Lucario Pharaoh Man and The Friends: Legacy of the Dragons
Developer(s) Moai Development Team, Spike Chunsoft
Publisher(s) Nintendo, Sony Computer Entertainment, Microsoft Game Studios
Platform(s) PlayStation 3, Wii U, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS (Original Release)

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch (History Destiny Retold Re-Release)

Release Date(s)
December 25th, 2012 (Worldwide)

December 22nd, 2012 (Chile and Japan)

December 21st, 2017 (Worldwide, History Destiny Retold Re-Release)

Adventure, Co-op, Online Co-op
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Adventure, Platformer, Action RPG
Series Lucario Pharaoh Man and The Friends
Predecessor Lucario Pharaoh Man and The Friends: Cyborg Attack
Successor Lucario Pharaoh Man and The Friends: Legion of Heroes
Lucario Pharaoh Man and The Friends: Legacy of the Dragons, known in Japan as ルカリオファラオマン紋土ラパヌイの友人:リュのレガシー (Rukario Farao Man Mondo to Rapanui no Yūjin: Ryū no Regacy) is an action-rpg adventure platformer game made by Moai Development Team and Spike Chunsoft for multi-platform. It was released on Nintendo's Wii U and 3DS, Sony's PlayStation 3, and Microsoft's Xbox 360. The game has the Adventure Mode, which is the game's story, including the Co-op Mode and Online Co-op Mode where multiple players complete the main story local and lan respectivly. It was relaunched in PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, Remastered in HD adding additional content, under the name of Legacy of the Dragons - History Destiny Retold.


The game contains a gameplay similar to the Kingdom Hearts games. Containing elements of action, platforming, hack-and-slash and role-playing videogames. The games are driven by a linear progression from one story event to the next, usually shown in the form of a cutscene, though the player is able to explore the entire enviroment, containing numerous side quests available that provide bonus benefits to the characters. The player can chose to take control of the main members of the Rapa-Nui Friends; Lucario, Pharaoh Man, Mondo Owada, Ado, Adeleine, Gold, Tails, Nitori Kawashiro and Peacock (And the timetraveler member of the future Lucifer in the History Destiny Retold version). The Player Character is usually accompanied by two more members chosen by the player as partners, who are artificial intelligence-controlled characters that aid the player in battle, their behavior can be altered to suit different combat objectives. The games feature real-time combat that incorporates physical attacks, magic, and summonings, as also allows for items to be used on the field of battle to heal oneself or one's party members. Like many traditional role-playing games, this game features an experience point system which determines character development. As enemies are defeated, the player gains experience which culminates in a "level-up", where the characters grow stronger and gain access to new abilities. The amount of experience is shared with all party members and each character grows stronger as experience is gained.


After Bowser's defeat on Lucario and Pharaoh Man hands with the help of their hero team, there were once students that lived normally once in their school life on the Hope's Peak Academy. But when Monokuma attacked, he killed the principal of said place and the memories of the students were erased. The next year, everyone entered the place and the bicolored bear put them and put some rules; To escape the place, one student killed other. If the murder is discovered, it would be executed painfully. If the others chose the wrong one, the murder would be set free, while the others would receive the punishment. After many days, Mondo Owada would be executed after Chihiro Fujisaki's death.

At the same time, Lucario and Pharaoh Man, the leaders of the Rapa-Nui Friends were fighting Bowser again. Finall Bowser would kill them successfully with a surprise strategy, even sealing their spirits not being able to resurrect, winning the war from once at December 21, the End of the World date. With the supreme victory, Bowser finally orders his Koopa and Tediz (brought from Von Kriplespac) armies to shoot merciless Ado, Adeleine, Gold, Tails, Nitori and Peacock, finally dominating all the world. He started to invade countries, killing humans, leading creatures, destroying monuments and make the planet in an entire ruin. The survivors ended slaved, including the older members of The Friends. The King of the Koopas executed many rebels who tried to stand against his tyrany.

...But... for some reason, all this never happened. The gloom flashfoward that Lucario and Pharaoh Man recieved in time, and quickly, without wasting seconds, reach Bowser's Flying Castle to defeat him at time.

The castle crashed right to the Hope's Peak Academy at coincidence, destroying both places, before one student would enter. Rising from the ruins, The Rapa-Nui Friends said 'Oops!' as an apologuize as the now former-students were left without a place to enter, without knowing they would being killing each other. However, this was not the end of the big fierce tyrant turtle.

Years later, Bowser would have Kamek's news, in which he recieves the future in where The Rapa-Nui Friends whould have more members, and whould defeat him again, specially, one prophecy of a strong being with the mighty powers from the legend. Bowser, ragedly orders the Tediz to attack the possible new members. Mondo was targeted, so he had no option other to attack the bears, he could fight them, but as them being a huge number, Lucario and Pharaoh Man arrived to the rescue. Mondo thanked them and he went away. The two warriors, recognizing the biker's fighting strength, suggested him to join The Rapa-Nui Friends. Mondo rejected and walked away.

Mysteriously, Mondo feels that the former members of the Crazy Diamonds mysteriously dissappeared, he was feeling targeted, so he had no choice but to go to the Easter Island and join them, coincidencly meeting Ishimaru Kiyotaka, Chihiro Fujisaki and Leon Kuwata, who had the invitation and motivation to join the hero team.

But Bowser does not stay moveless and discovers the legendary wish of the Dragon Gems, resting on the Dragon Temples around the world, which reunited, The Elemental Dragons are summoned so he could get the wish he was most desiring.

Can Lucario, Pharaoh Man and Mondo stop Bowser and his new plan?

Lists of Chapters

  • Prologue – Lost Time
  • Chapter One Within the Heroes: Leaving the Criminal Life to help the ones that were hurted
  • Chapter Two – The Energix Trio: Who are these guys? and The Wind Dragon's Gem
  • Chapter Three – Mustelid Business: The Steel Dragon's Gem
  • Chapter Four – Journey to Old Memories: In search for more answers at the Friendly Alliates
  • Chapter Five – The Negatrix Trio: Best Friends of the Chinese Heroes and The Water Dragon's Gem
  • Chapter Six – Welcome to the Legacy: Dragons of Wisdom
  • Chapter Seven Cursed Beast: The Ice Dragon's Gem
    • Extra Chapter – First Fall: The Ancient Master from the Realmworld
  • Chapter Eight – Near of all it All: Mondo's Deep Powers
  • Chapter Nine – Traitor of Past: The Earth Dragon's Gem
  • Chapter Ten – The King Enters Serious: Danger Ahead
  • Chapter Eleven – Betrayous Flames: The Fire Dragon's Gem
  • Chapter Twelve – Tediz Invasion: It Gets More Serious
  • Chapter Thirdteen – Shelled Brothers: The Thunder Dragon's Gem
  • Chapter Fourteen – To Return The Gems: Ze Professor Interrumps
  • Chapter Fifteen – The Poltergeist Doppelganger: These Aren't Us!
  • Chapter Sixteen – Awakening of the Beasts Power: Rise, Metal Lucario, Pharaoh Electivire and Chesmondo!!
  • Chapter Seventeen – Defeat?: The Energix Trio Finally Defeat Us
  • Chapter Eighteen – Horror!: Bowser Has Reunited The Dragon Gems!!
  • Chapter Nineteen – The Assault: Striking Back To Victory
  • Chapter Twenty – The Final Battle: Bowser's Last Stand
  • Epilogue – After the War: Another Victory For Us

At the end of the game, Mondo marries Filia as all The Rapa-Nui Friends, Friendly Alliates members and even Takemichi Yukimaru assist and celebrate on the wedding.

However... Returning back at home, The Energix Trio are at the roof of the Rapa-House, drop 3 invitations headed to Lucario, Pharaoh Man and Mondo to the door entrace, eventually calling The Negatrix Trio to fly away from the island. The messages are right from the company of super heroes they are currently working.

The Dragon Gems wouldn't be touched again until fourty three years later, when Berkov Stalen gets the chance to conquer the world in a similar way to Bowser, but the Rapa-Nui Friends will not be the ones who will face him.

Playable Characters

The Rapa-Nui Friends members, our heroes, are Playable Characters in this game. They have some strong spots and weak spots.

Member Species Description Signature Attacks and Special Abilities
Lucario - Aura Pokémon Lucario is a bipedal blue colored dog-like creature that has the mission to save people and defeat criminals along with his best friend Pharaoh Man.

Aura Sphere: Creates a spheric energy of aura.

Brave Heart: Can't be flinched from attacks and boosts Attack when hitted with a Dark attack.

Pharaoh Man

Robot Master - Artificial Pharaoh Pharaoh Man is an egyptian-based machine originally working for archeology sites, until he decided to change his route to be an hero along with his best friend Lucario.

Pharaoh Shot: Creates a small sun from his energy.

King Soul: Can't be putted to sleep and boosts Speed when hitted by an Electric attack.

He is the strongest of the bunch
Mondo Owada

Human - Bosozoku Biker Mondo is the former leader of the inactive Crazy Diamonds, now starting a new life helping the people instead of harming them, he later realizes he has an unstoppable force, the legend of ancient times. He also befriends the former studients that joined The Rapa-Nui Friends.

Power Punch: He charges a purple inhuman energy that blasts when punch.

Loyal Biker: Is immune to bullet based attacks and raises his powers when has low HP.



Human - Painter Boy Ado was found along with his twin sister Adeleine by Lucario and Pharaoh Man after an incident with Bowser in Pop Star. Since then, his new home is the island and likes to bash the bad guys. He has a crush on Peacock.

Paint Slash: His paintbrush generates a slash with red paint.

Red Color: Can't be confused or critical hitted against low leveled enemies.



Human - Artist Girl Adeleine was found along with her twin brother Ado after an incident with Bowser in her native planet. Now she lives on her new home like Ado. She gets very well along Nitori.

Rainbow Laser: She fires a multicolored beam from her paintbrush.

Green Color: Boosts her attacks and can't be paralyzed against low leveled enemies.



Human - Pokémon Trainer True named Ethan, Gold wants to teach his Pokémon team to follow the hero steps and boost their strength. He likes to raise and breed his Pokémons and play pool at his free time.

Fire Blast (Exbo): His best Pokémon; a Typhlosion uses the most powerful move.

Super Breeder: Automatically fights with super effective Pokémons against already known enemies.

Advance Tails203


Fox - Mobian Creature Miles Prower is The Fastest Hedgehog's best friend, he was sent to The Rapa-Nui Friends for a long time to train and improve his machinery, it's not know when he is gonna leave.

Tornado Blast: He uses a powerful cannon to fire a wind blow.

Techno Catch: Absorbs projectile attacks from weapons to his gun to fire back.


Nitori Kawashiro

Kappa - Human-ish alike Nitori was found by Bowser to destroy The Rapa-Nui Friends, but after her defeat, they told she was used to attack the wrong target, as they are not enemies. Now she lives with them, as still sells her products in Gensokyo.

Kappa Blow: She opens a tide from her backpack full of water which is contained in pipes.

Cucumber Monster: Heals each 10 seconds and raises Speed when battles underwater.



Cyborg - Maniac Girl Patricia, known as Peacock after the slave traders incident, was found by Bowser to do the same thing like he done with Nitori. After the explain, she stays to live with the team, as Peacock is now homeless after the destruction of the Lab 8 from Canopy Kingdom.

Argus Beam: Shoots one deadly laser from one eye in her arms.

Wacky Lucky: Gains Attack and chances of critical hits when defeats an enemy.

Lucifer artwork 2Lucifer

(History Destiny Retold Only)

Human-Mummy Hybrid - Mystical Ninja Lucifer is a timetraveler boy from 2053 that has an honor and respect to his family The Louds, specifically his parents, his uncle Lincoln Loud, his aunts and his cousins. The Time Machine sends him to 2016, as he sees the trouble in this team, he decides to help them, as after the chaos has to be fixed, he must return to the future.

Howling Geist: Blows and fires a blue and silver flame from his silver kiseru pipe.

Divine Touch: Any Egyptian styled attack doesn't affect him and makes him boost Special Attack instead.


Transformation Species Description Special Abilities
Mega lucario by war9000-d6ky0r9
Mega Lucario
Lucario - Mega Powered Lucario's Mega transformation with the Lucarionite. Aura Counter: Raises the Attack when critically hitted.
Mega-Pharaoh Man
Mega Pharaoh Man
Robot Master - Mega Powered Pharaoh Man's Mega transformation with the Pharaoh Chip. Ra's Eye: Raises Special Attack when flinches.
Mega Mondo
Human - Mega Powered Mondo's Mega transformation with the Power Diamond. Leader of the Gang: Raises Attack and Special Attack every 10 seconds.
Mega Lucifer

(History Destiny Retold Only)

Human-Mummy Hybrid - Mega Powered Lucifer's Mega transformation with the Ghoul Koban. Goemon Spirit: Makes enemies unable to use the last attack they had done in the last move.
Metal Lucario
Metal Lucario
Mechanic Lucario - Beast Hybrid A mysterious orb closed this beast that was unleashed and now inhabits Lucario's inner body.

Aurora Howl: Blasts an icy aura sphere from the mouth, has 10% of freezing enemies.

Mighty Wolf: Intimidates enemies lowering their attacks and boosts own Ice attacks.

Pharaoh Electivire
Pharaoh Electivire
Robotic Electivire - Beast Hybrid A mysterious orb closed this beast that was unleashed and now inhabits Pharaoh Man's inner body.

Pharaoh Force: Creates a big sun from his energy.

Fearsome Lightning: Intimidates enemies lowering their attacks and has higher chances of flinching enemies with Electric attacks.

Ancient Chesnaught - Beast Hybrid A mysterious orb closed this beast that was unleashed and now inhabits Mondo's inner body.

Power Claw: Charges an overpowered purple energy that slashes from his fearsome giant claws.

Colossal Beast: Intimidates enemies lowering their attacks and deals the trice of enemies HP with his monstruous attacks.


(History Destiny Retold Only)

Artificikaiju Silvally - Beast Hybrid A mysterious orb closed this beast that was unleashed and now inhabits Lucifer's inner body.

Multi-Geist: A haunt element slash that has a secondary element properties if a disc is inserted.

Artifiwild Monster: Intimidates enemies if the element of disc inserted matches it.

Wild Robot Human - Legendary Fusion Lucario, Pharaoh Man and Mondo Fusion seen when facing Giga Bowser. Tri-Mega Blaster: Mixes Aura Sphere, Pharaoh Shot and Power Punch.

Friendly Characters

The Friendly Characters, known in Japan as 仲間の文字 (Nakama no moji, buddy characters), are Non-Playable Characters in the series that help the heroes with different ways or just talk with them.

Character Species Description Useful Fact
Echidna - Mobian Creature He is an old member of The Rapa-Nui Friends even before the current name! He currently hangs out in the Rapa-House, waiting for a next mission.

Giving Fighting Hints.

Crash Man
Crash Man
Robot Master - Drill Machine He is an old member that helps the team after The Blue Bomber stopped him in Wily's 2nd incident. He helps Knuckles a lot. Giving Places Hints.
Star Spirit - Inside a Doll He helped The Italian Plumber once to restore the Star Hill. However, as the world still was dangeours, he decidided to join the ol' team to protect. Giving Magic Hints.
Wood Man
Wood Man
Robot Master - Wooden Steel He is an old member that helps the team after The Blue Bomber stopped him in Wily's 2nd incident. Doesn't like to fight too much, and has a garden outside the house! Giving Traveling Hints.
274Nuzleaf PSMD
Nuzleaf - Wily Pokémon He is one of the youngest members, he likes to get the highest amount of captured criminals on missions. Try harder, Nuzleaf! Giving Item Hints.
Digimon - Digital Marionette The oldest member known, as he came to life straight from the first computer in history to the real world! Helps Wood Man and plays with Nuzleaf. Giving Master Hints (disguised as riddles).
Armyman crybaby
Kiyotaka Ishimaru
Human - Moral Compass Taka is one of Mondo's best friends, he has the job to watch all the cams around the world and task the heroes a mission if there is danger. Giving Mission Tasks.
Cute trap
Chihiro Fujisaki
Human - Programmer Navigator It's one of Mondo's best friends, it teaches the basics of the fights, it has the job to locate maps, guide the heroes the progress and tasks for a current mission they are in.

Gives the Tutorial at the Beginning of the Game.

Giving Mission Objectives.

Pedro Ruminot (We know is Leon, it's just an inside headcanon joke)
Leon Kuwata
Human - Rockstar Homerunner After you discover one zone, he will play the theme when you're in The Rapa-Nui house! Jukebox (Video Game Sound Test)
Lopunny - Rabbit Pokémon A Female Lopunny that is the former princess of a hawaiian tribe, she left her home island after she married Lucario. She seems to be good at cooking like her best friend Mamizou. Heal HP.
Mami Futa
Mamizou Futatsuiwa
Tanuki - Fur Lady She left Gensokyo after she married Pharaoh Man (Yes, a better lovestory than a a book about shining 'vampires'), but if anyproblem, Mamizou will arrive to her place and fix it. She cooks very well, but no one wonders what ingredient she uses. Cook Item Foods from Ingredient Items.
Human - With Parasite She woke up with no memories at all after the parasite Samson came on her life, at first, Mondo saved her from a Tediz Attack and was not interesed at all, but eventually they both fell in love. Being homeless, she accepts to stay on the Rapa-House forever.

As Mondo gifts her presents like unique items, she gains more love interest. This is a way to obtain the true ending.



Jiang-Shi - Chinese Ghost She is the only undead member of The Rapa-Nui Friends, but knows well to defend herself. Her sister is Mei-Ling and is the paper on her hat that helps to control her. With some Elemental Items, she can create you an Elemental Weapon.
Top Man

Top Man

Robot Master - Spinning Demon He was the previous rival for Lucario and Pharaoh Man in which gained one friendship and team help, he gives valious items to help our heroes. Is located in every area of the game, and he will give you one of the boss item after defeating one boss.
Master Marowak

Master Marowak

Marowak - Bone Keeper Fighter

He resides on the Dojo Shrine with his childhood friend Master Conkeldurr, teaching moves.

He was also known to be a student of the Legendary Master Carracosta.

Teaches you new moves.

Master Conkeldurr
Master Conkeldurr

Conkeldurr - Muscular Fighter

He resides on the Dojo Shrine with his childhood friend Master Marowak, teaching moves.

He was also known to be a student of the Legendary Master Carracosta.

Teaches you new moves.
Blizzard Buffalo
Blizzard Buffalo
Reploid - Freezing Bison

He travels around the world to try to convince The Energix Trio to stop their mischevious. It's later revealed he is one of the leaders of the Friendly Alliates and the boss of the Energix Trio.

He gives you Ice element items.

He also helps you in the Bowser's Castle Assault.

Simisage Dream


Simisage - Thorn Monkey Pokémon He follows Blizzard Buffalo and Sakura for the same purpose. It's later revealed he is one of the leaders of the Friendly Alliates and the boss of the Energix Trio.

He gives you Grass element items.

He also helps you in the Bowser's Castle Assault.

Strong Muscle man... i mean... girl

Sakura Ogami

Human - Brutal Fighter She follows Blizzard Buffalo and Simisage for the same purpose. It's later revealed she is one of the leaders of the Friendly Alliates and the boss of the Energix Trio.

She gives you Fighting element items.

She also helps you in the Bowser's Castle Assault.

Fatty salesguy
Hifumi Yamada
Human - Doujinshist Otakuboy You can find his little kiosk in the middle of nowhere in anyplace. Likes to do doujin about his favourite series, as he sleeps with an Electric Mouse Pokémon patterned underwear. Sells items and trades unique items in exchange of rare anime collectionable.
SHC Squirrel
Squirrel - Army Soldier They help on the war against the Tediz and Koopas. These furryguys have a great sense of honor. They help you in the Bowser's Castle Assault.
YunYangPalmtree nerf

Yun, Yang and Yasuhiro Hagakure

Humans - Hong-Kong Dudes After the whole explaination, The Energix Trio help The Rapa-Nui Friends to counterattack Bowser after he steals the Dragon Gems from them. They help you in the Bowser's Castle Assault.
Ahoge of Hope

Makoto Naegi

Human - Luck and Hope The Ultimate Lucky and Hope, he helps you in the war. He helps you in the Bowser's Castle Assault.


Helper Characters

A Helper Character is a non-playable character that are assisted to the player, they are summoned with a Summon Item. They can have an upgrade depending on how many times it was summoned and used.


The Villagers, or citizens depending on the place, are NPCs that are found in the villages or cities. They can be talk and some are side quest givers.

The Dragons

The Dragons, known in Japan as 竜 (ryū) are mythological beings that ruled the world once long centuries ago, however, one day a human warrior challenged them and defeated them. They knew his strength was beyond that their own, so they respected him by granting him a wish, the warrior wished the dragons to make them teach secrets and attack moves to a good human warrior known like him. Creating the first Legacy of the Dragons, where some chosen humans are able to know the secrets of these mythological wonderful creatures.

However, Hellgaur and Exfeuertod were the only that were angered at their own defeat, and gained a hate on the human beings, getting to kill them if one person is near.

Dragon Element Myth Zone


Wind He was born from the clouds and tornados, is one of the dragons that created the legacy so some chosen humans whould control the wind and air. He created the Wind Gem.

South America


Steel He was created from the humans in which later he came to life, is one of the dragons that created the legacy so some chosen humans whould control the steel and metal. He created the Steel Gem. North America


Water He was born from a carp swimming right to the top of a waterfall, is one of the dragons that created the legacy so some chosen humans whould control the water and tide. He created the Water Gem. Asia


Fire He was born from a volcano eruption with fire and lava, is one of the dragons that created the legacy and betrayed the dragons to kill the humans to be the only to control fire and lava. He created the Fire Gem. Europe


Earth He was born from the earthquakes and avalanches, is one of the dragons that created the legacy so some chosen humans whould control the earth and rocks. He created the Earth Gem. Africa


Thunder He was born after a fight between Quetzalcoatl and Exfeuertod, is one of the dragons that created the legacy so some chosen humans whould control the thunder and lightning. He created the Thunder Gem. Oceania


Ice He was born from the lonely frozen caverns abandoned by the men, is one of the dragons that created the legacy so some chosen humans whould control the ice and snow. He created the Ice Gem. Antarctica


Darkness He was born from the blackest shade the same day as Elrath, is one of the dragons that betrayed the dragons to kill the human race. Underworld


Light He was born from the shiniest mist the same day as Hellgaur, is the main dragon of all the lands and the founder of the legacy to teach and protect humans. Realmworld

Enemy Bestiary

The Enemy Bestiary, known as 悪い百科事典 (Warui hakkajiten, Baddies encyclopedia) in Japan, is an enemy information that is collected after the player defeats one for first time.


Big Guy Name Description Attacks Area Fight Holding Item
YunYangPalmtree nerf

Energix Trio
[Yun, Yang and Yasuhiro Hagakure]

These trio always annoy their rivals, The Rapa-Nui Friends in chance of a battle. They try to keep anyone out of the Dragon Gems for some reason.

·Zesshou Houhou (Yun)

·Torouzan (Yang)

·Fuujinji (Yasuhiro)


·Lucky Cap (Yun)

·Rapid Amulet (Yang)

·Crystal Ball (Yasuhiro)

Fist DraconKick CraneShaman Monkey

Negatrix Trio
[Fist Dracon, Kick Crane and Shaman Monkey]

The Energix Trio 'little friends' found before the events, they follow their orders. They seem to resemble the chinese trio, with the only difference they are machine animals known as Reploids.

·Dragon Punch (Fist Dracon)

·Crane Kick (Kick Crane)

·Crystalline Sphere (Shaman Monkey)

Water Dragon's Shrine, China

·Long Fang (Fist Dracon)

·Hong Feather (Kick Crane)

·Kong Rod (Shaman Monkey)

Shadow Man

Shadow Man

Once a member of the old Rapa-Nui Friends, he betrayed long ago them to work for Bowser. His weapon can poison you like the shadow if you're not looking.

·Shadow Blade

·Trick Fog

·Ninjutsu Cammouflage (First Time)

·Frog Summon (Rematch)

·Lava Sewers, Japan

·Main Hall, Bowser's Castle (Rematch)

·Shinobi Scarf
SaberwolfRender zpsda885e42


He works for Bowser in hopes for a cure when he fulfills the mission of putting an end to The Rapa-Nui Friends, but how many times he has fooled? With his new magic powers, he can control your controller to defeat you easily!

·Sabre Spin

·Sabre Pounce

·Sabre Overdrive

·Sabrewulf's Castle, Germany ·Boost Potion


The Fire Dragon wants to put an end to the heroes in the hellish fires!


·Ignite Bite

·Lava Burst

·Death Volcano, United Kingdom ·Fire Gem


When realizes The Rapa-Nui Friends want to save the world once again, The Dark Dragon will stop them to enjoy a world of doom in Bowser's hands.


·Black Fog

·Roar of Doomsday

·Doomain, Underworld ·Wing Scythe

Bowser Jr.Bowser Jr Smash Bros
Bowser Jr. (Rematch)

Bowser's son and heir to the next generation of evil. He will do whatever to delete The Rapa-Nui Friends out of the map.

·Little Fireball

·Shadow Paintbrush

·Bob-Omb Toss (Rematch)

·After Half of the bosses are defeated, anywhere

·The Assault, Near Bowser's Castle (Rematch)

·Color Ring

·Bullet Bill Cannon (Rematch)

The Toon Patrol Weasels

Toon Patrol

Drawn again by Bowser long ago, they serve him fooling anyone by disguising as a police group, Smarty leads the pack. They can drive you mad when you encounter them.

·Weapon Shot

·Baseball Knock

·Blade Stab

·Las Vegas Casino, U.S.A. ·Toon Ink

Koopa Bros.

They are loyal to Bowser, they invade everypeople prisoning them on their fortress located in Australia. The Ninja Red leads them.

·Brother Spin

·Clash Attack

·Super Stomp

·Koopa Bros Fortress, Australia ·Shellshock Armor
Professor von kripplespac 02

Ze Professor Von Kriplespac

After the Panther King's death, he thought he would be free like anything, however, he was wrong after Bowser brought him and his Tediz army. Von Kriplespac does artifacts for the army. He battles ridding a giant robotship.

·Cannon Ray

·Bionic Arm


·Tediz Laboratory, Kazakhstan ·Little Artifact


This Poltergeist Doppleganger is a result of mixing Koopa, Tediz and Weasel DNA. He causes destruction morphing into any Rapa-Nui Friend!

·Dark Transformation

·Copy Attack

·Plasma Drain

·Omnious Caverns, Kenya ·Black Goo


This Monty Mole has the special rank for creating explosives blowing up stuff. Watch out for his exploding molotov bombs!

·Molotov Launch

·TNT Blast

·Greneade Surprise

·The Assault, Near Bowser's Castle ·Extreme Gunpowder


Bowser's chancellior since the king was a baby, Kamek will do the possible to fullfill Bowser's most ambicious desires.

·Magic Blast



·Bridge Gate, Bowser's Castle ·Wicked Broom

Bowser union

Hammer slam bowser
Armored Bowser Giga Bowser SSBR
Giga Bowser

The King of all the Koopas that tries to make the humanity bow down to him. He is fought as the last boss in the final battle with three forms.


·Fierce Hammer (Armored)

·Final Armageddon (Giga)

·Bowser's Throne, Bowser's Castle

·Bowser's Lava Arena, Bowser's Castle (Armored)

·Top Tower, Bowser's Castle (Giga)

·Wicked Flaming Orb

·Spiky Giant Hammer (Armored)

·Colossal Core (Giga)

YunYangPalmtree nerf

Energix Trio
[Yun, Yang and Yasuhiro Hagakure]
(Post-Game Rematches)

After the victory against Bowser and the end of the story, they can be faced anytime for a rematch. Now they have upgraded status.

·Sorai Rengeki (Yun)

·Raishin Mahhaken (Yang)

·Hyakuji Shinhayashi (Yasuhiro)


·Strong Cap (Yun)

·Lightspeed Amulet (Yang)

·Crillium Ball (Yasuhiro)

World Places

World Places, also known as Locations are the area maps and territories the player is in. Chihiro gives advice where they are, while there are also cities and villages that have side quests in which completed, an unique item can be obtained. Some places contains hidden unique items, obtainable.


Items, Objects or Things, are collectionable goodies through the game. Some of them may be collected through the travelings on the locations, others by enemy drops, or others by buying on shops.

Status Effects

The Status Effects are change of characteristics in the playable characters that affect them negatively, resulting the battles a little difficult. The way to get rid of them is by curing the affected character via spell or object.

Status Effect Cure
Poison The character gets its health points drained due to the substance flowing over its body, it gets 1 damage point of health until he is at 1 HP.


·Reversed Mushroom

·Full Heal

·Full Restore

·Pecha Berry

·Pecha Tea

Deadly Poison More deadly than the normal poison status, as no only gets 5 damage points of health, it also lowers the stats -3 points and will keep flowing until the character dies.

·Full Heal

·Full Restore

·Pecha Tea

Burn The character loses 1 points of health everytime, and its attack is lowered by -2 points, making constant movement or recieving the freeze status can extinguish the fire.

·Burn Heal

·Icy Fire

·Full Heal

·Full Restore

·Rawst Berry

·Rawst Cake

Ignite Burn More fiery than the normal burning status, attacking is not available on effect and even in constant movement or getting a freeze status, it stills on effect.

·Full Heal

·Full Restore

·Rawst Cake

Paralysis The character can't move, and in some occasions, it can move for a short amount of time. The speed is lowered at half.

·Parlyz Heal

·Flex Zap

·Full Heal

·Full Restore

·Cheri Berry

·Cheri Pie

Static Paralysis More shocking than the normal paralyzed status, the character is unmobilized totally, and the speed is lowered to zero.

·Full Heal

·Full Restore

·Cheri Pie

Asleep The character sleeps for 30 seconds, unable to move until one ally heals the status. But it heals a low amount of HP.


·Morning Pillow

·Full Heal

·Full Restore

·Chesto Berry

·Chesto Bar

Nightmare Asleep More dreamy than the normal sleeping status, its asleep forever until one ally heals the status or when the battle is over. As the character has nightmares, it's not able to gain the low amount of HP.

·Full Heal

·Full Restore

·Chesto Bar

Silenced The character is silenced, and it's unable to cast a special attack.


·Shout Mic

·Full Heal

·Full Restore

·Razz Berry

·Razz Jam

Confusion The character gets dizzy, the screen is blurred and distorted except for the character and the HUD and loses control as the actions are randomly put when any button is pressed. There is a 50% that it can hurt itself. It wears off after a time, or when it gets cured.


·Sense Spinning Toy

·Full Heal

·Full Restore

·Persim Berry

·Persim Bread

Faint Confusion More dizzier than the normal confused status, the screen keeps blurred and distorted, the character is totally uncontroled, as it moves alone without a control button action, it always hurts itself. Only wears out when it gets cured.

·Full Heal

·Full Restore

·Persim Bread

Posessed The character is controlled by the enemy, when it takes effect, the game forces the player to take control of one of the other hero characters in battle. The posessed character can be cured and be playable again.

·Exorcism Tag

·Unposess Spell

·Annulate Spell

Zombified The character turns into an undead, like the Cursed state, it's controlled by the AI and  the game forces you to play as other member character in battle, but unlike it, the character is neither good supporting the heroes or evil supporting the enemies, making an inependient 'enemy'. The zombified character can be cured and be playable again.

·Undead Tag

·Unzombify Spell

·Annulate Spell

Cursed The character is affected by a ghost curse, and every 10 seconds, gets 5 damage of health.

·Spell Tag

·Uncurse Spell

·Annulate Spell

Frozen The character is stuck in a big ice shell, unable to move. It can be unfrozen when moving the analog repeatedly and quick, when an ally cures it or with a fire attack.

·Ice Heal

·Burning Icicle

·Full Heal

·Full Restore

·Aspear Berry

·Aspear Cocktail

·Fire Attack

Cryo Frozen More freezing that the normal frost attack, freezes the character at all in the battle and taking 3 damage of health due to the hypotermia. Moving the analog does not work, so the only way to be unfrozen is an ally that cures or with a fire attack.

·Full Heal

·Full Restore

·Aspear Cocktail

·Fire Attack

Petrified The character is turned into stone, and it's more vulnerable to attacks. Only an ally can cure it. If not quick enough to unpetrify it, there is a 5% chance of the enemy to break the stoned character, causing an instant death even when full healthed.


·Float Stone

·Full Heal

·Full Restore

·Wepear Berry

·Wepear Salad

Diamond Petrified More stoner than the normal petrify attack, the character gets turned into glass and rises the chance to 45% for the enemy break instant death. Quickly switch to a character to heal as fast as possible.

·Full Heal

·Full Restore

·Wepear Salad

Feared The character is petrified in fear and will not be able to attack, cast a spell or use an item. Only an ally can cure it.


·Chicken Plush

·Full Heal

·Full Restore

·Bluk Berry

·Bluk Energy Drink

Attack Movesets

An Attack, Movement or Technique is an action performed by any character or enemy as one of the main tactics in the game. Some of them can be learned by leveling up or training on The Temple Dojo.


Costumes, known in Japanese as スーツ (Sūtsu, Suits) are outfits that can be wear by The Rapa-Nui Friends. Giving benefict specials such as stat boosting or element inmunity.


  • Althrough this game supports the Mondo and Filia relationship, it has few, cleverly disguised IshiMondo references and scenes.

Easter Eggs

  • Hidden in the tombstones of Deathvalley Village, the words 'Here lies Crash Bandicoot' can be seen, a reference to the character, that was never seen in any videogame after Activision brought the game series. When interacting with the tombstone, you can unlock the Wacky Bandicoot costume to Lucario.
  • In Peor is Nada village, there is a grafitti in the walls that read 'Aaaaah, un manjar'. A reference to a chilean internet meme video of a man drinking wine and saying the aforementioned words.

...there is more!