Flying Press

Aura Sphere

Air Slash


Brave Bird
126Magmar Magmar Charia A Pokemom with a fiery attitude. He tries to take on the ninjas on his own, but fails, and when Lucario, Servine, and Hawla take over for him, and they split apart, Magmar decides to join. His ancestor was a Legendary Hero. Ember

Fire Punch


Flare Blitz

Flame Body

Fire Blast
394Prinplup Prinplup Aquis A Class-A swimmer in Conch Cove. He decides to go against the ninjas because a battle competition championship was called off due to their invasion. His ancestor was a Legendary Hero. Water Pulse

Metal Claw

Bubble Beam


Aqua Ring

Rain Dance
711Gourgeist Gourgeist Mystique A mysterious sorceress who had lived in Sycamore Woods before arriving in Aurea Town. She lives in a secret hideaway in a tree trunk, and takes care of an unconscious Lucario when he collapses. She is good friends with Shiftry. Shadow Ball

Shadow Claw

Giga Drain



Trick or Treat
Male-female-meowstic Mow and Meow Psynera Twin Meowstics who go by Mow (male) and Meow (female) due to complications. They are known to have some crazy tricks with their Psynera class, like teleporting, mirages, and Psychic attacks. Confusion

Double Team

Double Hit

Disarming Voice

Helping Hand

478Froslass Froslass Mystique A resident of Cold Cold Crevice who's brother was possessed by a Force of Darkness. She can use amazingly strong ice powers to fight, which can be useful when facing a fast opponent. Ice Beam

Ice Punch

Dark Pulse

Shadow Punch

Frost Breath

444Gabite Gabite Dragonia One of Hawla's friends in Skinteeth Plateau. He has a bone to pick with the ninjas after they injure his fin. Dragon Pulse

Dragon Rush

Sand Attack

Dragon Claw


Draco Meteor
447Riolu Riolu Aura Lucario's younger brother. He is only playable (in the main game) when Lucario is not in the party, taking his place. Aura Sphere

Force Palm


Power-Up Punch




Image Name Class Description Moves Skill
Greninja SSB3M Greninja Ninjia The leader of the Five Thieves. He can manipulate water to attack. He was possessed by the strongest Force. Water Shuriken

Aqua Jet

Shadow Sneak

Night Slash


Hydro Cannon
AccelgorLATFT Accelgor Ninjia The fastest member of the Five Thieves. He was responsible for taking the blade in the first place. Bug Buzz


Struggle Bug



291NinjaskDreamWorld Ninjask Ninjia A speedy bug that can barely be seen in the sky because of how fast it is. This didn't stop his possession, however. Hidden Power

Fury Cutter




454Toxicroak Toxicroak Ninjia Toxicroak is the brawn of the Five Thieves. His poisonous jabs can render opponents paralyzed. Mud Bomb

Poison Jab

Sludge Bomb



253GrovyleDreamWorld Grovyle Ninjia Grovyle is the youngest and in-training member of the Five Thieves. He is very worthy of his part. Magical Leaf

Low Sweep


Leaf Blade


Solar Beam
442SpiritombMegaSpiritom Spiritomb Aura A spirit living in the stone engraved on the Aurea Blade. After it breaks, he is released, and possesses the Five Thieves. He Mega Evolves when he is finally confronted. Ominous Wind


Dream Eater

Foul Play


Mega Shadow


Image Name Role
Riolu Dream Riolu Lucario's younger brother. He gives advice on various topics when the group needs his help.
302Sableye Sableye Sableye runs the item shop in Aurea Town. He is known to be very snitchy, and he lives shiny things, and will give large amounts of money for them.
Blissey Blissey Runs the Blissful Spa. She is known to always be smiling.
181Ampharos181Mega Ampharos Ampharos He runs the Electrifying Booster. He uses his electricity powers to boost the powers of a selected party member. He always Mega Evolves to do this.
654Braixen Braixen A friendly sorceress living in several hidden hideaways scattered around Skinteeth Plateau, Cold Cold Crevice, and Sycamore Woods. She sells potions and helpful items to the group.
275Shiftry Shiftry An elder living in Sycamore Woods. He helps the group in their journey by telling them the location of the fifth blade shard.
308Mega Medicham Medicham He runs the Blitz Cave, where all the bosses fought in the game are fought. His current appearance is not his real appearance, however: it is his Mega Evolved form.

Enemy Pokemon

See here


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