The Villagers, or citizens depending on the place, are NPCs in Lucario Pharaoh Man and The Friends: Legacy of the Dragons, that are found in the villages or cities. They can be talk and some are side quest givers.

Species Location Description Notable Members
Rano Raraku Ruins Migrated from Easton Kingdom, these shy stonedudes run away from humans, but they seem to be nice people. Moawaii
Rebel Koopa
Rebel Koopa Village They are not at Bowser's command due to they being tired of his king domain. Their village is well hidden so no enemies could enter.

Kooper by T0M.V.12


409px-MP8 DryBones

Nice Dry Bones

Deathvalley Village The Koopas that not served Bowser lie down here, at their own village in a graveyard. They are still nice even in afterlife. Corgky

Good Boo

Boo's Mansion These shy and silly ghost like to scare the people as jokes, but they seem to be shy or friendly when near brave people. LADY BOW

Lady Bow

Sasquatch Tribe
Sasquatch Tribe
Village of Bigfoot These little furred monsters are very hidden in a place no human being know. They have secrets from Nobodfrost.



Hidden Dwarf Village Little people who started to hide in the underground so no human could see them, they are good at smithing. Watts


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