The Enemy Bestiary in Lucario Pharaoh Man and The Friends: Legacy of the Dragons, known as 悪い百科事典 (Warui hakkajiten, Baddies encyclopedia) in Japan, is an enemy information that is collected after the player defeats one for first time.

Enemy Bestiary


Lucario's Commentary

Attacks Item Drop Location Relatives

Tiki Wakahead

"The most basic enemies from all the saga, they are spirit beings that inhabit the island, but who rules them? It's still a mystery since the beginning of our team."

·Stone Whack


Wood Piece (%50)

Realm Fragment (%50)

Easter Island

-Tiki Spinner
-Wicked Tiki
-Gross Tiki



"These guys come from Von Kriplespac's science and Bowser's orders. Luckily for us they are as fragile as they look! They can come in various class types."

·Rifle Stab


Polyester (%70)

Bullet (%30)


-Long Ranger



-Sky Jockey




"These fellas come in bunches, they steal your Aura Orbs! But, if warned enough, you can take them easy."



Animal Fang (%80)

Knife (%20)

Work Zones




"They are Bowser's original troops, Some serve him as they don't seem to have anything more to do."

·Shell Spin


Shell Shard (%90)

Turtle Shell (%10)

Ground and Water Places

-Gray Koopa

-Green Koopa

-Darkred Koopa



"Winged Koopas which are more annoying than normal ones."

·Shell Spin


Shell Shard (%90)

Wing Feather (%10)

Ground and Windy Places

-Gray Paratroopa

-Green Paratroopa

-Darkred Paratroopa

Dry Bones Enemy

Dry Bones

"Some Dry Bones still have their wicked spirit when dead. It's impossible to defeat them normally, they rebuild themselves, so only magic is the option."

·Bone Throw

·Poison Grab

Bone (%90)

Realm Fragment (%10)

Haunted Places, Nightime

-Dull Bones

-Red Bones

-Dark Bones

Fire Boo


"These singular ghosts like to scare people. They are immune to physical attacks."



Realm Fragment (%60)

Spectre Goo (%40)

Haunted Places, Nightime

-Atomic Boo

-Fluorescent Boo

-Haunter Boo



"Wolves like me, but unlike me, they are mean and attack the people. You have to watch your back in full moon."



Animal Fang (%70)

Beast Fur (%30)

Anywhere, Nightime






"Mummies are dead humans from ancient egyptian times, just like zombies but with a fancy bandage."



Bone (%80)

Old Bandage (%20)

Deserts, Pyramids





Gang Biker

"Street gangs that arent Mondo's gang members, that like to fight and steal. Some of them are rolling on motorcycles, even harder to battle. The only acceptable bosozoku is our good Mondo."



Leather Jacket (%60)

Grease (%40)







"Once humans that were cursed by Hellgaur, they pursuit in group other creatures to hunt them"

·Axe Attack


Dragon Scale (%90)

Battle Axe (%10)

Warm Places



-Grand Dragoman

041Zubat Dream


"These Pokémons live in dark places, searching to feed themselves with sucking their victim's blood."



Animal Fang (%70)

Repel (%30)

Dark Caves -Shiny Zubat
"Trevenant can use its roots as a nervous system, allowing it to control trees at will. It uses this ability to trap those who bring harm to the forest, so they can never leave."

·Spiked Root

·Toxic Drain

Wood Piece (%90)

Mystic Leaf (%10)

Forest, Graveyards -Shiny Trevenant
Hammer Bross
Hammer Bro.
"They come in pair, throwing you hammers to knock you down. They are more tought than the common Koopas."

·Hammer Throw


Shell Shard (%95)

Normal Hammer (%5)

Grasslands and Fort Zones -Fire Bro.

-Boomerang Bro.
-Chain Bro.

"These human-bull hybrid wear axes to exterminate any living being. Their weak spot is their horns."

·Axe Attack

·Horn Attack

Beast Fur (%95)

Battle Axe (%10)

Ruin Zones

-Hell Cow


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